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OneNews-Colmar Brunton poll slightly less bad for Labour than others

Labour has slipped below 30% for the first time in two years in the latest OneNews-Colmar Brunton poll, slipping 1 point to 29%.

However, the result is not as bad for the party as the 3News-Reid Research survey earlier this week that put it on 27.2%, the June 19 Roy Morgan effort (28%) or the June 19 Fairfax-Ipsos poll (23.2%).

The OneNews-Colmar Brunton poll was taken June 21 to June 25 as National and the NZ Herald pressed new donation allegations from Donghua Liu — but did not capture reaction from Mr Liu and the NZ Herald backing down from their original claims, nor Labour's new tax policy (the 3News poll also wrapped up June 25).

The poll also had National down 1 to 50%, which would translate to 64 seats or enough to govern alone.

The Greens were up 1 to 12%.

No other party  was above the 5% threshold.

Internet Mana is on 2%, enough to get Internet Party leader Laila Harre in on the list if Mana leader Hone Harawira holds his Te Tai Tokerau electorate.

In the preferred PM stakes, Colmar Brunton has John Key up 4% to 47%, David Cunliffe flat on 10%.

Graphic top via Colmar Brunton. Click to zoom.

Comments and questions

Kinda like drowning in 5 meters of water rather than 6 meters?

I hope to see Labour end up lower than 29%. They are promoting an unpopular leader and some strange policies. A good thumping this time round in the election will force them to have a good hard look at everything which would be good for the party, and hence the country, in the long run.

I think Labours other problem is they don't appear to have any bright new stars for the future. Is it that their politically correct selection process is giving them only union dross, not the new lifeblood of critical thinkers and people with charisma? Thats what I feel. Yes hopefully a flogging at this election with see a party re-invigorated and not reliant on the dangerous greens to govern as I think that would be a disaster for NZ.