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Over 500 complain of side-effects from drug

Over 500 people have complained of side effects from the reformulation of a commonly used drug, prompting calls for alternatives to be made available.

In June health authorities announced they were urgently investigating problems with Eltroxin, a hyporthyroidism drug taken by 70,000 New Zealanders.

Their action followed a rash of reports of nausea, headaches and weight gain, since the drug was reformulated by manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) over a year ago.

At the time, Medsafe head Stewart Jessamine said the drug had been dispensed since July last year and the same reformulation had been used in Germany for 18 months without problems.

Medsafe was considering the possibility there was a problem with the current batch of the drug available in New Zealand.

As a result of the complaints instructions on how the drug should be taken had changed.

But Green Party health spokeswoman Sue Kedgley said answers to written parliamentary questions showed 571 New Zealanders had reported problems with the drug to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring so far this year.

On that basis Medsafe should tell GSK the new formulation was not acceptable and seek an alternative drug, she said.

A Health Ministry spokesman said testing had shown no problems with one batch of the drug and Medsafe were awaiting final results from testing of a second batch.

He said bringing in an alternative drug was complicated as a manufacturer had to first want to sell its drug on New Zealand's small market.

Drug subsidy agency Pharmac had carried out some preliminary discussions with alternative suppliers, but with no immediate success.

If a supplier was keen it would then have to put its drug forward for registration.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, leading to fatigue and in some cases depression.

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Comments and questions

I have been a user of thyroxine for 10years with no problems until the change and i have had terrible side effects i have now changed to another medication and side effects have gone.

In the last few months I have been having headaches and some depression and not knowing why......can it be that my prescription has been changed to levothyroxine. Can you tell me please which medication you are now taking? I would really appreciate your response.

I have been treated for hypothyroidism for 9 years. The first five years with Thyroxine. On commencement of treatment I noticed a rapid improvement in my health. I was wrapped to have gotten my health back on track.
In 2004 I moved to another town and my new GP continued to prescribe Thyroxine however after about 6 months I began to feel unwell again, my thyroid disease (Hypothyroidism) appeared to have returned with full force. I discussed my symptoms on many occasions with my new GP who I felt thought I was psychosomatic. I was given antidepressents and sleeping pills to assist me getting to sleep at night. In late 2007 I became so fed up with constantly being sick ( at times I thought I would rather pass on than continue to live the way that I was feeling).
I asked my GP to refer me to an endocrynologist to assist me in solving the problem once and for all. The specialist altered my dosage of thryoxine and sent me for several very expensive tests ($1000) later it was discovered that there was nothing wrong with me other than I had moderate sleep aponea. There goes another $2000 for a CPAP machine. I still have not had a follow up blood test for TS3 / TS4 ordered by the specialist despite it now being September 2008.
When I went to my pharmacy in January 2008 to uplift my three month repeat of thyroxine I noticed that the label on my bottles had changed to Levothyroxine (ELT) I questioned the pharmacist about the change in my drugs and was told that the drug was EXACTLY the same one I had been on for years but that the name had changed in September 2006 from Eltroxin to Levothyroxine. I said that my bottles still up to that time had showed Thyroxine and I was told that Pharmacies had been told in late 2008 that they now had to to label the pills Levothyroxine. To my horror I was told when I enquired at my pharmacy today that I had in fact been taking Eltroxine since January 2005 and possibly for several months prior to that. I was told Levothyroxine and Eltroxin were one and the same drug. I have yet to enquire with the pharmacy / GP in my old town exactly when I was put on this new drug - I suspect from the deterioration in my health that it could have been late in 2004.
Good luck in your quest to sort your health out - I feel for you as I know how wretched I am feeling.

i have been taking a tablet which changed itsname to eltroxin last year which i didnt know about at the time and i have had more headaches and felt sick and gained weight since taking them. I have just generally felt yuk and tired and not my usual self at all. What is it you can chang to for hypothyroidism or even something herbal i was thinking of. I am due to go doc next week as i amrunning out of tabs so anything on this would be appreciated thanks

Hi Tania - what have you changed to. I am also suffering side effects from Levothyroxine after 30 years of Thyroxine without incident..

Once changed to levothroxine ELT my hot flushes returned with a difference, just before the flush started I felt like my body was completely shuting down, very frightening. Was about to fly to the States so went to my doctor for a check up, she changed my medication and have not had a flush since.
I wish I had of realized it might of been the levothroxine in the first place.

I was on thyroxin for years with very few side effects I have been changes to this new medication and have since had bloating of the stomack sever constipation/and alternate diarea swollen anles tingling in the hands terrible cramp in the hands feet and legs, shortness of breath, dizzy spells, over heated feeling that makes me break out in a sweat, tiredness, palpitations. I feel irratable at the littlest of things. and now I am getting pains in the stomach. All this has started two weeks after starting on levothyroxin and I cannot get myself heard by my doctor what are my options?? I feel this drug is killing me slowly yet all that has been changed for me is the brand name of the Levothyroxin I am desperate for help

It was not until I saw this comment and read the side-effects in Google that I feel compelled to add my findings.
I have been on the drug, since February 2009 and have been wondering why I feel nauseous in the mornings (I take it on rising) - my G.P has me on 2x every other day and 1x on the other day,as my thyroxine levels are so low.
Have tried Kelp to no effect - anyone got an alternative??

I've changed to another brand of thyroxin and the skin rashes have gone. Wondering what medication have you change to. Did you mean it is not thyroxin?

I have changed back to the old brand just five weeks ago- after 16 months of misery and I am noticing a difference, mostly with clarity of thought and reduced insomnia. I am really interested to hear how long it has taken other people to make a full recovery and how long it took to drop any weight gain caused by the glaxo brand drug.
I am very angry that I had been told by my pharmacist and GP that the drug was the same and that none of my concerns or health issues were ever attributed to this change, I am eternally in debt to the nutritionist who advised me to change the drug- somehow all the media coverage passed me by and I had no idea others were experiencing problems. Thanks to everyone who has posted on here, I felt like I wasn't going crazy for the first time in months when I realized this was happening to other people too!

My mother has been sick since october last year and her doctor can't find/get an alternative she has all the side effects that come with taking eltroxin and is desperate and is now being sent to hospital for tests. Somebody do something!!

Find it amazing to see the symptoms of lack of thyroxine trivialized as fatigue and depression. This drug is an essential life support for many people - analogous to insulin for a diabetic - without it they die!

Do you remember what it felt like when you first went to the Dr and felt like you were going crazy and falling apart? (pre diagnosis)
Well that's how it feels on this evil drug.

Medsafe - whether it makes sense to you or not, This drug is wrong!

Please please give us back our lives.

I agree, its evil

Somewhere along the line I was switched to Oroxine, which is also mfd' by Glaxo Smith Kline. I don't know if it is the same thing with a different name or not. However, I live in Malaysia. For the last several months I have been having a problem with joint pain and lethargy. I've been assuming that I was suffering from the aging process, but after reading about the problems my Kiwi mates are having I suspect I am in for a round of visits to the Endocrinologist. I'm kicking myself for not being more aware of T4 therapy and symptoms consistent with hypothyroidism. I hope all of the good folks in NZ that are suffering through this find relief soon. If anyone reading this has a link to a good discussion group on hypothyroidism please share it here. I am clearly gong to have to take a more proactive posture relative to this condition.

Dear Anonymous
I am on Oroxine and live in Australia. I have been on this drug since
moving to Australia 6 years ago and are having endless problems with
my health all of a sudden. So I dont think it is somethng that happened
overnight with this new tablet available. I was on Eltroxin in South Africa
since 1992 and no side effects. With Oroxine my weight ballooned,got
depressed, tired all the time, so much that I cant get up before 9 in
the morning. Cant do much at the moment. However 2 weeks ago I
discovered my tablets were fininshed and because I didnt feel like
going to see the doctor, just left it. Went to see him on Thursday to
get a bloodtest done. Since stopping the tablets, I feel much better.
No foggy brain, still a little tired, no heart palpations that landed me
in hospital 3 times, and the depression seems to take flight. My
tablet is made in Australia by Sigma and we have to keep it in the fridge. Strange!!!!!!!! I am also looking for a discussion group where
we can talk about this horrible tablet that is making our lives hell!!!!!

I too have been taking oroxine for 15 years, in the past the potency of this medication has been a problem mainly due to the number of tablets is the jar. I use the 50mcg tablets. I need two and a half per day so the dose is never accurate unless use use the other half that you cut the night before. Over time the drug company producing this medication twigged that they were putting to many tablets in the bottle and then brought it out in packs of 5 bottles. So you would have 40 tablets in each. You would take one bottle out at a time and once out of the fridge you kept it out of the fridge until all the tablets were used up.
This for me has been the best as it is going to get stability wise.
Now the same company has brought the medication out in blister packs and I notice the tablets are getting too soft in these packs even in the fridge because they aren't vaccum packed, at least that is my theory anyway.
I can relate to the leg and bone pain that others have complained about but have never thought it to be related to this medication and has only occurred over the last two years as well as frequent wakening during the night. I feel so washed out and tired I don't know how much longer I can tolerate this lack of energy and fatigue. To make matters worse my husband has just been diagnosed with a large cold nodule on this thyroid so he has to have his entire thyroid removed next month and I am dreading the after affects on him. He does tolerate illness very well, so it is a very worrying time for me.
I have just emailed Sigma about these blister packs and I suggest that anyone with any concerns do the same the email address is on the leaflet inside the pack. The more that complain the better as far as I am concerned.

i 2 have had the same problems as you,i read once about horomnes from pigs which they say do not give you side affects,but my dr says that they carnt get to life has never been the same since i have had this problem ,i was always heathly and happy my weight has gone from 54 kilos to 90 .

interested in your comments as I too am on levothyroixine after thyroid cancer in 1982 at 21 now 48! I wonder of the side effects of this as they seem similar to yours. I never post like this but am so frustrated in FL USA! if interested in continuing a discussion - please do.

This GSK medication caused many terrible problems for my wife. Some of them were angina, fatigue, nausea, fluid retention, blurred vision, flaky itchy skin, hair loss, severe depression and anxiety, and relentless pain that did not respond to any common painkiller. I really thought she was dying........Then we were told about Goldshield. Now, one week after starting on the Goldshield medicine she is able to go for a walk, peel potatoes, work out a shopping list and do the shopping.
She is still a bit tired at the end of the day, but wow! what a difference! THUMBS DOWN TO PHARMAC!

Since diagnosed 6 weeks ago and taking thyroxine, I am now practically a cripple, can't walk due to excruciating burning in the balls of my foot the foot doctor tells me to go to walmart and buy cheap sneaks my orthotics and Avia, were not soft enough? Seems funny taking thyroxine for 6 weeks now can't walk because of the burning? Will it hurt me to stop taking the thyroxine? People say you die, is this true of a thyroid condition?

