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Paul Henry reaction not letting up

The flood of reaction from TVNZ broadcaster Paul Henry's governor-general slur continued today in the form of online messages and radio talk-back, while an MP went as far as suggesting New Zealand could do with multi-cultural legislation.

Henry's on-air question to Prime Minister John Key asking if Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand was "even a New Zealander" and whether the next governor-general would "look and sound like a New Zealander" has sparked a record number of complaints to TVNZ.

As well, there have been complaints over another recent Breakfast episode where he worked himself up into a fit of laughter over the name of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

In between laughter, Henry last week referred to the minister as "dickshit", despite having been told her name was pronounced "dixit." He also appeared to make a slur against Indians in general.

He has been suspended for two weeks from Breakfast over the governor-general comment and also lost the opportunity to host This is Your Life on Sunday, a job which has now gone to Paul Holmes.

Messages have streamed in to the TVNZ website, and while Henry has generally been taking a slating over his comments, there were also messages of support from people referring to complaining "do-gooders."

Some said people were being too politically correct and that they would not watch Breakfast until Henry returned, while others said they had already switched off and wouldn't tune in again if Henry returned.

United Future leader Peter Dunne said the controversy showed New Zealand still had some way to go before it was a genuinely multi-cultural society.

"Mr Henry's public comments were gratuitous and insulting and TVNZ's response has been pathetic," Mr Dunne said.

The situation suggested there was a need to have something such as Canada's Multiculturalism Act "to both reinforce multiculturalism in our own country, and to require government agencies such as TVNZ to adopt multiculturalism policies at all levels of operation," he said.

TVNZ has been criticised after initialling defending Henry as being typically outspoken before appearing to realise the level of offence he had caused.

The president of the Fijian-Indian Association in Wellington, Vinod Kumar, said the suspension was a token punishment.

"The punishment that has been handed down does not fit the crime," he told Radio New Zealand.

Mr Kumar said he was worried what offence Henry might cause next.

"Is there going to be any form of reprimand? Is he going to be put on notice? Is there any form of counselling that his employers need him to undertake so that, seeing that he is a repeat offender of this nature, will not be repeated?"

Henry apologised on air after making the comment and, while he has shown some remorse, he lost his cool when he came across reporters waiting outside his North Shore property yesterday, directing a tirade of expletive-laden abuse at them.

Sir Anand, who has lived in New Zealand since being born here, has been diplomatic over the incident, but agreed Henry had crossed the line.

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Comments and questions

The man should go. He is a loose cannon, an almost perpetual embarrassment to NZ as a whole, both here and overseas. Strangely I used to be a fan of his, but soon tired of his arrogant sarcasm and delight in taking the mickey out of people he saw as easy targets. Now I have 2 wonderful weeks of Breakfast viewing until he returns when I shall once again switch off.


This is double standards isn't it ? Hone gets away with it !!!

Right on!
Double standards, twice over!!!

Never heard of this guy before but what a twit. What is embarrasing for everyone is that he

I've never heard of this twit but I can't understand why it is being debated whether he should stay or go? It is embarrasing to have such a moron in such a prominent media role. Fire him. Done.

I am sick and tired of the sanctimonious hysteria coming from the mouths of people who think they know best.

It's probably a political impossibility, but this just demonstrates that there's absolutely no point in the govt owning a TV station, and that it should be flogged ASAP. Put the proceeds into Radio NZ, and if they absolutely must, sell TVNZ with an undertaking that purchaser has to show x% local programming, although personally I couldn't care less.

Dead right Bud. Hardly a whimper when Hone opened his gob.

Mind you talking of Harawiras Henry should start campaigning for Titewhai to get the GG's job.

Now that would be interesting....

He brings great enjoyment and humour to an otherwise boring lineup on TVNZ. Stepped over the line on this one but shouldn't lose his job over it. 2 weeks is fair

what a massive storm in a tea cup . its too be expected that this sort of thing would happen in this country since the govt allowed in so many immigrants over recent years. give it time and it will settle down , the people getting up in arms are so thin skinned on wonders what they expected when they moved here.

Listen up, Anonymous. What racist rubbish you spout. I imagine you were more than a little miffed when Hone Harawera referred to 'we' colonising Europeans as WMF's not so long ago. I know I was - and I don't regard myself as particularly 'thin skinned'.

The immigrants who settle here probably expect to be treated as decent human beings, regardless of their skin colour or creed and not to be insulted by the likes of you.

There is a difference between 'being funny' and being a bully. It appears that you may not have figured out how.

