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Oravida’s pre-Xmas donation

Controversial milk exporter Oravida made a $30,000 donation to the National Party late last year.

The December 23 donation, revealed in the National Party’s 2013 donation return with the Electoral Commission, adds to the $56,600 in donations the company made to the party in 2011.

Oravida has been in the public scrutiny for its links to the National Party in recent months.

Cabinet Minister Judith Collins’ husband, David Wong-Tung is a company director, and Ms Collins has made headlines recently over visits to Oravida’s Chinese office while on a taxpayer-funded trip, and a controversial dinner with the milk company’s head and a Chinese official.

The company had lobbied the government for help during the Fonterra botulism scare.

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Comments and questions

Yes just to balancew the books ,lest we forget.Les Mills son from Mills Gymnasium just give $65000 each to Labour Party,and also Green Party.Havn't heard or read too much so called scandal into that caper.

Big difference is his donation was transparent.

Like it or not, the chinese way of doing business is different to what NZ is use too. I dont agree with it, but you had better get use to it. They already own a significant chunk of NZ inc, and now represent a significant component of our population.

Notwithstanding this, its time Judith Collins (who is the Minister of Justice) fell on her sword. How can you possibly hold that position of authority when you have (withheld) not told the truth? It bets me!!

Richard, the Oravida donation is 'transparent' it was disclosed as required by law. Just because Philip Mills made a big production of his donations, thereby garnering publicity for himself and his business, does not make his donation somehow more moral than Oravida's nor more legal.
By the way the prejudice against Chinese shown by your remarks is really unpleasant.

You seem confused. Mr Mills didnt get any favours from the government, while its clearly obvious Oravida has.

Explain to me how my comments on the chinese are prejudice? They are factual, in they do business differently, they own a significant chunk of NZ and have a growing population presence.

For the most part, I have no problem with chinese. Most are honest hard working people. However, my overriding concern is while the early chinese mixed with the locals, the new immigrants largely keep to themselves. A guess every race has its issues.

For your information, I have good chinese, indian, pacific island and maori friends, which mix with the locals.

Perhaps its you that is prejudice towards the chinese, not me?

With over a billion Chinese, I find it truly amazing that you are able to comment on most of them. Well done.

What favours did Oravita actually get?

Own a significant chunk of NZ?

Eh, please explain.

Post Maurice getting it dont think the Harry Potter glasses will save her this time

She has got the smile right, just needs to wave lots now (not good bye of course)

Is 9 an upside down lucky 6?

Why did the Ambassador not go to dinner? One suspects he realised that it was inappropriate to be seen trying to influence a Chinese Border Official.

The reason they will not name the official is that the chinese government is cracking down on corruption and one suspects they would be in big trouble if this was disclosed.

Named corrupt officials + scapegoats in melamine end up as organ donors !

There is something quite amazing about this story which everyone has overlooked and I am particularly disappointed in Grant Roberston. He (they) keep continuously centre their attacks on Collins however parliamentary staffer Margaret has said publicly that she was at the dinner and there is no issues for anyone to worry about.

Grant and Labour are so close to defaming a public servant who is well respected by parliament.

Everytime they attack on this matter they are calling this public servant a dodgy character as well.

If I was Margaret I would be having my lawyers all over Grant Roberston, Cunliffe, Norman and Peters

So just when did the company law allow a MP to act for the company and facilitate transactions when they apparently have no formal authority? Oh yes, they can do it offshore at special dinners where there are foreign officials present but not the director husband present. Then call it just a dinner while going on the way to the airport. Only in China much business is conducted over dinner - whereas in NZ its less formally recognised as a place of business. The attempt to play it down by using reliance on cultural different understandings when back in NZ, and refusing to disclose the Chinese official at dinner, and not producing the authority to act for the company presents a deceptive conduct impression.

The meal could become the last supper. Wonder whos casting the roles?

How can this not be seen as corruption?
The answer is obvious and it is incumbent on Key to take action.
But then based on his past performance(Dunne) this will be a matter of votes,not ethics-a sad state of affairs!