I take 125mg levothyroxine and haven't even considered that it might be the problem with the terrible pain in my feet. And the foggy days. Until i see this forum. No doctor has mentioned the medication to me only its important to take it.

hi alot of those things your wife went through sounds sofamiliar to me and i am only 4o and i have noticed alot o joint pain particularly in my ankles and feet and fluid retention itchy skin and just felt real yuk so yuk i can hardly put it into words. This GOLDSHEILD is that out in new zealand and replacing the eltroxin? Would love any info on this thanks

Excellent.. I want to try Gold Shield, but cant see my GP helping me out, as she is just so stuck on my weight gain and doesnt care to look for a cause and I KNOW its the Eltroxin making me ill..
Good luck to you and your wife

I've been on old form since 1971& never 1 problem with it Started the new pill 5/9/08 then to stay with daughter in Dunedin for 6 days & couldn't get warm (cold in marrow, dry irritated throat, then severe frontal headache(never before) Developed 16 cummulative symptoms,now gone on natural thyroid since 1/8

I had my thyroid removed 13 yrs ago due to cancer. Since then I have been on Thyroxine and now levothyroxine. I have had no end of problems with both. I am very interested to know what the natural thyroid replacement is that you are talking about. I am only 35 and it is driving me crazy.

I have gain a tremendous amount of weight and been unable to remove through diet and a,m snoring that it is ruining my marriage is this a side effect of the drug and what can I take in replacement to help with these symtoms

hi there, would really love to know a natural product or tablet i could take to replace eltroxin, i am only 4o yrs old and feel so yuk this last year, trying to raise two teenage boys and i need to feel a hek of a lot better than i do now or i am gonna go crazy,

I have been on Thyroxine for 17 years, now on Levothyroxine as of this year. You mentioned you are now on natural thyroid. Where do you get this from?

when I changed to eltroxin developed, forgetfulness,headaches,fatigue, not advised of change in tablets until few months ago now starting goldshield fingers crossed I will feel better

I had been on Throxine for twenty years. Shortly after starting Eltroxin my palms, soles of my feet and gums developed a stinging itching prickliness. Pharmacist, dentist and doctor had no solution and the latter did not consider it a result of eltroxin.I have been on a roller coaster ride since, even being off any thyroid medication for three weeks with with very unpleasant results. I'll mention only the nausea and swollen tongue and throat. To take eltroxin again on an empty stomach with only water was impossible. It felt as though this small pill was lodged in my throat. I am on an increased supply of eltroxin and expect little change for another four weeks.I exist in hope.

I have been managing my depression with Amytriptilene for more than 30 years and have stayed with it for so long because of the quality of sleep it affords. I also take Thyroxine each day and hadn't noticed the new word Levothyrine on the label on the recent subscriptions. About 2 months ago I found I was not sleeping and had very painful hands and feet, burning lips and tongue and a general sensation of being unwell without energy. I explained all the symptoms to my Dr and mentioned that I couldn't sleep despite still being on Amitrip. I asked him what had changed. It was not me, it had to be the medication and jokingly suggested the Amitrip was actually a Placebo. How could it stop working for me after all these years? He said he had no idea what was wrong and gave me a short supply of sleeping pills to "break the cycle". The sleeping pills did not work which I think shows what we are dealing with. Since I've followed up with research on the net and spoken with one other who has similar symptoms (and one on this forum)it's clear to me there is a problem and it's no good them saying the base ingredient in Levothyrine is identical---there is a problem and the sooner it's recognised and fixed the better. For me each night is agony and the lack of sleep devastating. We need your help Pharmac!!

Thank goodness I may not be losing the plot and going crazy on my own accord. I'm off to the chemist tomorrow to try and source an alternate to the evil levothyroxine I'm taking.

Have been taking thyroxine since 1985 without any side effects. Over the last year Ive suffered from severe headaches dizziness to the point of falling, palpatations and although Ive been seeing my doctor nothing was ever said about the change to my medication!!What a disgrace.

I have been on the benefit since last November after collapsing (for no reason the medical profession can find) at home.I had just started the new prescription of thyroxin??? There followed a roller coaster couple of months until one day I took my aspirin with my thyroxin and the side-effects became manageable ( I don't know why) Can't wait for Goldshield and hopefully I will get my healthy body and mind back!

Thank goodness I'm not going mad! I have been on thyroxine since the early 90's and over the last 3 months have experienced some very disturbing side effects which I now know come from the new drug Levothyroxine. These side effects include, heart palpitations, lethargy, depression, feeling extremely cold, continual stomach upsets, blurred vision, flaky skin and worst of all memory loss. Shame on Pharmac! Something has to be done.

Now it's all starting to make sense!! My thyroxine was also changed and I have had weight gain, depression, memory loss, lethargy and aching joints. I too was putting it down to the aging process but it has all happened since the tablets were changed so now I know I am not going nuts

Like everyone else I have wondered what was wrong, since August 07, when the name on my thyroxin bottle changes, - different name, same product was the associated assurance - when all the symptons of untreated hypothyroyidism and a few extras beside started.. I began asking for blood tests and higher doses to no effect. Now I can't get Goldshield... whats going on??? Another supply hopefully coming but what are we expected to do in the meantime??

Like many others I too have felt what was wrong,I had asked my doctor to test my thyroid as I was extremely lethargic and tired, had bad migraines, and very sore eyes, red and runny and felt dry all the time, and had extremely sore muscles and aching which I had to have strong pain killers in order for the pain to ease, Iam going to try an get an alternative now after advising my doctor of the side effects and weight gain, the government really need to do something about this problem ...

Hi everyone- this all sounds so familiar to me, I have been trying to get something done about this since June as well but been overseas on a holiday since then. That kind pharmacist in Temuka helped me a lot, getting some of the old kind to me just the day I flew out overseas. How could i go without any thyroxine and I have the red eyes, headache so bad my head is splitting as we speak and nausea so bad that I convinced my GP to get my gallbladder xrayed before i went away. You are not imagining it- I am a Registered Nurse and trying to hold a professional job down ( probably like most of you) and trying to stay sane and focused HA HA while the government and Pharmac sort this out. I came back fully expecting it all to be blown over, only to find out that i have to go back onto the old (bad) stuff, which I vomit with so much I have to have some days off, but do they expect us to stay off it- we can't do without it- indefinitely until they sort something out. No- they don't- but they don't have any other solutions- take it at night- well- yes I didn't sleep at all last night and the headache and red eyes are still with me. Hopefully this non- funded stuff from Canada due in tomorrow will be good- but God help me if it doesn't help. Meanwhile- in a really manic state yesterday- O yes, my thyroid they have wanted to suppress deliberately- kicked it again yesterday with a vengence- I did get a lot done, but hell my workmates must think I am mental- and yes I am as sick as a dog today. Come on guys... DO SOMETHING

hi, I have just been reading all the comments about this drug.I was surprised to see you mention your gallbladder. I have been on thyroxine since early 90s without trouble and like everyone else has been switched to this new form. I have recently had to have my gallbladder removed as I had a benign tumor in it. I would be interested to know if this drug could have made this condition. The memory loss, weight gain,bloating and bowell problems as well as eye conditions are driving me made too.anyone have any informatio on this for me please

Hi all,

I am based in the UK, but my doctor put me on Eltroxin about 7 weeks ago. Since then I have put on half a stone, despite going to the gym 4 times a week and eating a relatively healthy diet.I have never had any issues with my weight before. I have barely slept for the past 3 weeks and have been having menopausal type hot flushes that may be the reason I am not sleeping. I am only 35 and feel like I am going through early menopause. I have very sore and itchy eyes and sore aching shoulders. I am hoping that it is the eltroxin causing these symptoms. Eltroxin was a bit of a last resort for me as I have tried lots of variations of thyroxine, lyothyronine combos with no success. After reading all this I am going to see my doctor tomorrow and request a change. It sounds like Eltroxin is having some pretty serious side effects. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis 4 years ago, and started experiencing gallbladder pain 2 years ago. I had to have my gallbladder removed and it had a non cancerous lump on it. I know of several people that have had the same problems with their gallbladder and have thyroid problems. My doctor didn't seem to make any link between the two but it seems that there is a link. Not sure if its the medication that causes the gallbladder problems or the thyroid problems that did it. I feel very frustrated that 1/ I have been ill for 4 years and am still not sorted and 2/ the medical profession seem relatively disinterested in thyroid disorders in general. I think due to the fact that thyroid disorders mainly affect women, the medical profession are not interested. If it was affecting more men I am sure more money and time would be spent researching these problems. How has no one made a link between thyroid issues and gallbladder problems?? I feel for every single person on here, thyroid problems ruin your life and every day is a battle both physically and mentally. I feel my body is my enemy and I am totally trapped. I love life but most of the time I feel ill, tired and totally dispirited. Medical profession - is ANYONE listening to us????????

Hello - can you give me the name of the Temuka Pharmacist who can provide the "old" thyroxine pills.

I have tried Levothroxine, Synthroid and Goldshield and still suffering side effects after 30 years symptomless on Thyroxin

So tell me, is this considered a medical treatment injury? Maybe we should all start claims at ACC, that might get their attention to stop messing with our medication. More than likely the changes only occured to save money without real consideration to the very minute variations the new drug obviously has.

I have been on tablets for 14 years and have developed symptoms of what I call an old age disease since changing in June of this year. I am 43 and have pains in knees, top of legs and shoulders/arms in the joints. I am living off vultarin and am still full of pain, can't sit for long and when stand takes while to get moving. Can't bend over, and without vultarin cannot put socks on, I wake up heaps of time during night in pain and have difficulty moving in bed. Have stopped all normal activities and when do do something such as vaccuming or hang out washing am in pain and exhausted next day. I fed up. Was sent to rhumertologist and am waiting results from blood tests, but I believe it is these pills. I will change as soon as new ones come out - heres hoping!

I have to start by saying a huge thank you to my 11y old son who is home sick today otherwise I would still be at work. I had a chance to sit down and see a small piece in the news about the drug Levothyroxine (ELT) formaly known as eltroxin. I immediately started to search the web and found this page. I was born 1968 with a non palpable thyroid but it was not untill i was about two and a half that the doctors would do anything about it, my pore mother was treated as if she was stupid and did not know what she was talking about.
I was placed on thyroxine and monited closely up into my late teens and then just 3 monthly blood tests. In 1991 while living in Waiouru, the doctor decided that I did not need thyroxine any more and said that my thyroid had started functioning for itself.
I was not monited in any way when i was taken of thyroxine. I fell pregnant with my first son and went through my pregnancy without the drug that my body needed most. Six weeks after my son was born my body started to shut down. If it was not for a nurse in town who knew me and that I had previously lived all my life on thyroxine and got me tested straight away i would not be here today.
I remained on Thyroxine untill 2006 about August when it was changed to eltroxin. I do remember asking the chemist if it was a different drug. He said that it was just the name that was changed. I thought nothing of it at first. By October I had starting having strange symtoms and for awhile even thought that i was pregnant. i feel sick, i have gained weight my hair was always falling out, feeling chilled to the bone, major head aches body pains, and terrible brain fog. The Doctors have been making me feel as if i am loopy and to be honest most days now i feel as if i am on another planet.
The last time i got my pills i noticed the name had changed again only now i am also having trouble swallowing the pills they get stuck in my throut.
All this time i thought that i was loosing the plot and know that i am not alone at all.