For your edification, it's deeply INSULTING to denigrate anyone, on the basis of their race - or on any other basis for that matter.

Lok, for goodness sake, he brings great humour and wit to the breakfast show and was recently awarded as a brilliant presenter.

So he stepped over the line, he apoligised and lets get on with having him back.

I personally can't stand that neutered puppy they've replaced him with and refuse to watch breakfast T.V. with Paul Henry, fankly it's as intersting as eating stale cold porrige without him.

Its high time those overtly P.C. wimps who made this decision to stand him down for two weeks were fired !!

Of course its Okay for Hone, if your a Maori you can say almost any thing and get away with it, oh how those racist extremists hate it when there's an inadvertant comment that gets them one back.

Reverse reacism anyone ??

Bring back Paul immediatly !!!!!

Q: What did Governer General do or say to provoke public reaction?

A: Nothing.

Q: What did Hone Harawira do or say to provoke public reaction?

A: A lot of that, most recently racist remarks about Europeans as prospective boyfriends/girlfriends for his children.

Q: What did India do to provoke public reaction?

A: The worst organised Commonwealth Games.

Q: What did Paul Henry do or say to provoke public reaction?

A: Joked (or "joked") on national TV about Governer General in a very bad taste.

Now listen children, on one side we have Hone Harawira, India and Paul Henry that, each in its own way, stepped right into it.

On the other side we have Governer General that didn't do or say anything.

Do we all now understand the difference?

OK, you can now go out and play, nicely if anyhow possible. Oh, and don't forget to get a life!

agree can we calm down and get some balance, porridge is not the same with out Paul.yep he over stepped the mark a bit and apologised. Thank the lord we have some on e who speaks out, says what he thinks and is not brainwashed into political correctness gone mad..Toughen up I remember coming to NZ originally and they had a slogan Bash a pom a day ! we took it in good humour and enjoyed the freedom of NZ lets not loose it ...Lets learn to laugh at our selves and our silly foibles..we are getting too serious...We are kiwis
and don't forget that ...thats why other nationalities want to live here ..they like our style and freedom lets not destroy it for them !

The caucasian race being under the PC microscope is the consequence of its own past actions. your ancestors couldnt handle the itch in their groins decided to jump on a ship an colonise the rest of the world, massacaring and brutally plundering native people and their resources. One of them decided to round up 6 million jews and gas them. One of them decided its time to divide and rule the indian subcontinent , leaving it in socio economic chaos and political disarray.
Then came sued afrika turns where apartheid was practiced and considered absolutely normal. Your brothers across the atlantic decided they wanted a piece of the pie and took a bunch souls on a joyride onboard the amistaad, lynched and seggregated human beings purely based on their race.
Now, this is why Hone gets away with what he says and Paul Henry and the rest of you will not, for generations to come. The balance of economic power is shifting, America with its emerging tea bags and a trillion dollar deficit, europe at the brink of collapse all need emerging economic super giants like china and India more than they need you.
This post is aimed at the bigots whose arrogance and ego is as large as NZ's deficit , who live in the false notion that NZ is still or was ever relevant inthe international community.

Why is so much fuss being made when Hone Harawira made worse racist comments recently about dating Pakeha. Storm in a tea cup – move on

Don't be so precious and grow up.
GG accepted apologies, finished.
He who is without sin, throw the first stone please

tom scott is taking the mickey out of india.
what do we do about that?

Only reason this is being stirred up is that he is White

if it was a "Hone" then there wouldn’t be a problem.

He needs to be patted on back for voicing something many privately feel. Race relations only works when it even not this lopsided version we have care of 9 years of Chairman Helens warped views.
Th GG should represent the majority of NZ’ers not a small section.

So you are representative of NZ majority and GG represents small section? GG was born and raised in New Zealand if information about him is correct. What else is needed to "look like real New Zealander"? How does "real" New Zealander looks like anyway? WASP? If you and people like you have problem with positions like GG bring the republic in with proper democratic system where everyone gets elected, then we will see who or what is majority by simply counting the votes. I wonder why do you have problem with current GG? Is it because he is "inferior" to you because he is not white, has "foreign" name and God knows what else and yet he achieved something in his life (don't count GG position as an achievement) and what about you, your life and career, if you have one? But don't feel bad about it, mate, there is plenty of people with fancy titles and various "achievements" that are worthless scum. After all, someone needs to keep up the good work that keeps global (and local) poverty (material and intelectual) going.
There will always (alas) be a place in the world for peddlers of hate and upholders of inequality. And it's easier, don't need to educate yourself, don't need to learn about other people and cultures, don't need to better yourself as a human being.

