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NZX splits head of regulation job to strengthen regulatory role

The New Zealand stock exchange operator, NZX, is splitting its head of regulation job to separate regulatory decision making from overall policy development in an attempt to strengthen its regulatory role.

Joost van Amelsfort, a senior associate corporate/commercial at Simpson Grierson, has been appointed to the new job as head of market supervision from Aug. 4, Wellington-based NZX said in a statement. The company's current head of regulation, Robyn Dey, will take on the head of policy and legal role and have responsibility for market development and policy work and oversee NZX's general legal function, the company said.


Comments and questions

What's the point of a regulatory head when NZX is busy watering down the regulatory and compliance requirements for backdoor and secondary market listings?

This is tokenism with a capital 'T' - NZX is still all about making obscene monopoly profits.

Will this guarantee no more confidential payoffs?