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Paul Henry: number one in the UK

As 3 News reporter Kim Chisnell helpfully pointed out on Twitter, an article about Paul Henry is the most-read story on the BBC's website this morning.

The Beeb describes Mr Henry as "a popular breakfast show host".

Meanwhile, the popular Mr Henry has been defended, to a fashion, by a Massey University academic.

"When an employer wants to fire someone the unions want them to adhere to months or years of due process before doing so," Associate Professor of Communication Design Claire Robinson told her followers on Twitter this morning.

"However, the Unite union think its OK to picket TVNZ asking for Paul Henry to be sacked on the spot because he is a bigot."

Ms Robinson also noted that "If we sacked every bigot in New Zealand we wouldn’t have much of a workforce left!"

Comments and questions

The real racist in this whole affair is our race relations conciliator Joris de Bres. He states that Paul Henry's comments regarding our Governor General are racist, but Hone Harawira's statement that all white Kiwi's commit incest with their mothers is not. He justifies Harawira's comment on the grounds that it didn't incite violence, but neither did Henry's & as Paul Henry is not responsible for hiring the Governor General he's not racist on the grounds of employment discrimination. How is Henry racist & Harawira not, Mr. de Bres?

Joris de Bres is exposed as the worst racist in this whole affair, as he shows the shameless institutional racism inherent in his government dept, whose prime purpose is to deal with racist double standards.

Joris de Bres, you are a hypocritical racist of the worst order. Coming from a man who likens European settlers of New Zealand to Taleban vandals, I'd say you're one of this country's biggest bigots.

What a bunch of d *cks you are. Maoris are racist. The race relations commissioner is racist. So Paul Henry is okay. Really good argument that.

I just hope people like you are infertile so you can stop polluting children with this sick s h * t.

Maybe the race relations conciliator should be a New Zealander with a name that SOUNDS like a New Zealander.

And don't bother with Chris Laidlaw either.

That office has been a joke ever since Hiwi Tauroa got out of it

Henry was just having a bit of fun, but he didn'r appreciate that there have been Indian communities in NZ since the early 1900's and have no doubt endured life times of racial abuse or mistreatment. Unfortunately this has lead to very thin skins (understandable) making Pauls jokes not very funny.
He runs an entertaining show and walks a very fine line which he slipped off this time.
Forgive him and move on appreciating his fight against the very boring and selfrightreous PC brigade!!

TVNZ are looking increasingly cynical by retaining Henry against growing public embarrassment evoked by his 'cleverness'. Are they afraid that he will be snapped up by their opposition?
Few other businesses would tolerate an employee who continually snipes at his fellow employees (how many times has he bagged Mark Sainsbury in his quest for the evening role?) and instead his bosses admit to giving him extra freedom which is clearly one way of not handling the issue. How does this make the other TVNZ folk feel? It is time the management and board of TVNZ actually started showing some leadershipo and governance and rid themselves of this ungrateful, rude and irksome irritation. Man up TVNZ.

I agree, Hiwi Tauroa has been a best Race Relations Commissioner we have had. He had a credible vision for NZ.

on and on it goes , its funny how the immigrants and people overseas who have the worst human rights records are the most thin skinned.
should india with its caste system and terrlibe slums be in a position to be offended by such light hearted comments.
get over it please

What has the caste system got to do with the despicable bigoted low-class comments by Mr Henry? Indians dont call New Zealanders living in India untouchables do they?

@ on it goes

What utter drivel! Your cussies the Brits walked off with India's mills and essentially stole every last item of value they could lay their hands on. They then went and split the country on religious grounds, that other cussy of yours, the Americans, formented Jihadism in their drive to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan, India has been lumbered with the cost and energy of fighting your Muslim mercenaries and you have the cheek to point the finger at it's flawless secular credentials. Just how magnanimous has the West been with your Jihad Muslims after just a few acts of terrorism. We instead are sane enought to run a reasonably fair system despite its imperfections.

You smug characters don't know half the story.

i think u r a worst kind of white monkey i ever seen what about slums in Britain and America is every man is rich in your own country and last but not least Paul Henry's comment just shows that may be New Zealand developed externally but kiwis still have mentality of stone age

The whole thing was another excuse for Minto to protest about something. Did you notice that the media cunningly used narrow-angle shots to give the false impression that the half-dozen or so we saw were actually part of a large crowd - which of course they.were not.

The whole thing was another excuse for Minto to protest about something. Did you notice that the media cunningly used narrow-angle shots to give the false impression that the half-dozen or so we saw were actually part of a large crowd - which of course they.were not.

de bres is a 2 faced bigot and racist and so is Minto and the gut from Massey has exposed the Unions for what they are. also 2 faced bigots and racists.

Lets face it, while NZ is multicultural, Henry is a nit wit of the highest order. Joris de Bres is a close second, but it does not excuse Henry.

No longer!

Joris de Bres sanctions institutionalised racism into the race relations office. Henry's racist comments are not good, but they are comments only and not actions such as turning a blind eye to racism depending on which racial group made them.