I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

To err is human.
Paul, be a gentleman and remorseful and apologise to the victim(s). You will be forgiven.

amazing the over the top NZ media beat up of Paul Henry's comments yet these same media dead beats let Hone Harawira away with racist crap all the time. Only weeks a go Hone called us whities "white PRICKS" WTF so the NZ media are telling us if you are black its ok to make rasist comments.

Sadley the NZ media still think Helen the PC cow is still running things LOL

As I must live amongst people who think this, I find the posting from Roger: "He brings great enjoyment and humour to an otherwise boring lineup on TVNZ." to be very depressing.

Paul Henry is , yes, white skinned. However, this does not give him a right to conttinue to be who he is . He is a flippent and his time to go has come. We have had to listen to his arrogance long enough.One hope that the pm and the politicians have learnt from this and now be tough on Hone Harawira. Hone s openly racist. Yes people are racist by nature, but when this is flaunted in public, it should be well dealt with.Both these men should be dealt with so we can see that our land is not accepting open racism. Seems if you are black you can be racist.

What a petty thin skinned thin lipped PC culturally stupid lot you are banging on about Paul.

As others pointed out when white middle aged males are trashed not a murmur . If we complain we i dont we are told to harden up and stop being a prat,

Yet when the same happens to a non white all hell breaks loose.

Your just a bunch of 2 faced hypocrits

What Paul sad was simply wrong as his words attacked every non white NZ'er and all people who speak with a foreign accent. His question was divisive and has done tremendous damage to race relations in this country. If we are going to have a better NZ we need to be inclusive not exclusive. Secondly Paul has attacked a person who holds the highest position in this country and has been knighted for his services to this country. His position, irrespective of who holds it, deserves respect. Paul has also indirectly attacked the Queen as Sir Anand Satyanand' s is her representative and his appointment has the royal seal of approval. Anyone attacking the Head of State deserves what he gets and Paul has lost all respect in my eyes. I am one that will turn off the TV or radio when he is on. I also think he should never again get to host This is your Life as the person receiving such honour deserves respect. How will Paul look that person in the eye and command respect should the receptient turn out to be a 'non white'.

This country has lost the plot.
Such a statement in the old days would have been laughed off.
Today the PC brigage has caused so much racial disharmonythey have caused such racial tensions.
Hone can says what he likes and is still an MP ruling our lives.
Everybody get a life

Sounds like you were at the protest.
I saw on TV the following placards
Union member / socialist / green party member / someone standing for the council ???
Which one were you
Anything to get in the news

Sorry to disappoint, Anonymous. I'm none of those good people you listed (Union member / socialist / green party member / someone standing for the council ???).

But you have proved my point and displayed your unbridled bigotry all over again.

If Paul has to go Hone has to go as well.

Bring back Paul

I bet the same people who are using the PC line of argument were probably the ones crying and complaining over Hone's racist comments.
Come on people GROW up. Nothing PC about being able to slag off people because they dont "look" like a NZer.
What hell is that all about.
Maybe Hone should have said non Maoris dont "look" like NZers.
Oh but that wouldnt have been PC??!!!

This has little to do with Hone. I agree with Bob. Paul attacked our Queen's representative. Is it treason? If Paul is representative of white NZ view, I can understand Maori grievance.

Get rid of Peter Dunne while you are at it
Multi Cultural legislation what next .
Give us poor citizens a break

you foreigh sounding lot

It is pronounced as it is spelt there is no silent S.
Half the radio stations in Auckland were having a laugh over the pronounciation.
Dont just pick on Paul Henry

Mr Kumar you are correct the punishment doees not fit the crime.
He should NOT have been suspended at al!

Paul is representative of the NZ view not the white NZ view.
Maories polynesions asian and indians are all having a bit of a laugh.
Its the PC brigade trying to get air time that are stirring up all the trouble.

If you think Maories, Polynesians, Asian and Indians are having a bit of a laugh, they are laughing at you lot that support Paul Henry. Just for a change listen to 'non white' talkback. They are fuming and if predications are correct, soon they will make 16% of our population..Did you know that without their contribution, right now NZ would be in negative GDP. Perhaps you could concentrate on getting your English right in the first letters in some words might help.