6 months now i have taken this pill, i was taking thyroxine for last 7 years, i felt fine even if i missed it here and there. But since taking levothyroxine not that i have gained weight, headaces everyday, feel sick, hair loss, i thought i was pregant. I thought i was going crazying because the way i am feeling, my skin has gone really bad, rashes, dark patches on my neck, around my mouth, eyes. I thought it was my iron pills, stop taking them but the side effects did't go away. So i thought if it could be the thyroid pills,so i type the name in net and see i am not the only one feeling these side effects. I was told excatly the samething that its just different name. How can they do this? This is so not right, i am only 27 years old, went from being healthy to totaly sick very day, yestaday i cudn't even take my son to school of how bad my headace was. So today i didn't take the pill and i feel fine, i did't even nap today which had become my daily rountine, bc of my headace and feeling of vomiting all the time. I am so shocked about levothyroxine! Its like they are testing the pill on everyone, without knowing the side effects. This is disgusting...

Hi everyone, my wife and I have a 5 year old son who was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 12 days after birth. He has been taking thyroxine ever since then.
Up until late last year he didn't have any issues with his medication, then his medication changed to eltroxin, we have noticed some urinary issues, mood swings, behavioural issues and eye problems.
We have sort health profesional advice and care for all of the above problems but with little or no answers/outcomes.
We have been astounded at the lack of knowledge by either doctors and/or paediatricians about the complaints that have been steadily building up over the last 9 months around eltroxin, we had to ask them to google the drug so they could see the extent of the complaints.
We are absolutely p***ed off with Glaxo/Smith/Kline and Pharmac for endangering our childs wellbeing and possibly his life, there aren't enough expletives in the english language to let you all know how we feel.
If there is a legal avenue to deal with this, it should be explored!!!
There are a couple of lessons we have learn't from this experience, we should listen to our bodies as we know better than anyone what is going on with them, and probably the obvious lesson, drug companies are in the business of making a buck, at face value they couldn't care less about the millions of people who rely on their product to keep them alive, don't trust them, we have to keep them honest.
I am pleased to say that at last the NZ government is stepping in to help deal with this issue and should be naming an alternative drug sometime this week.

Hi i have 2 sons who were diagnoside at birth 2 weeks old stating that they had no thyroids only now 31 years later to find out that they have both got thyroids . THey have taken a 100mg of thyroxine for 31 ears and you can imagine how i feel and how they feel they have no trusts in doctors. We are more than P........

I had my thyroid removed when I was 21 due to cancer. I was told I would have a normal life. What a joke that has turned out to be. Can you imagine being 21 just getting out in the world and then getting hit with the side effects from hell. Anxiety, stomach pains, intolerance to foods, feeling good one minute - crap the next. Tired, moody, forgetfull. These symptoms started @6 weeks after my last operation - god only knows how my husband and kids put up with me. I have good days and bad days, I have given up alot of foods and coffee!!. I excercise, watch my weight and drink heaps of water. I have complained to my doctor and specialist from day 1 about this and have been told I have anything from irritable bowel to glandular fever and my all time favourite - it's all in your head. Now I'm on Levothyroxine - will it never end?! There must be something out there that will let me just get on with my life?

Please can anybody tell me how I can get the goldshield thyroxine. I have been offered synthroid from this monday, but am scared that I will just invite a new set of problems. I have read on net that my hair may fall out, and I will put on weight on synthroid. I have already put on weight on eltroxin, please any info would help, as I have got the impression that the goldshield has run out.???????

Should be able to get from your Pharmcy.
Mine Tells me Goldsheild Thyroxine is available free in a Blister Pack

Aware of the Problems, My Mother has been in & out of Hosoital this year 7 now unable to care for herself - was fine before the switch
Also Concerned as have been on this for years & since the Change over have had problems with my Sight

My dad has become extremely ill on eltroxin. His worst problem has been with his eyes. His attacks of blurred vision seriously distort the size, shape, length of printed words etc (it makes him feel as though he is hallucinating badly) ... and then the vomiting starts. He was hospitalised recently, and diagnosed with an ear infection! We all know what the real problem is now.

He has had to stop driving in the meantime because these attacks are vicious and unexpected. How many others are out there on the roads in a similar condition we wonder?

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has suffered vision problems to this extreme degree? I can only find references to 'blurred vision'.

I have been on Thyroxine for 17 years due radiation treatment for cancer. some time ago my medication was changed to levothyroxin and my latest batch is eltroxin.Since on this medication I have been moody/not coping/fogetful/tearful at times /have had itchy skin and have had blurred vision. At times looking at the computer screen I cannot see anything as the words are all distorted in shape like looking at it through oil that is being moved round. Thought I was having a break down but maybe not.

Hi There, I tried to respond to you about the eye problems, my message kept getting rejected for abusive words, but there were none, I edited it several times to overcome the problem. So I will try and explain another way. It is true many eye symptoms are reported according to a doctor I saw this week. I have experienced many problems with my eyes including a film, black spots and black lines.

Yes Robyn I have been having blurred vision after taking the new medication and am still looking for a final solution

i was put on this drug for the first time 3 weeks ago so had nothing to compare it to.In this time I have had blurred distorted vision and aside from feeling worse than when i started on it, i also have a back full of dermatitis & feel itchy all over.Today i was changed to gold..... brand so it will be interesting

I read a forum comment about Balsom tea to help thyroid and high colestrol. does anyone know more, and where to get it? the net shows too many variations of Balsom.
thanks - have started on synthroid today instead of eltroxin. Seems to be a bit of a happy pill, but now at 2pm am getting quite a headache.

I started on Levothyroxine about four months ago. I feel no better and have gained weight. I have headaches and blurred vision. I am only 36 yrs old!! If I didn't have to hold down a full time job I feel I could sleep all day.
I thought I was going mad, didn't register that my systoms could be related to the medication until a friend pointed it out to me.

It has been a releif to read that there are others out there who have been going through this scarey ordeal like me. I have been on thyroxine for over twenty years with no problems outside of needing the dose adjusted here and there. About half way through last year though I started getting terrible nausea and vomitting every morning after taking my thyroxine. The nausea was so intense it was making me feel dizzy, and I would end up vomitting dark bile. I thought I'd developed hives or my skin on my arms had become sensitive as I had patches of pale coloured rash which would itch intensely. My vision became very blurry, and it was impossible to read small print. I already suffered from migraines but these became almost daily at some points. The nausea and vomitting were so bad that I was sent for an endoscopy to investigate, but of course that turned up nothing. Its hard to describe the mental confusion, anxiety, mood swings, depression and lethargy that became part of every day existence during that time although it sounds like many others actually do understand. Add to that the feeling cold and achey, and its a pretty miserable place to be. I had been asking about the change to my thyroxine more recently, and despite having a very helpful doctor and pharmacist, they were as puzzled as me. However, I finally managed to order a months supply of the "old" type thyroxine from Goldsheild (at a cost of $80) and my sanity is returning slowly day by day. Within an hour of taking my first dose of pills, my body began to warm up and kick into action again. My thinking is becoming "straighter" and some of the other symptoms are slowly going. I feel like I've lost a year of my life through this faulty medication. I just hope it has no lasting impact on my already compromised health (I have other health problems). Good luck everyone.

Has anyone switched from eltroxin to synthroid? It's the only alterative my chemist can offer, Goldsheild brand is no longer available. From what I have read synthroid seems just as bad, numerous side effects as with eltroxin.

Relieved to hear same stories as mine. I also have had thyroid issues - hashimotos thyroiditis - diagnosed about 4 years ago. I'm in my mid thirties. Literally thought I was going crazy, fuzzy brain, depression, lethargy, mood swings - wondering who I was where I had gone to - I also found I wasn't able to cope at work - lost faith in my ability - all sorts of things. It took a while for thyroid diagnosis but once through, huge relief and much better on thyroxin I was taking until about 6 or so months ago when I started having vague spells - where my head goes all cotton-wooly and I'm in la-la land. Not all that great when driving my two under-2's - around! I want to be me again - I miss my old self - do I have to just accept that now I have a thyroid problem I am going to have continuing mental health issues - I am amazed my marriage has survived it to tell you the truth. We don't have much spare cash but it looks like we are going to have to find it for Goldshield - is so unfair.

My elderly mother has been on thyroxine for 12 years post thyroid irradiation with no ill effects until about a year ago when the brand was changed. Around this time she was hospitalised for electrolyte imbalance from gastric intestinal upset and dizziness which caused a fall. These symptoms where attributed to old age. As a registered nurse, I thought this plausible although very sudden as she was always a busy active person. The last several months she has had sore eyes, blurred vision (for which she got new glasses) dizziness most of the time where she feels faint, a tremor, lethargy, headaches, depression, new joint and muscle pain. Memory loss, confusion with loss of logic/reasoning and deafness occurred rapidly and she has an extremely itchy rash on her back which resembles flat hives. Every symptom has been attributed to her age. When I requested Goldshield thyroxine, the GP did not specify this on the script and the chemist informed me that there was none in the country and probably no more would be accessed by Pharmac. His attitude implied i was quite stupid and fussing about nothing. Should my mother feel absolutely lousy and not enjoy life at her late age? Just let her try the Goldshield brand.

I began taking this drug 9 days ago and feel terrible. I constantly have a dry tickle in my throat along with a salty taste in my mouth and fuzzy heads. I have returned to the pharmacist who responded's along with hundreds of others. "Go back to your Dr". The Dr informed me she can do nothing, so I have decided to discontinue taking levothyroxine until an alternative is offered. what a ridiculous state of affairs.. this generic form of thyroxine is a lot cheaper..who is answerable?.. it's all about greed.

I too was forced to take this drug after being on thyroxine
for many years. Since taking it I have suffered high blood
pressure and racing heart resuting in poor sleep.
Last week I changed to Synthroid and feel no better have been vioently ill after taking it on an empty stomack as
perscribed and feeling nausius most of the time.No energy

Anyone out there having problems with the government funded eltroxin in NZ come and join us at:

You are not alone - there are hundreds of others getting terrifying side effects and nothing is being done about it.

