OPINION – Royal couple shower happy dust

Charles and Camilla greet and meet in Auckland

New Zealanders have welcomed Prince Charles and his wife Camilla as a happy, relaxed and well-suited couple.

As the country prepares to say cheerio for now to the Royals, few who followed their brief visit could have missed the enjoyment they take from one another and being together.

God knows, both of them are entitled to happiness after everything life has tossed at them in the past.

Both proved to be great company, laughing and joking their way around the country and clearly interested in everything put before them.

While Charles is a polished performer of formal Royal duties, he also enjoys shaking off the pomp and ceremony to get out and about and hear what people have to say.

It is clear Camilla would be the life and soul of a roistering good party, if the way she charmed journalists along the way was anything to go by.

Both put people at ease, which goes a long way in New Zealand.

Now 64, Charles has come far from the often despondent figure who for too long walked in the shadow of others.

One of the oft-repeated questions heard on this visit was: “When will you be our King?”

The time is right for that to happen and for his mother the Queen to abdicate in his favour in the lead up to Charles’ next birthday.

She has had a good run.

Give him a few happy years as Monarch, a role he was born and groomed for, with his delightful Duchess by his side.

The man is ready.


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"She has had a good run." Being the monarch is not a job you apply for. For all her detractors, the Queen has always taken her sense of responsiblty seriously. The only abdication caused so many problems and was the reason why Elizabeth ended up being Queen.

Let the Queen see out her hard-working days with the diginity that she always carries. And let her end her responsibility when it's the natural time.


A good time for NZ to grow up and become a republic!


New Zealand already is grown up, with long and fine traditions and structures of government that clearly work, and work very well. They are part of the fabric and history of this country, our culture, and they have contributed to us being what we are today. And they should be respected and even celebrated for that.

As the old saying goes, If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The only ones I find who need to grow up are those who go on and on about the need for NZ to become a republic just like immature and incessantly whinging children who didn't get to sit in the front seat of the car. The cultural cringe is entirely theirs.


You do go on and on.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it? New Zealand is going down the gurgler. The Judicial system, child abuse, poverty, crime, unemployment and oh I could go on and on.
Time make some serious decisions New Zealand and it starts at the very top.


No, the Queen has to do her duty and carry on right until the end. That is the tradition.
Trouble is, if she lasts as long as the Queen Mum, Charlie will be 80 or so when he becomes king.
I guess that will be tough on him, but that's how the cookie crumbles.
Prince William will be getting on a bit too.
But I looked at some of the pictures of the couple and you can see they are besotted with each other.
Charles really did make a big mistake with Diana, but I guess he had to marry her out of duty. He's made his mistakes, but haven't we all, and time is a great healer.
At least in the twilight of his years, even if he doesn't get to wear the crown until very late, at least he is with the woman who is truly the love of his life.
When I saw Charles at the bottom end of Queen Street, I was struck at seeing this old man. It made me realise I had seen him grow from a young man to almost pensionable age. He has been part of my life all my life, even if a tiny part, a face on tv, a name in the papers.
Were New Zealand ever to become a republic , it would lose an important part of its history and continuity. To those who support a republic, let me say to you President Key!


God help us - what an immature buch of toadies we kiwis are.


God help us alright when I look around the planet and see the alternatives I suspect you would have foisted on us.


I don't know if the Queen needs to abdicate, there are others way to explore that would lead to a similar outcome. My view is that if the Queen's health or age gets to a stage where it becomes difficult for her to discharge her duties to the standard she has in the past, or if the institution of the monarchy begins to suffer due to her advanced age, she could simply retire and let Charles be Prince Reagent until such time he becomes King.


Hard work does not consist of drinking tea in your carefully manicured garden that you did not lift a finger to manicure.


When we get rid of them no history is lost - the history happened and is recorded therefore it remains as history.

No loss.


The royal family are opiate for the masses. They do it well. Much like reality tv and celebrity magazines.


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