Pansy Wong resigns

UPDATE: 11.46am: The byelection will be held on March 5

Embattled MP Pansy Wong has resigned from Parliament, which will spark a by-election in her Botany seat, in east Auckland.

“I’ve not taken this decision lightly but I feel this is the right time for me to step down,” she told reporters at a press conference this morning.

Ms Wong said that the allegations directed against her over past weeks – which she rejects – have become a distraction for the government and placed undue pressure on her family and friends.

Her electorate, Botany, deserved an MP able to fully focus on the electorate’s needs, she said.

Ms Wong’s resignation is effective from January 17 2011 but she will not receive any salary or personal entitlements from December 20.

“I have timed my resignation to ensure the by-election will not affect the holiday break of the Botany constituents and I have also taken into account the work agenda of the National-led government,” Ms Wong said.

She hoped to deliver her farewell speech in Parliament this afternoon.

Misuse of funds
Mrs Wong resigned from the cabinet last month amid allegations of misuse of taxpayer funds.

Her husband was involved in a business deal while they were in China on a taxpayer-subsidised trip and Labour said there were more such trips.

An inquiry ordered by Speaker Lockwood Smith looked at her travel claims for the last 10 years and concluded there had been no other instances of the parliamentary rebate being used for business, which is against rules.

It also said Mr Wong did not have any business interests in China, other than a hovercraft joint venture.

Opposition attacks
Labour has questioned the thoroughness of the inquiry by Hugh McPhail, calling for Prime Minister John Key to refer the case to Auditor-General Lyn Provost.

Labour leader Phil Goff said his party had more revelations, which would be made in Parliament today.

It was also putting information up on a new website,, which also listed a number of questions Labour said the McPhail report had not addressed adequately.

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It is a matter of time!


What a great opportunity to run an inquiry into Clayton Cosgrove Liebour's Rockweiler,who it is alleged spent $6300 DOLLARS on( 9)nine meals ,$1600 dollars on a suit,plus $700 dollars on a taxi ride,all at the expense of the NZTAXPAYER.


At least, Pansy ventured where others feared to tread. You, reading this: Chris Carter, Phil Heatley, Shane Jones, Bill English et al. You deadbeat freeloaders


She has done the honorable thing.

Let Chris Carter, Rodney Hide, Shane Jones etc do the same.

They won't, of course - because they are people with no integrity or honor.

Unlike Asians.


Yeah, look at May Wang, she is a classic example of an asian doing the right and honourable thing!!


Okay, so one more scalp for the leftie media witchhunt.

But where the hell were they when Helen Clarke pinched $900K from the parliamentary funds and then changed the law retrospectively so her butch friends didn't get frog-marched into court???

Corruption is corruption, but get a sense of perspective ... what we can go after the petty theft because then we don't have to look at the wholesale looting??

Leftie-media witch-hunts only seem to go after one side.


Poor example National Taxpayer-National also were found to have overspent according to the loose definitions on electorate spending by a six figure sum. I considered that to be a problem with the loose definitions rather than corruption, as this was apparent as every party bar the Maori Party (well they were out by $24) had "offended".

The media went right after Carter and Shane Jones so you can hardly say it only goes one way.


Did someone ask what a Labour Government Minister Philip Field do when allegations of corruption, which lead to convictions, did when the allegations surfaced?

The NZ Police then had to seek leave to the High Court to lay charges... Did Philip Field resign? No, he didn't - he even fought the application for leave before contesting in the courts before ultimately being found guilty.

Although a byelection is unfortunate in terms of costs at least Wong did the decent thing and resigned unlike Field, Carter and Jones etc


what glee and hand-wringing must be going on at the labour party HQ ! This must be quite a foreign position for labour to be seeing - an MP doing the honourbale thing....The last time they got this excited must have been when Mike Williams went on his muck raking junket to Australia looking for dirt on John who ate all the pies !


She is now obviously guilty

John Key shpuld have fired her rather than her resigning and getting off scott free.

An inquiry would have obviously found out she breached all the rules.
John you were the guy who said that you would introduce accountability. Your Governments form is no better than Labours - look at Phil Heatley - slap with a wet bus ticket and back within months.


Is Labour's cone of silence on NZ PASSPORTS for cash by Asians about to be introduced to the light of day.If it is how many Ex Labour ministers will be exposed to being culpable.Also i notice that one of their well past his use by date Clayton Cosgrove seems to have escaped the wanton spending of taxpayer money on personal food,clothing and taxi rides.