I have been on levothyroxine, had heartburn , then a funny head. Could not say headaches, but got to the stage i felt i was spaced out. Now on synthroid do feel alot better but have a long way to go. so i am keen to try goldshield.

Like all of you since taking the above i have been really unwell. Want to have the right to return to goldsheild tabs as there was none of this rubbish with that brand. Unfortunately i dont think we will ever be well again with the current drug option that we have no choice about.

Please someone help us! We are both suffering with many of the same symptons, sore and dry eyes, headaches, extreme tiredness, aching joints, bloating, weight gain, anxiety, swelling in our hands, irritable, and just down right miserable. We are both from the UK and have been taking Thyroxine for more than 17 years between us without any problems once doseage was correct. After meeting up for a weekend and generally chatting about life now in NZ, we both said how ill we were feeling. After reading so many other comments we could relate to we have decided to make an appt with our Dr's on Monday and ask for a prescription of Goldsheild. We understand it is very hard to get hold of, has anyone found some out there? We live in the Western Bay of Plenty area. I thought it was living in Rotorua that didn't agree with me. I have spent $100's of dollars on different alternative treatments, being told I have EBV, CFS, Candida, this alergy, don't eat bread, drink wine, oh the list goes on!!! Its not a great life having to live like this with young children to take care of, a house to manage and working at a Kindergarden.
Hazel has just been offered promotion within her job and the first thing she thought of was how would she manage, the extra hours, extra workload, she should be jumping for joy not dreading it. Someone please help us. Look forward to hearing from anyone suffering the same as us.

For goodness sake, I am pleased & frustrated to find that it's this medication that's to blame for how I feel! My next step was to go to a rheumatologist. I'm sure my family & my doctor were starting to think I had lost the plot!

I was changed onto the levothyroxine Nov 2007 By Dec/Jan 2008 I have been in severe lower back pain,dry sore eyes,muscle pain in legs,plus thinning hair which my doctor said is a side effect. Now in Oct 2008 I am worse and unable to walk up or down steps unaided.Had two falls. I have been diagnosed with mild fibromialgia and degeneration which at 64yrs I would expect to have but these problems all happened without warning.
I had total thyroid surgery 10 years ago and have never had a problem, always been active, enjoy sport and dancing but that suddenly has all stopped this year since being on Levothyroxine.

How dare Pharmac mess with our health and even worse, don't listen to what patients are saying!

We are not all stupid are we. Isn't health of the utmost importance to everyone.

What a disgrace to be so casual about finding us an alternative. May not be enough Goldshield product to go around they say. Well find some more for goodness sake, and subsidize it as well Fix the problem you caused. If it is available in Australia, well get it and soon. Are we supposed to just accept this situation while our health goes downhill? I am absolutely disgusted, believe you me. If they can be sued, I hope they will be for all the suffering they have caused, just to save a buck!!

I was also very ill on Eltroxin so approached my chemist with scripts for a replacement. I had Synthroid within a week and have continued to improve in health over the month I have been taking it. I have no more pain in my joints, no headaches, my blood pressure has returned to normal, and best of all, I can think straight again. (Yay,I'm not going insane!)I do hope some of my fellow sufferers on Eltroxin can try Synthroid as it is way better than the poison we have been on. The cost is not horrendous so good luck all of you.

I changed from Eltroxin on 12 September 2008 after having been really crook for the last twelve months (and more) I now feel considerably better than I did on the Eltoxin.
No longer want to sleep all afternoon, have energy, can walk without stopping all the time to let the pain in my legs subside and to catch my breath.The daily dull rear headaches are gone, the lower backpain is gone.No longer cry for no reason (overwhelming sadness) I can have all my children and grandchildren around without panicking about the kiddie babble.
I am not losing any weight yet (trying to)
My hands and feet are still swollen
I am not sleeping well at night yet
I still have the odd eye migraine
I still need to watch the issue of constipation.
I will continue on Synthroid for the three months wort of pills that I have purchased at $144.00.
That price is not bad when you consider that in three months I would have paid $69.00 just to go to my doctor to try and resolve why I felt so rotten.

I have been taking a natural Thyroid whole for the past five years and this has been amazing for me. About four months ago my doctor informed me that I needed to go on Levothyroxine because my body was not producing any T4 and this was the only medication that would help me produce any T4.
After much discussion with my doctor I went on Levothyroxine just after hearing on TV all the problems that they where having with this altered drug and added Levothyroxine with my natural thyroid whole.
The first couple of weeks I hadn't noticed any difference and then out of no where I have being having itching skin, swollen tounge and itchy roof of my mouth, weight gain, blurred vision, massive brain fog and extremely tired all the time.
The health system is digusting, to think that they can issue a medication when they have proven facts and figures that this drug is causing to many people world wide. I am extremely lucky that I have alternative medication that is natural and I am definitely stopping my daily dose of Levothyroxine.

I have been taking thyroid supplements since the age of 12..(I am now 59) never have I had any problem or sideffects like I am having now..I have just found out from my pharmacy that the levithyroxin I am taking is the Elthroxin that is in question. Up until I learned this I thought that I was very ill and that my age was also a factor in the symptoms I was having. Now I'm just MAD..How can they continue to dispense this poison when they know that it's hurting people..I will be making a appointment with my doctor and filling out the proper forms with the pharmacy to let the government know there is one more victim...This is shameful..

Since being changed to this drug my husband has gone from a fit helathy person who ran 5-10 km three times a week to almost bedridden with crippling joint painand muscle weakness. He is so tired, has plae patches on one arm and a flat pink rash on another. He is constanting cold and aching and now is having atrial fibrillation. We were told by pharmac that Goldshield would be available by Sept 8 and now it is the end of the month but he is looking at amedical discharge from his job if this goes on much longer

I have been taking Eltroxin since 1978 I was Diagnosed in S/Africa after many years of suffering.
Eltroxin is the original registered thyroid medication and the others are generic.
Since coming back to the UK I have not felt well I have had all the symptoms as everyone on this site, my skin is so bad I have seen two dermotologists over the past seven years. A skin biopy says I have Lichen Planus but the specialist wasn't convinced.
My medication comes in a Beige box states GOLDSHIELD
Eltroxin 100 micrograms tablets ....Levthyroxine sodium.
I am now going to phone the pharmacy in S/Africa and ask them what I was taking out there.
My son-in-law has applied for a job in New Zealand so I could be coming there this is not good news.

For all hypothyroid sufferers; check the information available at this website.

I have had a problem with my thyroid since late 1970's and have been prescribed Eltroxin for years. This last year my health has slowly declined, tiredness etc etc. Many visits to doctor with no outcome. About a month before this debacle over eltroxin became public I decided to change to whole thyroid extract. Doctor said he would prescribe it IF I could find a supplier in NZ. Went to pharmacy (whom we have dealt with for years) and asked about availability of whole thyroid, response from the pharmacist was a (at the time it seemed) very terse, very defensive "whats wrong with the medication you're taking?" I felt guilty that I had even asked about an alternative to Eltroxin. It now makes sense, obviously the medical/pharmaceutical profession were well aware of bad side effects long before it became public. I found an alternative from a company called Pharmaceutical Compounding in Auckland who can supply whole thyroid in tablet or capsule form. The downside is that it is costing me about $45.00 a month.
I now definitely don't trust our medical professionals or Pharmac. Remember in 2005 they changed asthma sufferers medication and told them 'that the medication was just the same'

And another thing I recently learned, fluoride, yes, as in the add to our water supply to protect our teeth was formally used to treat OVER ACTIVE thyroid conditions, but it appeared that it worked too well and the use of it as a treatment for hyperthyroidism was stopped. Hmmm, our water supply was fluoridated in the late sixties/early seventies...........
I can see these issues really building up our trust in the Ministry of Health et al.
Do we really trust an industry that makes it profits on a sick population??

I have discovered the cause of my lethargy, fuzziness, mood swings, weight gain and a feeling of "not wanting to carry on" I have been on thyroxine for 14 years after a totat thyroidectomy. After the dosage was prescribed according to my needs - I had had few problems. July last year I noticed the pills had changed from a small yellow tablet to a larger white one - took little notice until one day the prescription read "take on a empty stomach". I enquired and was told it had changed but was basically of the same compound. I have struggled through the whole year - trying to lose weight but getting exhausted after exercise (which I normally enjoy). I have had ever conceivable health problem occur this year - high blood pressure, low bone density, blood clotting condition, high chlorestrol. I have been given mediation for all of the above. I found some of my original prescription for thyroxine and on taking them on two days consecutively I felt a "new person" - I felt alive once again and was much nicer toliver with. I sourced some Goldshield and am very happy to report that I continue to feel better. I have to pay $51.50 per month so totally support the application for funding for this life giving medication.

Have been on thyroid medication since 2000 and in the last year have put on weight and suffered from nasty headaches, some lasting 3 days. Even with the weight gain I still get cold REALLY easily which doesn't make any sense at all. My eyes have felt sore and dry and here I was thinking I needed to change my brand of mascara - not a chance! After doing my own research on hypothyroidism I discovered it is better to switch to a thyroid medication which supplies your body with not only the T4 but the T3 as well. Therefore I am about to switch from Eltroxin to Whole Thyroid available with prescription only so I can't wait to get rid of my Eltroxin side effects as well....

I am diabetic and eariier this year my thyroid med was changed to Levothyroxine. Over time my blood sugar levels shot up and were very difficult to control. On top of that I developed eye, nasal, and throat problems accompanied by nose bleeds and I too could not seem to get warm. As I was getting no where with my GP i changed to a new one. After a thorough check he put me on Synthroid , the effects were amazing, everything is coming back to normal. This may not be suitable for everyone as our metabolisms are all different but hang in their, theres a light at the end of the tunnel. POSTSCRIPT= As Synthroid is as yet not funded it cost $48=00 for supply but as far as that goes it was worth it as I am a lot better and getting my life back.

I have been on Thyroxine for 4 years now, after having a full thyroidectomy. Once the medication was levelled for my condition, I have been great for the 3 years leading up to the change over to Eltroxin. I really thought I was going crazy, but did put some of the symptoms down to age, (47!!!) stress, airconditioning etc. The memory loss, dizzy spells, dry eyes, headaches, tiredness, tearful, etc and in particular the weight gain have sent me to despair. I start the Goldshield brand on Monday 3 Nov (now on subsidy!!!) so am looking forward to a change in how I am feeling, I hope and pray that I have a fast and speedy response to the change in medication. A life again without feeling that I am MAD would be great.

i have been taking thyroxine for 25 yrs.the switch to the changed pills has been adverse.i suffer extremly itchy skin and now have to take anti-histamines daily.i have also suffered fuzzy vision and weight gain and fluid retention.the govt needs to act now to help the 100s of us who are suffering

my daughter is 13 years of age and has been taking thyroxine for the past 5 years since she was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. The new tablets she is on has given her side affects such as constipation, aching behind the eyes, mood swings and a feeling of general unwellness. As a mother of a young teenager I have concerns about this and voiced them to her doctor. He believes that the new medication wouldn't be the cause. I did an experiment of my own - i stopped the medication for 2 weeks and all the syptoms disappeared. When we restarted the medication all the same side affects reappeared within 7 - 10 days. Don't you think that proves a point!