De Bres is a blatant racist who needs to find another job. Maybe he justifies it as payback to honky.

Once you start talking about (large) group of individuals as if, because they are members of the same organisation, they ALL think the same, act the same etc., you will discredit yourself as serious, thinking observer and commentator of social issues. Union protest for example. I assume that particular union must have lot more members than those few we saw protesting because it can afford to have employees and those salaries must come from membership fees. How come they couldn't involve more people? Mr Minto, on the other hand, seems to be professional activist and protester and as such makes any protest where he takes part less credible. Someone should suggest to him nicely to take a pause for the cause from time to time. Race relations conciliator? Now there is probably the best example how public office with potential to contribute to the society can be made useless by appointing people that are not suited for it. To be fair, I don't think goverments of the day really care about it.

lets face it, the cynical and provocative move by Clarke and her ilk to appoint an Indian to the GG role was designed to cause division in the country, to promote the ethnic vote for Laboor, and thumb their collective pinko noses at the royalists. A bit like making Carter the Education Minister and promoting rainbow youth in our schools. Will this country ever get back on the 'straight' and narrow - if Paul Henry was to become PM we might have some hope!

I miss him already.

TVNZ's PR person was right, he's does actually say what most intelligent people think. A GG should appear to be a NZder, hair on a womans face is unsightly and D**k**t is a rather funny name. Try telling it to any 7 year old and see if they laugh.

By the way, my post was rejected because I used abusive words. I used the name of that Indian lady whose name is willy droppings. Edited.

I'm wondering if Indians refer to Pakistani's in discriminatory terms?

@ Ram

Jihadism has been around for a lot longer than the cold war, & your inference that it is the fault of the west is racist and offensive. I demand an apology from the Indian government this instant as India is obviously to blame for your comments.

Paul Henry was correct, the Indians are not kosher.
Today we have a Sikh charged with election fraud....
Paul was warning us that we are going to be tainted with Indian corrupt practises......
Thank you Paul

If you dont like viewing Paul Henry, then turn the tv off or change channel.

The scale of this is only drive by TV3, and their desire to hire Henry. Unfortunately, the business is government owned which is driving the PC brigade. Dont they make you sick.

The sooner the sell these businesses locally (hopefully), the sooner the drivel will disappear. It might provide good jobs for younger executives who are currently stalled by entrenched stale management.


Paul Henry for Mayor of the Super City.

Racism alive and well in New Zealand... hope you aren't the same crew that complain when Hone Hariwera has a rant against whities who stole is land and disrespect his mana....

funniest moment ever, sheila ( rude surname ) what a name, im glad people can still say what they are thinking without worrying about be branded racist, im sure if sheila penispoo (lol) wasnt indian then there wouldnt be a issue. and her names offensive apparently.

The double standards of the race relations conciliator condemning Henry's comments but not Harawira's is more racist than anything Henry said. People like you who think racism is ok depending on which race is doing it are the real d * icks & the biggest racists of all.

If it's ok for Harawira then it's ok for Henry. If it's not ok for Henry then it's not ok for Harawira. But for it to be ok for Harawira but not for Henry is the view of a racist hypocrite. To top it off you wish that people that don't agree with your particular form of bigotry are infertile - what an egg.

I see Pita Sharples of the racist maori party is now calling for Henry to be fired, but I can't remember him ever saying the same thing about Hone 'White Motherf..kers' Harawira when he said that all white kiwi's committed incest with their mothers. What a two faced, hypocritical, racist scumbag Pita Sharples is. In Pita Sharples we see the real face of racism in New Zealand.

I am sorry people but this is not a 2 minute wonder. It is now top billing news in a multitude of countries, many of which are major trading partners. India is a major trading partner and it is major news there. We NEED to sell our trade goods to these people and invite them to tour our green and beautiful land in order to get ourselves out of the pooh economically!

Instead we have insulted their hospitality and nearly pulled out of the games, they are burning effigies of a kiwi on the streets for corruption, we have insulted a minister of their government allying the name to culturally taboo subjects and applying that to all Indian people and then questioning whether a descendent of immigrants of their ethnicity should be in an honoured position in our country!

Can we really afford a market of 1/6th of the worlds population to stop buying New Zealand made? Talk about cut your nose off to spite your face!

Henry is infantile and clueless and puts the rest of us at risk economically as well as ethically. Childish jokes at the pub are ok but pulic comment should be kept at a more mature level.

Missing the big picture: If you think Henry's hameless, actually quite funny comments place NZ at major economic risk then, please, contrast us with your view on the economic deterioration caused by, ironically, the very same raging socialism, political patheticness that seeks to harpoon Henry - that being the same political patheticness that see's us sign up to United Nations societal controls....i.e. the economically damaging Emissions Scams....your thoughts? Indeed, the contradictions, hypocrisy and so on would be quite hard to unwind on that one.

It's not Henry that's the problem. It's socialism, political patheticness and all it's viruses. Go figure.

Henry is a racist. Just saying what all New Zealanders are thinking!