All Asian Candidates, start the campaigning now or regret again in this by-election.....This time it has to be a honest honourable guy, no ifs or buts.




This is The Code of Conduct adopted by the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.

Here is a working 'template' upon which an NZ Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament could be based.

Why isn't the NZ Office of the Auditor-General putting forward a 'Code of Conduct' for NZ MPs as part of a 'systemic' solution?

Why on earth does NZ 'perceived' to be the least corrupt country in the world (along with Singapore and Denmark according to Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index) - not already have a 'Code of Conduct' for MPs?

(FYI - I will be standing as a candidate in the Botany by-election on an anti-corruption /pro-GENUINE transparency platform.)

The Code of Conduct adopted by the Legislative Assembly

That this House adopt, for the purposes of section 9 of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988, the following code of conduct:


The Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council have reached agreement on a Code of Conduct which is to apply to all Members of Parliament.

Members of Parliament recognise that they are in a unique position of being responsible to the electorate. The electorate has the right to dismiss them from office at regular elections.

Members of Parliament acknowledge their responsibility to maintain the public trust placed in them by performing their duties with honesty and integrity, respecting the law and the institution of Parliament, and using their influence to advance the common good of the people of New South Wales.

Members of Parliament acknowledge that their principal responsibility in serving as Members is to the people of New South Wales.


1 Disclosure of conflict of interest

(a) Members of Parliament must take all reasonable steps to declare any conflict of interest between their private financial interests and decisions in which they participate in the execution of their office.

(b) This may be done through declaring their interests on the Register of Disclosures of the relevant House or through declaring their interest when speaking on the matter in the House or a Committee, or in any other public and appropriate manner.

(c) A conflict of interest does not exist where the member is only affected as a member of the public or a member of a broad class.

2 Bribery

(a) A Member must not knowingly or improperly promote any matter, vote on any bill or resolution or ask any question in the Parliament or its Committees in return for any remuneration, fee, payment, reward or benefit in kind, of a private nature, which the Member has received, is receiving or expects to receive.

(b) A Member must not knowingly or improperly promote any matter, vote on any bill or resolution or ask any question in the Parliament or its Committees in return for any remuneration, fee, payment, reward or benefit in kind, of a private nature, which any of the following persons has received, is receiving or expects to receive:

(i) A member of the Member's family;

(ii) A business associate of the Member; or

(iii) Any other person or entity from whom the Member expects to receive a financial benefit.

(c) A breach of the prohibition on bribery constitutes a substantial breach of this Code of Conduct.

3 Gifts

(a) Members must declare all gifts and benefits received in connection with their official duties, in accordance with the requirements for the disclosure of pecuniary interests.

(b) Members must not accept gifts that may pose a conflict of interest or which might give the appearance of an attempt to improperly influence the Member in the exercise of his or her duties.

(c) Members may accept political contributions in accordance with part 6 of the Election Funding Act 1981.

4 Use of public resources

Members must apply the public resources to which they are granted access according to any guidelines or rules about the use of those resources.

5 Use of confidential information

Members must not knowingly and improperly use official information which is not in the public domain, or information obtained in confidence in the course of their parliamentary duties, for the private benefit of themselves or others.

6 Duties as a Member of Parliament

It is recognised that some members are non-aligned and others belong to political parties. Organised parties are a fundamental part of the democratic process and participation in their activities is within the legitimate activities of Members of Parliament.

7 Secondary employment or engagements

Members must take all reasonable steps to disclose at the start of a parliamentary debate:

(a) the identity of any person by whom they are employed or engaged or by whom they were employed or engaged in the last two years (but not if it was before the Member was sworn in as a Member);

(b) the identity of any client of any such person or any former client who benefited from a Member’s services within the previous two years (but not if it was before the Member was sworn in as a Member); and

(c) the nature of the interest held by the person, client or former client in the parliamentary debate.

This obligation only applies if the Member is aware, or ought to be aware, that the person, client or former client may have an interest in the parliamentary debate which goes beyond the general interest of the public.

This disclosure obligation does not apply if a Member simply votes on a matter; it will only apply when he or she participates in a debate. If the Member has already disclosed the information in the Member’s entry in the pecuniary interest register, he or she is not required to make a further disclosure during the parliamentary debate.

This resolution has continuing effect unless and until amended or rescinded by resolution of the House.

First Published: July, 1991
Updated: September 2009

Penny Bright


The Great Stalin is somewhat bemused!!!!

Class Theory states that as the Proletariat gains power and capitalism withers in the white heat of the forces of that History which has no need of the past, people will become more honest!!!!