All very interesting..i've been on GSK eltroxin but my new batch in April to Aug 08 (bought in South Africa!) gave me similar side effects as above..couldnt understand I do.

On a new brand and things looking better.

What a nightmare, I've just picked up my new prescription for Goldshield brand, got my fingers, toes etc crossed things improve. Been taking the other brand since August, I am so tired I can feel myself nodding off at my desk at work. I have put on at least 3 kilos. Nothing I do seems to make sense, I used to think clearly and logically but recently things seem all fuzzy, for the want of a better work.
I hope the supply keeps up for all of us.

I am looking for a report from Glenda and others on how they have progressed using the Pharmac funded Goldshield Levothyroxine. Did it bring relief within ten days are reported by some earlier users of the Goldshield product or only mild relief (or none at all)?

Hello sufferers, For the past year I have had terrible side effects from this drug, thought I was slowly dying,I've experienced nausea, fluid retention, lethargy, muscle cramps and weakness, heart palpitations, tired all the time. From November 1 I have been taking the newly prescribed drug and starting to come back to normality, it has been a terribly debilitating time.

I too have had problems and decided to take myself off thyroxine (Eltroxin) and within days felt normal again. Unfortunatly while the aches, pains and fuzzy head left me, the old familiar symptoms of lethagy returned after a couple of weeks! I have reported this to my GP who took my complaint very seriously and is reporting the matter. I now have this new Levo from Forley Gererics in the UK. Are these the "GOLD" type that I keep hearing about? Where are their ingredients sourced from and how can I find out - its very difficult to obtain info. Is anyone else out there taking this medication yet? I had to wait til the 1st of Nov 08 before I could get this type.Maybe the NBR could investigate this for us all.

have you caught up with the Tauranga support group - re eltroxin and goldshield. have a look at
log in and send a message to neroli and she can give you details
its under welcome, then bay of plenty thyroidians

some of us take whole thyroid - again the support group could give you details.
another website for you:

I have only just recognised that my symptoms of the past 10 months can be attributed to the change in my Thyroxin prescription. In the first instance I experienced dizziness (vertigo) and have gone on through the months to experience blurred vision; anxiety bordering on depression; waves of nausea throughout the day; extreme fatique; general unwellness. But the absolute worst has been the painful muscle, joint and bone pain for which there has been little relief.
6 days ago I was fortunate to obtain the Gold Shield Thyroxin. Already the nausea has gone; the fatique has reduced; the unwellness has reduced. I am hopeful that the muscle and bone pain will reduce as time goes on.
I hope the medical profession take this seriously and ensure that Goldshield Thyroxin is readily available in the future on an ongoing basis.

I have been suffering all the symptoms I am reading here for the passed couple of years. However have been going through menopause for past 8 yrs and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 5 yrs ago. Thought my problems were related to this. Recently my thyroid test showed badley and I have been put on Levothyroxine (GLS). First day I felt amazing with lots of energy and little pain but since, have gone back to feeling very unwell. My brother has just been put on Levo and said he feels way better! I feel relieved as well, to know I am not loosing my mind.

I have been on Thyroxine since about 1990 with no problems until about 2 months ago, when I started taking Eltroxin, which my Dr. assured me was the same medication as Thyroxine. I have been feeling grotty these last 2 months, put things down to aging (66) and have tolerated lumpy throat, tiredness, dry itchy eyes, ache across my back behind my boobs (wondered if I had Breast cancer that was missed on my last mammogram) and general lethargy,and after 2 visits to my Doctor in a week, suddenly woke up to the fact that it could be Eltroxin causing the problems. Today,after researching on the internet, I confronted my Dr, after chatting to the pharmicist, and requested the alternative Goldshield.
Hopefully my problems will disappear, or I will have egg on my face next time I have to visit my GP. I feel he should have known what was causing my problem, as there appears to have been loads of adverse public comment about this medication, and I wonder if there is some reward from the drug company for pushing its horrible (?) drug.

I live in south africa and had radio active iodine for over active thyroid. I was put on Eltroxin and I have gained so much weight and my skin is allways feeling dry and i do not have enough energy and am allways breathles also suffer from headaches which i never had for the last 10 years. What a waste of life

Im from South-Africa and had radio actve iodine for thyroid cancer. Im on eltroxin for almost 3 years now and suffer from the same symptoms. My head is fuzzy and my eyes go out of fokus. Some times I feel dizzy, I thought that maybee I had a blood sugar or pressure problem. My stomach is bloated and I`ve got bowel problems. I have a itchi skin rush on my chest for almost a year now. I also suffer from lower back and joint pain. Please tell me if there is a simular product (without negative symptoms) available in south-africa from another supplier?

Today is day 1 for me on thyroxin! Although the Dr indicated I was just above borderline, the effects of hypothyroidism on me have been more that a little subtle. I am a mathematician and for about the past year I have been in a state of mental confusion, foggy head, inability to think straight or follow a string of logic. To boot I am in a new job as a senior person, supervising others. People at the new place know me no other way. Most mornings I would rather stay in bed the entire day. Needless to say, I have had great difficulty focussing on new knowledge I have to master to be able to do my job, let alone developing solutions to problems that are plaguing the place. It has not been a good start in the new job. I have great expectations of the thyroxin and thanks to this website I am on the alert about other drugs. Thanks to contributors.

I just noticed a few days ago the name change from throxine to Levothroxine and was so amazed when I decieded to check on the net about it. Reading of all the other people suffering from the same side affects that I was beginning to wonder what was going on with me, have felt so unwell for such a long time now and really thought something was very wrong, now I no that it could very well the Levothroxine, so now its off to the Doctor to see what I can to do.

I too suffered from the same side effects. I had expected that having Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I would actually lose weight, albeit gradually, on Levoxyl, but the extreme opposite has happened. Apparently, my endocrinologist wasn't informed of this as her smart-ass, don't-care reply to my queries about the side effects and what to do about it was to basically just stop taking Levoxyl. She offered no other alternative nor did she say she would do more research - she just told me to stop taking it. What an 'expert'.

I have taken Thyroxine with no side effects for nearly 20 years.
Started with the new replacement and have now changed to Levothyroxine. Finally found a clue as to the changes for me, as the new blister pack lists that this contains Lactose.
For all who are Lactose intolerant (about 10% of the population), this could be one answer.
I now take my medication with a Lactase capsule every morning and this certainly helps me.
Like others I am on Thyroxine for life so I am also now having to take Lactase for the rest of my life. Currently these cost about 50 cents per capsule, per day and there is no way to get these subsidised or on prescription.
No telling what the price will be in 20-30 years time!
If drug makers insist on putting lactose in their product I think they should also be supplying Lactase to counteract the side effects.

I have been on these tablets for the past 8 years. I too have all the symtems that everybody else has commentted on. I to have drastic wieght gain. no matter what I do it does not seem to go down. I have since had a baby boy 5 months ago and was put in hospital with heart palpitations. It is a horrible disease and do not wish it apon anyone. if anyone has a theory of how to shift the weight please let me know

I have been on thyroxin for 6 years without any noticeable symptoms. I was given Eltroxin last year "because the thyroxin is no longer available, but this is the same drug with a different name". I have read with interest comments from other users, and am now just waking up. Since taking Eltroxin I have suffered depression symptoms 'because of menopause and stress" so have been taking Paroxotene. I was given sleeping tablets to help correct my sleep habits, "which have been caused by stress" Thankfully I have weaned myself off them. Its a pity my interest in sex has waned too as I could have used my wakeful hours with some excitement! I was sent to a specialist because of rapid and recent onset of osteoarthritis in my hands which now prevents me from playing golf and limits my time gardening and knitting. I paid $250 to be told there was nothing that could be done and i need to learn to live with it. I have recently spent money at the optician having the blurry spots in my eye sight checked, to be told there is no problem behind my eyes, but perhaps just use your glasses more. I experience extreme tiredness and often could just put my head on the desk at work and go to sleep. i dozed all the way back on a 5 hour day trip this week after a week's holiday!! I have been finding it very difficult to wake up in the mornings and can spend 3 hours at the weekend slipping in and out of sleep! What a way to waste a day. I have put on 7 kgs over the past few months in spite of watching my diet and exercising more, including completing a Boot Camp course. Not much wonder I was depressed. On about 4 occasions now I have woken up and experienced gross salivation for about 15 minutes, always during the middle of the night as though I was going to vomit. I have stood over the toilet but haven't heaved, then this feeling passes., but could have filled a cup with the watery saliva that pours into my mouth. I am also finding I have turned into a very warm-hot blooded creature, instead of being more on the cool to warm blooded one. Frequently I sweat, and when exercising I really drip, a condition I have not had to worry about before. So many of these symptoms my GP has put down to my age, (57) although blood tests have shown I am post menopausal. So perhaps I am now waking up to the fact that this could all be about Eltroxin and I'm not just an aging neurotic lady that is having to tolerate aging conditions. If this can be proven how do I go about seeking emotional. mental, physical and financial compensation from this pharmaceutical company. Is there a doctor out there who is prepared to support the large numbers of concerned women. It is very hard to have your concerns aired with the experts. I would appreciate comments

I'm just in tears of relief as I read this. I too was on Thyroxine for many years with no apparent side effects. I was a high functioning, bright and happy woman and size 12. This last 12 months or so ( since being on the new tablets) I have ballooned to a size sixteen and have a tummy which looks like I'm pregnant, my hair is very thin, I have regular headaches and no energy. I'm going to get proactive now and get to an endocrinologist asap. This is no way to live!

I've just read the above comment! This is unbelievable...I have begun to suffer from terrible regurgitation problems which involve lots of salivation and undigested food/drinks ( even water!) just "coming back up". I rejected the alopathic drugs in favour of digestive enzymes prescribed by my clinical herbalist but the problem remains. this too coincides with the new thyroid drug. To think I honestly felt like I was going insane with all the physical and psychological problems... Does anyone know whether there is any of the "old tablets" available anywhere? What are our options?

I had my pituitary gland removed 6 years ago and was put on Thyroxine and other drugs. Last November was put on Levothyroxine. Since then I have had weight gain, hair loss, restless legs at night, chronic dry itchy patches on my face, painful shoulders, lethargy, insomnia, irritability, memory loss, and mild depression. I found some old Thyroxine tablets a month ago and went on to them, all the above problems magically disappeared! Have now run out and have been on Levothyroxine for about a week and the skin rash is back, restless legs, insomnia, and irritability. Can't wait for the rest to return!! I am going to my Endocronologist next month and will be refusing to take anymore until I get my old pills back. Come what may, its not a fun life at the moment.

I have many of the above symtoms as well, after being on Thyroxine for 20 years!!! My Dr agreed to put me on Gold Sheild yesterday . He put it on my prescription. Just got home with it and its the same!! Levothyroxine but (GOL) not Levothyroxine (GLS) excuse me being Thick but are they the same and the chemist has mucked up or is the GOL version the the Gold Sheid ?

I have had all the symtons of the above complaints
am on 3 tablets a day my weight has jumped as well i had lost a lot now over the 2 mths on thease it is all back on , I get so depreased as well my vision has ben worring me big time . also i have had angina i told my sister and husband thought was getting it back again. I am so sleepy all the time as i am a support worker it is had for me to cope i snap at pepole then feel horrible always nuasea. have been on the old ones for a bout 4yrs and was fine

I have been on thyroxine for 15 years with no side effects. Have tried Synthroid brand, and Levothyroxine. Suffered tiredness, gravelly voice, reflux stomach pains, chest pains and cofnusion. Had tests for stomach uclers and ultrasound for gallstones.
Now been on Goldshield for one week and experiencing vertigo!!!!!!!!!!!! What next. Thyroid levels are actually elevated. having a thyroid ultrasound this week. No options left now for thyroxine tabs.

It took me quite some time to come back to you about what is happening to me. I wrote beginning of December about how I discovered that it is my thyriod meds that was making me into a\
zombie. Well, I stayed of it for 6 weeks, the bloodworks show the\
count is going up after six weeks. Doctor prescribed Tertroxin. 20mcg
One tablet a day. 4 days later I am bedridden again after feeling
quite good for 6 weeks. I dont think the doctors know what they are
doing. So I am following my own way at the moment. I am on only
one third of that tablet now and taking 1 kelp tablet a day. I seem
to be doing okay although I have lost a lot of hair and my nails are
splitting like crazy. But as soon as I up the dosage of Tertroxin I go
backwards. I will go for blood tests again, however I dont know how
to solve this problem. I got a 2nd opinion which was even worse
than the first doctor's advise.
I live in Australia. Is there anybody out there that can help!!!!!!!!!
Please I am desparate.

my daughter has just been put on tertroxin half tablet morn and night 20mcg and has been feeling sick was on thyroxine and has been for 12 years and she is know 18years of age Hashimoto thyroidites is what my daughter has. dr says to see a sychiatrist. haa haa not on your life.
I live in Tasmania and no one seems to be listening to us.
I am also desperate.

I have heard of Thyromine from the internet I have have not tried it yet but thinking of taken the supplement for my daughter try anything.
toll free no Sydney 1800 058524

Did you try the Thyromine? What were the results. I am border-line hypothyroid and the doctor won't help me.

Where are these 'new' alternatives to our safe and trouble free Thyroxine manufactured? Does any one know or trust the answere?

Hi all, I was on thyroxine for 14 years with no side effects, until feb last year when I went to the dr for weight gain (after losing 30 kilos),feeling unwell, sore eyes,and sweats all day, it wasn't until the eltroxin debate in june last year that I found out I have been on eltroxin since about nov 2007 without being told. I have just gone on goldshield 5 weeks ago but have found the sweats have increased, I have felt unwell and can't lose weight despite walking 6klms a day, has anyone else had problems with the goldshield and gone back to eltroxin, I would be really interested to see how they felt going either on the goldshield or going back to eltroxin

I have been on Eltroxin for 20 years - until recently moving to NZ where my doctor prescribed Thyroxine. The side effects have been immense! I am experiencing weight gain, severe lethargy, depression / mood swings, poor sleep, temperature sensitivity, irritability, dry eyes, poor memory etc etc etc. I did not suffer as severely from these side effects while I was on Eltroxin. I plan to seek the advice of a Specialist Endocrinologyst as the General Practitioners are clueless! If anybody know of a good practitioner in Auckland - please let me know as I'm at the end of my tether! Heaven alone knows how my husband, friends and colleagues are putting up with me!

I too had quite a few problems with the levothyroxine. I changed to Goldshield in Jan 09 Yet again are bloated, putting on weight,tired,and just don't feel good. Is it that the levels of medication need changeing. Is anyone else having problems with the change over. What is going on??

After writing above comment I went to my Dr. I had just got my blood test result back, my T4 has gone up and I have had enough. My Dr has informed me Finally, you can now get Eltroxine again. Amazing what this whole little exercise of medication change has caused for so many people with its lot of problems Hopefully all the damage the replacement thyroxine and goldsheild has done will now be reversed for everyone. My Advice Go to your Dr, talk and get the original Eltroxine back into your body. Hopefully they haven't changed this. and everyone will be back to normal in quick time.

I have just started taking Goldshield and the symptoms are worse than the levothyroxin. Headaches, nausea, sore dry eyes and mouth,weight loss. I am taking same number of pills but must absorb the thyroxin more than the old pills as after only 2 weeks on it my TSH was .15!! No wonder I was feeling bad.
Side affects started within a day. I even notice a difference between taking 2 and 3 pills a day.
And all my joints are starting to feel sore.

But I don't want to go back to the old drug as then I will get the bloating and weight gain.

Is anyone else getting these side affects from the Goldshield??

Just written but found your post ... for anything I know Goldshield is the registered manufacturer of Eltroxin and the thyroxin is the generic version.
I was given thyroxin when first returning to UK and I didnt feel right, on asking the pharmacist she said there was a difference between them as a different manufacturer wouldnt know how the original is put together ... here in the UK they give thyroxin for the cost as its cheaper but because I was willing to have a private prescription they eventually let me have what I had been taking since 1978. which was Eltroxin.

Yes indeed since i started eltroxin goldshield last sept i have had every symptons possible from head to no now suffering from aching leg and arms muscle and a crawling feeling under the skin in my feet just been a real nightmare. And doc says eltroxin isnt known to cause these problems

Yes indeed since i started eltroxin goldshield last sept i have had every symptons possible from head to no now suffering from aching leg and arms muscle and a crawling feeling under the skin in my feet just been a real nightmare. And doc says eltroxin isnt known to cause these problems

I have been on eltroxin for 3 yrs however 6mths ago I started to get a strange feeling in my throat as if i haven't swallowed something properly I have had a scan of my thyroid and seen a consultant endocronologist and every thing was fine even though i have a underactive thyroid could it be the change in the manufacturing of eltroxin and should i change the type of thyroxine i take?

Well! Have gone onto Goldshield version, after much yelling and screaming. Have rash 10 times worse on face and neck and restless legs are back. Aches and pains have gone and not so tired now. Which is worse I wonder ???!!!

You mention a skin rash, I have a skin rash which is not clearing up even after changing to the Goldshield brand. Have you had any luck with your skin condition clearing.

I read an article saying that many of these people who suffered side effects needed urgent drug detox. It's shocking that things like these can still happen.

Wow this is amazing to find so many comments with unfortunate lady's feeling the same as I do! Doctors just wanting to prescribe more med's for the other symptoms - anti depressants etc. Ive just started looking into the natural thyroid supplements - unfortunately its an animal derived product which doesn't suit myself - however I may have to consider it. - good luck to all

I have been on levothyroxine also, I could nearly pin point the time when they changed me onto these pills, I have noticed several changes, headaches which I have never suffered from i now get, weight gain I cycle long distances and burn 2000 plus calories aday but gain weight. My urine after taking levothyroxine stinks so bad Its embarrassing, if i miss taking tablet for a day urine is ok not smelly, and yes the nausea is driving me crazy. Why has nothing been done to stop people experimenting on us?????

Hi everyone,
Has anyone tried the natural desiccated Whole Thyroid. Compounded by Pharmaceutical Compounding NZ. It is what I was put on by my doctor. How does it compare to Thyroxine, or a combination of T3 and T4 (compounded slow release).
I found a good book by, Dr Sandra Cabot "Your Thyroid Problems solved" and also Mary Shoman has a great site. That speaks of different Dr. approaches... etc. Alongside also patient experience, on different meds for low and high thyroid. Also Dr Mercola is similar in his approach with taking into consideration patient experience and symptomology with hypothyroidism.. and treating holistically.....
PCNZ may be able to suggest Drs. And different treatment approaches. Or just let me know, if you think that you want the more Integrative approach, and need some Dr names. I have a couple I know of....
Hope you all are feeling better soon

Could You please tell me of integrative doctors in Auckland and / or Wanganui?
I'm on Eltroxin and in trouble!
thank you

I'd be interested to know of intergrative doctors in the Auckland and Wanganui areas.
How's the whole thyroid going?
I felt well when i was on it but can't get it now without a prescription and doctor not keen.

I've been diagnosed with congenital Hypothyroidism, and have been taking thyroxine since 1987. Since taking the new thyroxine I've had severe headaches, shaking, muscle weakness, moodiness and tiredness, feeling really cold. I thought these are the side effects of not taking thyroxine, but I've been taking my pills everyday. I am a student with another semester to go and this is just not on. Why take pills when its just gonna have the same effect as if I wasn't taking them? Are we allergic to the new thyroxine? If its supposed to be the same ingredient then why is it giving different and unbearable side effects? Why did they have to change it? Let me guess 'to cut costs'

I am after the old formula, i don't care if i have to pay for it as it won't be govt sub, but at least i didn't have any side affects from it, unlike the new formula, i haven't had any headaches but itchy eyes, muscle weakness, cramps, tiredness short of breath, and a funny throat. i think that's enough to warrant a change in meds.and yes it would be all about money why they took the old formula away.

I am after the old formula, i don't care if i have to pay for it as it won't be govt sub, but at least i didn't have any side affects from it, unlike the new formula, i haven't had any headaches but itchy eyes, muscle weakness, cramps, tiredness short of breath, and a funny throat. i think that's enough to warrant a change in meds.and yes it would be all about money why they took the old formula away.