As we survey the world today, we see that Bolshevistic Atheist Materialism has triumphed everywhere!!!!

Yet dishonesty seems to be the norm!!!!

It cannot possibly be that the answer to the age-old Russian question, "How are we to live?" is "live a morally good life"!!!! That would mean that the Vatican's black-clad priests were right all along!!!!

No, it can't be that!!! It must mean that we must intensify the struggle in dish-cloth production and raise the norms for furniture lacquer factories!!!!

Call Beria immediately!!!! Report Recommend


May Wang was bankrupted over $24m.

Compare that with Mark Bryers' $200m+ and many lives destroyed.

Or the $100m plus debts which bankrupted Fontein, Peters, Henderson etc.

Take your racist comments and go back to where you come from - the slimy dung-filled hole.


More cover up. The smiling assasin gets away with it again. Trnsparency was what we were promised. So much going on behind closed doors. Soon mr man in the street will see all this.Wonder how so much goes on. Contract for Christchurch undercover, now probably a coal mone .........a wong wont make it wight and am dissapointed with leadership.


The NZ-born Chinese were honest and law-abiding, who assimilated, well; the o/seas Chinese, bring their Triads and other nefarious habits. NZ was a lot better-off without the immigrant Chinese.


Pansy made a big mistake, ignoring that news in Chinese Press will never reach NZ Parliament. This is the end of 14 years of NZ politics.......


D'Arcy Wotnot,

NZ will be much better off without the European immigrants based upon your logic.

Care to explain the finance company and property collapse debacles? Fontein, Petrocevic, Henderson, Peters and Mark Bryers just to name a few?

And the 1987 sharemarket crash - Allan Hawkins, Ross Speakman, Cory-Wright etc.

Billions down the drain and many lives ruined. Funny but they are all Pakehas? NZ must be so much better off without European immigration? Propensity towards white collar crime seems inbred?

As to triads and nefarious habits, care to explain how NZ gangs like Black Power, Mongrel Mob, Hells Angels, Tribesman etc come about? Time to send the Maoris back to where they come from?


Thanks Pansy for coming up to China and showing the Chinese people that New Zealand accepts and assimilates Chinese into our community. Your leaving is a significant loss is building the bridge with the huge and powerful nation.

I look forward seeing how you and Sammy turn this into something far more powerful and useful than you can do within the boundaries of Government. Thanks for your service. Thanks for doing the right thing. Kia Haha. DC


If the truth be known: Pansy was undermined by National people within her own electorate, who were feeding details of her
and Sammy's overseas trips to a Labour MP. These National people had intimate details of what went on with these China trips. And, yes, obviously some business discussions did occur on these trips.

The Machiavellian machinations to destroy Pansy Wong's career, are predicated upon the fact that certain Chinese disaffected businesspeople, now, have their own "preferred candidate" for the Botany electorate and they want Pansy, gone. You can only guess that these people working covertly in the shadows, felt that Pansy did not deliver on the opportunities that she was supposed to deliver on.


Hey "m" if you get caught using tax payer funding for personal business then this is the outcome... we're not talking about a kiwi on an average salary here now are we... she knew what she was doing! to be fair she's done the honorable thing here, to bad so many others didn't Helen autograph that picture Clark, Chris take the p*ss expenses Carter, Shane pr*n* Jones the list goes on. Its not a great way to see a career end... best wishes Pansy - its a shame so many others continue on routing the system!!


Simply put, Pansy the Fancy was FORCED to resign. Period.

Otherwise, Labours would have pushed more for an inquiry and the sh*t of many other wrong doings by her and others and a lot of behind the scene deals would have hit the fan and there towards John Key's face.

It is better to sacrifice one cow rather than the whole cattle, just like what African tribes men do when they want their cattle to cross the crocodile infested rivers.

However, the problem is not Pansy and not her ethnicity. Above all she learned it from her mentors like Chris Carter, Rodney Hide, Roger Douglas, et al who ARE all Pakehas. The real problem is the "System" which allows these things happen. If the right system is put in place then abusing it becomes harder and harder. Having said that, still, even a lose system must NOT be abused in the same way that we must climb an open window and get into other people's house. Those who do it are commonly called "Theives" or "Criminals"!


For Strategist

There's a difference between Pakeha and PISTOs (Pakeha in skin tone only). Besides why are using a term of abuse to describe white europeans (pakeha means white pig).. are you being a wacist twubble maker?

But on the plus side victory is assured and tractor production numbers are up on prior.

Call Beria!


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