I have been searching through the views of many and am curious to know if anyone has found a replacement that works and is safe (no side effects)

My husband has been feeling unwell for the past 3-4 months. Joint pain, nausea, lethargy, depression, anxiety, exhausted but then unable to sleep at night. I have been terribly worried that there is some serious unlerlying medical condition (e.g cancer) and he has made an appointment to see the doctor this week. However in the meantime I found this site and discovered to my horror that he was changed from his old Thyroid medication to Levothyroxine about 4-5 months ago. This is UNBELIEVABLE. Did we not learn anything from the THALIDOMIDE disaster of the 1960's. Governments and health organisations all told us that Thalidomide was perfectly safe too and a generation has had to live with the tragic consequences. Are Glaxo Smith Kline so Omnipotent that they can not be called to account over this scandal ? As for Medsafe and Pharmac surely your job is to put the health and safety of New Zealanders FIRST. Everyone who has been affected by this insidious and foul drug needs to tell everyone they can about the drug, who makes it and it's effects. Don't forget it was Glaxo that bought us the Ribena scandal that was exposed by two school girls so don't think they are above misrepresenting their products !!! WRITE TO YOUR MP - get cross about this your health and the health of your loved ones is too important to let this issue continue.

so can anyone please tell me where all this is at, I have just been prescribed levothyroxine having never been on any thyroid meds previously

Hi Everyone,
What an amazing site, it's nice to know i'm not alone. I've had hypothyroidisim for most of my adult life. I was given thyroxine tablets in 2002, they've been changed to Levothyroxine and now they've been changed AGAIN to Eltroxin. Today I went along to an Optometrist as i've been having trouble with my eyes, she asked if i was on any medication, I told her I was on Eltroxin for my thyroid gland. Shock, horror, she then asked me "Have you noticed the deterioration in your eyes since having your medication changed to Eltroxin 18 months ago???" I was shocked! I told her i'd noticed a few changes in myself for a while now but the Drs keep telling me it's not the medication and I even rung my chemist, they said that as long as I take it an hr before meals with a glass of water there will be no problems with it YEAH RIGHT!!!! The Optometrist told me that the ingrediants that have changed in the thyroid medication is the 'FILLERS' that are used in the manufacture of the drug, not the active ingrediants that is actually treating your thyroid gland! I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping, (I take a herbal sleeping tablet), i've had an increase in my hot flushes, (my HRT's don't work anymore, been on those since 2005), fatigue is awful, dizzy spells, (i'll be standing in the shower or just standing anywhere and all of a sudden I feel like i'm falling). I wish someone would listen to us with our complaints, don't you??? You put your faith in Drs because they are suppose to know, but sometimes I think i'd do better going to a damn veterinarian!!! I'm 47yrs old, I do embroidery and read a lot, i'm now having to have glasses, is it just my eyes getting old or has Eltroxin contributed to it?? My migraines have also increased, they come in waves. Sometimes i'll go a few months and not have any and then i'll have them everyday for a week. Or i'll have one a week for a few weeks, they vary in intensity. I also wonder if my constant nausea and heartburn also are related to my Eltroxin, i've asked my Dr about that too, but he say's it's part of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but my symptoms were never this bad with my IBS before. Hope this helps someone. I'm thinking about going back to my Dr and taking my husband, they don't seem to bully you so much if you have a big burly man with you. Ha ha. Feel free to email me if you have any comments or just want to talk. Cheers, Helen Te Aroha New Zealand

Oh Helen I know just where you are coming from! I too have been on thyroid treatment for twenty odd years. Was fine for the first nineteen years then hello! the pills were changed to levothyroxine. No one told me they had been changed and I continued merrily on my way trying to get my youngest daughters wedding organised. I noticed fatigue, depression, muscle cramps, lack of concentration and my hands began to shake for no apparent reason. I was also short of breath and my asthma symptoms got worse. Great stuff when you are trying to make wedding dresses and ice a cake. As I am also allergic to lactose and eggs and beef my first thought was that I was getting some of these in my diet and re-reads labels until I was blue in the face. No, nothing there. Then I had a good look at the pills, the doctor - when told of all this upped the dose of thyroid (no blood test first) and I did it. Eventually I was taken to hospital with an "angina like episode" and spent three weeks in hospital detoxing from thyrotoxicosis and damned uncomfortable it was too. Then came the suggestion that I take a much reduced dose of levothyroxine and because there was not a lactose free version that I did not react to I should take lactase pills with it to help digest the lactose. Was okay for about 3 months but noticed sinus problems and everything starting again. Then I was diagnosed with ovarian tumours and have subsequently spent more time in hospital having two tumours removed via a complete hysterectomy. The saga continues with me sitting at home at this moment trying to breathe properly and taking more asthma medication while the latest batch of levothyroxine and lactose gets out of my system. I have however tracked down Whole Thyroid which is lactose free so hopefully things will improve.

My mother was prescribed this medication for an underactive thyroid condition. During the past year the medication was increased from 50mcg to 100mcg, she was unaware of the increase and certainly myself and father were not aware. She experienced a complete meltdown in July in a local supermarket and therefore went back to her GP who unfortunately was away on leave and a locum on duty wishing to join the practice, the symptons that my mother presented were that of depression, anxiety, therefore the drug regime was increased to include happy pills plus sleeping pills, and of course nothing was altered with the eltroxine. Thank you Drug companies and our wonderful medical system, my mother is presently in hospital recovering and detoxing from unnecessary medication and I am not sure if (she) will ever return. She also celebrated her 70 birthday in hospital recovering so once again thank you Pharmac and others.

i have been on thyroxin since 2006, i have also had levothyroxin and today when i got my tablets i noticed they have eltroxin on them, whats the difference??? i had thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed and have never felt really well since i started taking these pills. im am always tired,very forgetful, have a very short attention span, my weight has doubled, im moody and sad and feel like all my confidence has gone. my doctor tried to put me on antidepressants but i opted for counselling instead after 2sessions the councelor said she didnt think i was depressed and definaltly didnt need medication. im at a loss what to do! my doctor does nothing but send me for blood tests. i find it odd that i felt ten times better when i had cancer to what i do now im ment to be cured!!!
good luck everyone i hope you find a way out of this and a doctor who will listen

Understandably adults are able to tell if the change from one medication to another affects them differently. I am a mum of a 6 year old who was born with hypothyroidism. We his parents were aware of the change in prescribed medication and noticed a few things like constipation, more frequent need to go to the toilet and tiredness. This all corresponded with when the little fulla started scholl so was hard to tell if it was just a reaction to new experiences. It is a hard one to tell how your child is reacting to a new can't really ask them if they are feeling depressed! All these blogs are helpful to us because we are able to 'assume' that he may be affected because a lot of you are. We have pushed our paediatrician to give us some answers but are on the receiving end of the drug companies dollar driving health decisions (like all of you). I would be pleased to hear from other parents of children with hypothroidism.

I have been on levothyroxine for over 12 months and suffered tiredness and bowel problems. I have just picked up my latest prescription and it is now eltroxin can anyone out there tell me what the difference is. I haven't started my new script yet.

I have been on levothyroxine for over 12 months and suffered tiredness and bowel problems. I have just picked up my latest prescription and it is now eltroxin can anyone out there tell me what the difference is. I haven't started my new script yet.

I have been on Eltroxin, & Thyroxine in past and now am on 50mcg Levothyroxine which I take 4tblts daily on Tues,Thurs,Sat,Sun and 5 tblts daily on Mon,Wed,Fri. Are the medications all the same? I was told they're same family but worked differently - confused? Yeah me confused too! I never thought to questions them any further! Had two thyroid glands removed-one at age of 14 and another at 22, due to being teased and being called a 'frog' etc. Ever since childhood I've been tired and unwell, but not bad enough to affect my sports, horse-riding, active lifestyle etc. But the last few years been terrible and this year (2009) is the worst I have ever had health wise. Some days I could barely move!
I cried when I read the comments that were posted on here.I thought that I am alone with ALL the problems together - not just one or two, no one seemed to understand me or my condition - I don't blame them as I can't even understand what going on with my body or my health. It feel like my own body is attacking me! I tried to be positive about it all but it so hard! It always been thought that it was my thyroid level, but just found out few days ago (29th Oct 2009) that it may be side effect from medications. Why was this not picked up before? I am now being referred back to specialist -18 years since I last saw him! I wanted to go on website daily to write my own experiences with thyroid and other conditions I have, but am afraid of coming across as a hypochondriac and feeling sorry for myself. I just wanted to see if there are other people in the same boat as me and I wanted to find support from them and maybe from their family and friends. I wanted to see how their families and friends deal with their loved ones suffering from thyroid and its medications.
I too suffer from terrible fatigues, incredible headaches,sore muscles,itchy skin, old looking hands (Im only a 40 year old mum) depression, hot/cold but more cold that it hurt me, chest pains,cold/hot feet,fingers goes white until they get warmed up by hot water or I bang them to get blood flowing again,stomach and bowel problem -anybody ever had stomach that sound like you're hungry but you're not or lower back that sound gassy.Embarrassing when you're out in public! And I have many other symptoms as well!
Anyway Im going to stop here now. My story is too long to be written more on here! But like someone said on here - if there are any links to a good New Zealand support group on thyroid conditions and/or its medication, please let us know!
Fingers crossed on my specialist visit!

Hi there, just read your post on all your possible side effects from the tablets and when I came to the hungry stomach bit I thought, wait a minute, I used to have that - for me it was not tablets but it was actually a reaction to certain E numbers that are found in fizzy drinks and cordials - E223 and E231 I trace it back to. If I had these drinks for a day or two I got the hungry tummy thing, where no matter how much you feed it, it feels hungry again shortly afterwards. It made trying to sleep hard! The other thing that sets me off with this hungry feeling is real coffee, so maybe if you're drinking fizzy drinks or lots of coffee you should give them up for a week and see if this helps?

By the way, I landed on your post because I am also on Levothyroxine and am currently experiencing increased bowel activity, which is not ideal. Nice to know we're not alone in this. Hope you find solutions! Jan.

I am accupressurist and since coming from in India dealing with my patients and most of the time i need to treat my patients who r suffering from side effects of the drugs I treat them with acc points and with breathing tecnic I capable to clear the side effects of drugs and they can start there normal life now I get a new patients who had strck during taking this drug and after five treatment she feel better so pl to take any drug chek there side effects thanks

I was started on Eltroxin in August following radioactive iodine treatment in May for hyperthyroidism. Within three weeks I had an increasingly itchy rash. I have switched brands to Levothyroxin (Goldshield brand)a but the rash is not completely resolved, and is treated intermittently with antihistamines. These leave me feeling hung over, drowsy and physically sluggish. I am an acitve 50yr old with no other physical problems healthwise. If this persists I shall be back at my specialist but am unsure as to what anyone can do given that all medications come through Pharmac

Wow. I`ve been scrambling to figure out what`s changed lately. I was switched from Syntrhroid to Eltroxin in September. I have an insatiably itchy rash on my back diagnosed by my doctor as `contact dermatitis` (out of the blue), and embarassingly, my scalp. The topical steroid I was given does nothing at all. Now Ì`m being sent to a specialist.
Someone mentioned `hungry tummy`, and many of you weight gain despite exercise and no diet change. Sometimes I can bloat up just from a cup of tea it seems. Weird.
Your comments have helped tremendously. At least there`s a possibilty of hope.
Anyone else`s rash of significance

Hi, Incidentally, I had just gone to see my DR about this really itchy rash on my neck and he had diagnose it as dermatities. Told him that I never had skin problems. This itch started a year ago and now it is really getting out of control. My neck itches so intense that I can't sleep . The rashes are also really ugly looking. My Dr had changed my script yo Synthroid from Eltroxin. Hope it will help improve my condition


i am on eltroxin 100mcgs for about 1 1/2 years. Since a couple of month I have noticed that my face is kind of swollen, my eyes have shrinked in size and I have real big bags under my eyes ( i am 42), It looks like fluid retention in face and around eyes. Has anyone had same or similar side effects ?



Instead of being a patient(literally 'one who waits'), we should take action and educate ourselves. I'm done with doctors, I prescribe my T4 & T3 to myself, which I believe I'm competent enough to do. I pay for my own blood tests and monitor my average body temperature to make sure dosing is correct. I adjust my dose as I see fit, depending on how I feel, like they did for many years before the blood tests came availiable.

Knowing chemistry, the problem with highly potent drugs(in the ug range) such as T4/T3 is that they're hard to handle pharmaceutically. It's hard to formulate and these two drugs also are somewhat prone to chemical breakdown from temperature, moisture and sunlight. So it's not surprising that there will occasionally be problems with the formulation. It may be better to buy a good brand that you trust and stick with it. If the consumers show that they're willing to pay for quality, more money will go into quality control.

a relative had stopped eltroxin a while back, her doc advised she is fine now. What i would like to know is, iv got an underactive thyroid, if i stop with eltroxin could this be fatal?

I have been on throxine for 28 years over the last five or six years i am feeling so unwell with painful joints swelling of ankles feet and legs very depresed foggy feeling and headaches bloating weight gain by a few stone stiffness in the morning tiredness feeling sick at times it is effecting
my life and i cant function normally when i go shopping i get
palpations and feeling like im going to faint i havt sit down untill the feeling gose off its no life at the moment i even felt like taking my own life so the doctor put on antidepresant they have not made a lot of difference im having more blood test a to see whats wrong but i wonder if its Levothyroxine.

I have had severe chest pain for the last few years which has been diagnosed as oesophagitis on gastroscopy. Both Eltroxon and Levothyroxine make the problem worse. I am fine if I stop the drugs. Now I am in constant pain. Antacids cause bloating and constipation and do not work. The doctors have no answers. Can anyone suggest anything that might help?

I have had severe chest pain for the last few years which has been diagnosed as oesophagitis on gastroscopy. Both Eltroxon and Levothyroxine make the problem worse. I am fine if I stop the drugs. Now I am in constant pain. Antacids cause bloating and constipation and do not work. The doctors have no answers. Can anyone suggest anything that might help?

I've had levothyroxin for one and a half years and it caused skin rash on both of my lower legs. My doctor said it was not skin rash, it was xxxxx. (I can't remember the word he used.) He said it won't do any harm. I don't believe him. He knows I have to take it for the rest of my life and there's no alternative.

Can Levothyroxine cause breathlessness. I have only been subject to this for the past two months and have wondered whether there would be a connection.

I have recently been prescribed Eltroxin, but I only noticed it after I have picked it up from the pharmacist. I went back to my doctor and asked for thyroxine, she dutifully gave me another scrip for thyroxine, and I was off to another pharmacist to get my meds. They gave me Eltroxin again. I queried the girl at the counter, and she said that Thyroxine and Etroxin are exactly the same. I said but I have heard alot of bad things about eltroxin, so I want Thyroxine. This girl was adamant the products were the same.

I have recently been experiencing extreme fatigue, I am iritable, impatient, and I really am not sleeping well. I also had a dose of diahrea.

Since having a total thyroid removal four years ago, I have been on Eltroxine and changed to Thyroxine, which improved things for me, but I have still had problems with sore eyes and stomach pains. I was once a very active fit person. I have struggled with this, and I have put weight on. Swollen hands and feet. Feeling hot all the time, experiencing heart palpatations, cramps, My blood pressure has been high since November 2009.

Since starting the eltroxine tablets, I have noticed an increased thirst, a dry mouth. When I wake in the morning I could easily roll over and go back to sleep for another 8 hours.

I was feeling in control, despite some side effects, but at least I was't feeling so fatigued that I could only sit and do nothing all day. And that's the way I feel today!! I am sick of this roller coaster game that these drug manufacturers are playing with my life.

I am having the same side effects with eltroxin as all the other sufferers. I am deeply depressed and implore the government to act and buy the original eltroxin instead of paying for more anti depressants. Or do you care at all?

I have 2 sons who were diagnosed at 2 weeks old at having no Thyroids. They have been taking Thyroxine for 31 years. We have just found out that they do have Thyroids after scans were done .You can imagine how angry we are .The expence and the stress we have suffered. Get more than one opinion done if you are unsure. We do not trust doctors at all now.

I have been on Thyroxine for the last 4 years. I have noticed the weight gain, fatigue, low libido, and most of all DEPRESSION. I thought I was going crazy. Then for 2 weeks I stopped taking the meds. Simply because I forgot where I had left them. AMAZINGLY, I had a desire to participate sexually with my husband. My home and work ethics improved. My mind appears clearer and I'm not having anxiety attacks. I will go to my doctor and DEMAND an alternative to this poison I have putting into my body. If there is none, then I shall deprive my body of the hormones required to exist. Rather live happy than in asylum.

I was on levothyroxine for a short time and felt dreadful - just like I did before an underactive thyroid was diagnosed. I had been on thyroxin for about 20 years with no problems until the change to levothyroxine. The chemist said it was just a change of name! Luckily I have a GP who listens and I am now taking Gold shield. I feel great on it. I think it is sad for anyone struggling along on levothyroxine. Get off it!!!!!!!

I was on 0.25 mg on levothyroxidine for about twenty days. I only realised how miserable I felt since I started taking it those pills after two consecutive huge headhaches when waking up in the morning.
I couldn't even get out of bed and the headhache wasn't going not even after I took some aspirine.
My heart was pulsing so firmly I could see my pijama shaking after every beat of my heart.
My mouth was dry and with a weird taste. I was really scared because I couldn't understand why I felt so bad. My wife wanted to call an ambulance.
And on this occasion while trying to figure out was I was feeling so bad my wife questioned the side effects of levothyroxidine. She had a look at the patient leaflet and googled "levothyroxidine side effects" and she found out that I was having several of the side effects.
I stopped taking the medication on the same day. And i felt all right the day after but for a few days when the place was quite and therefore at night in bed I could hear "white noise" in my ears, like the noise of a washing machine, an intermittently an continous noise and I realised it had the rythme of my heart. For a few days I could feel that the area in my head where the headhache was quite sore, sometime a bit of pain was coming back but not so strong.
Today 20 days later my head feel better and that noise in my ears has gone. But i also have a massive confusion in my head and I have realised that everyitme someone start a conversation with me or ask me something I have to ask to repeat again what he is saying. this is getting embarassing and it also worries me very much. My gp (the one who prescribed me those damned pills) is completely useless and I will see a private doctor.
I feel like I was prescribed something highly toxic who has messed up my system.

I've been on eltoxin for 2 years , as off late the dosage has been adjusted to a lower level and then upped again. I have so many side effects , such as weight gain, headache...memory loss...lashing out at ppl...burning and swollen tongue....high blood pressure, never had it eyes are picky and blurred and vision is poor even after having two cataracts removed. I have ahard time keeping my house work done and had to quit work . I feel so bad, no energy, just want to sleep all the time. After reading all these comments I am happy to see that I am not alone with these problems, will be calling my oncologist soon. Thank you all for oyur inputs.

Was put on goldshield eltroxin last sept and my life seems to have went down hill since, i have dry cough,constant throat clearing,runny or blocked nose , get cold very easy,shivers seem to go through me at times bloating in the stomach the list goes on can this all be coming from eltroxin

I have developed skin thickening and oozing sores on upper arms and legs. I have some symptoms of scleroderma since taking reformulated Synthroid and Levoxithyroxin. I have been change back and forth because of muscle cramps, itchiness, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, swelling of ankles etc..

I have developed skin thickening and oozing sores on upper arms and legs. I have some symptoms of scleroderma since taking reformulated Synthroid and Levoxithyroxin. I have been change back and forth because of muscle cramps, itchiness, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, swelling of ankles etc..

I was put on Eltroxin at the end of May.
Four weeks later in have dry, filmy , itchy eyes...and a numbing pain going down my left arm.
Called my GP who said go to emergency right away.
SIX hours of tests and x-rays later I got a clean bill of health.
Doctor in emerg. suggested it might be the pill...and to talk to my GP.
The ONLY different thing in my life was taking Eltroxin.
This morning, June 29, 2011, I did NOT take it.
So far no filmy eyes...still a little sore in my arm...maybe this pill has caused some nerve damage?
Called my doctor to change to Armour Thyroid, since I live in Canada, Health Canada has approved this pill.
I will try it and if doesn't work, on to the next one.

I was changed from Thyroxine to Eltroxine approx 5 years ago.

I had been on Thyroxine with no apparent side effects for over 25 years.

After the change of mediication I experienced severe sweating problems in my head area. My head would sweat profusely and I would have to stick my head under the shower up to five times a day and shampoo my hair.

I was lucky that I was not working outside of the home at this time as the embarrasment would have been terrible.

I slept only under a sheet through each winter which i could not understand as everyone around me was wrapped up against the cold. I wore summer clothes and occassionally wore winter clothes when leaving the house.

I had had enough of this unusual sweating last year and asked my chemist if there was any known sweating problems with my medications and that this only started about 5-6 years ago, which coincided with my change of pill from Thyroxine to Eltroxine. She researched it for me and called me to say that Yes! Eltroxines side effects included sweating problems. (I also suffered massive sleep loss at night with constant waking during this time) A change back to Thyroxine by my sweetheart doctor and I am back to normal.

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I started on Eltroxin 2 months ago. Gradually I developed the following symptoms: puffy scratchy eyes, optical headaches, muscle cramps, back ache, severe joint pain in both hands, muscle weakness, sweating, excessive hairloss. I am 42 and currently on 2 x mcg.

I am shocked at the information about side effects on the internet. Neither my specialist, doctor or pharmacist warned me about this. I have had to scale back my hours at work, resulting in income loss. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet community. I am off to the doctor Monday to change my medication.

Please help! I'm only 2 months on Thyroxine but started having problems with my pancreas. I can't anything, my weight has been going down. Has anybody have the same problem?

does any one know what the name of the natural thyroid treatment is as i have been on eltroxin and now they have changed to (actavis) brand levothyroxine,i have put on about2/3 stone in weight,and cannot get a decent sleep at night,,also have most of the other problems