Talkback Radio - non racist statement
Non White Talkback radio - racist statement

Why am I not suprised that your use 'Teacher' as your name. Union or left ? Perhaps.
Q1. Agree
Q2. What did Paul say to Hone. If Paul had any balls, why not have a go at Hone not the GG. Pehaps no balls?
Q3. So why is NZ attending if it is so bad. At least India has hosted. NZ? Perhaps show some balls.
Q4. If it was a joke, why are many NZ'ers not laughing. Perhaps because this is not the NZ we desire.

Question: After Paul's question, do you support his racist view or do you support equal opportunities for all NZ'ers. I would vote for the latter. Otherwise I would not eat any Potatoes and Onions grown in Pukekoke as they are largely grown by Indians who came here in the 18 hundreds. The contribution of people that are born in this country but happen to be another ethnic group is enormous. If one supports Paul's view what white NZ is saying is get stuffed because we want your taxes but not your services and opinions. If this is the case, why is it any different from what Frank Bainimara is doing in Fiji or Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe

From some of the recent comments the underlying tone appears that this is becoming a debate between white and non white. Pakeha vs Maori? Put an end, are we NZ'ers or not? If not, leave now. If yes, how can you contribute?

I respected this man until he featured in a travel programme some years ago. Almost every comment he made involved the use of the phrase f-ing this or f-ing that. His comment regarding the G. G. was correctly dismissed by the P.M. and the subsequent fuss excessive. Far worse was ( If correctly reported.) was Henry's deliberate slur on the name of an Indian female official. and his faul mouthed tirade launched at local media. A tirade at that time would have been fully understandable.

In the interest of .the English language and good manners Paul Henry. should go. His replacement should have the same distaste for the politically correct and ability to articulate (minus obscenities.) opinions of a sizeable section of N.Z. society.

How can what this guy said be construed as amusing?
It expouses a view of national identity that is true only to the mind of the unreformed racist and voiced only by unreformed racist idiots.

If you really think the unequal media response to these HH justifies PH you are living in the same intellectual wasteland as the PC brigade you despise.

How can what this guy said be construed as amusing?
It expouses a view of national identity that is true only to the mind of the unreformed racist and voiced only by unreformed racist idiots.

If you really think the unequal media response to these HH justifies PH you are living in the same intellectual wasteland as the PC brigade you despise.

Paul beside having a weird face also got a defective brain cannot realize his words.He is on media his petty childish comments has tarnished the image of the country.Cud not believe such a creap creature in 2010 allowed to cooment on national TV.Really silly man

As a Kiwi living in London, if a UK news presenter said anything like Paul Henry said on NZ TV, they'd be fired before the credits rolled. NZ looks like a cultural backwater from where I'm sitting.

The real racist in this whole affair is our race relations conciliator Joris de Bres. He states that Paul Henry's comments regarding our Governor General are racist, but Hone Harawira's statement that all white Kiwi's commit incest with their mothers is not. He justifies Harawira's comment on the grounds that it didn't incite violence, but neither did Henry's & as Paul Henry's is not responsible for hiring the Governor General he's not racist on the grounds of employment discrimination. How is Henry racist & Harawira not, Mr. de Bres?

Joris de Bres is exposed as the worst racist in this whole affair, as he shows the shameless institutional racism inherent in his government dept, whose prime purpose is to deal with racist double standards.

Joris de Bres, you are a hypocritical racist of the worst order. Coming from a man who likens European settlers of New Zealand to Taleban vandals, I'd say you're one of this country's biggest bigots.

NZ is a democratic nation. Freedom of Speech should be encouraged. I know for sure I don't want to live in a country like Fiji (ironically where I believe Anand's family comes from) where all media is censored and controlled. I think we should support different views in our media. You don't have to agree with what Paul says to agree with that. If you find what he says offensive, change the channel. That is your freedom of choice.

As an english speaking NZer how would you pronounce the name Diksh*t? Seriously....

(for the reccord my comment just got declined from this message board for having abusive words...again Diksh*t)

But of course the poor natives never hurt each other at all, besides the fact that their whole philosophy was based on whoever murders his way to the top rules. On top of that they murder, cannibalise, & plunder their native neighbours. The carnage of Hitler is nothing compared to what the african nations continuously inflict upon themselves & others - Rwanda, Congo, contemporary South Africa.

Rhodesia doesn't seem to be doing too well now Mugabe is at the helm.

South Africa was a white country, the coloured population were imports - it wasn't their country, but strangely they've ended up owning it. Ironically more people are currently tortured & murdered there than when whitey ran the show.

Slaves were kidnapped & sold to white slave traders by, wait for it, black africans. It kind of sums up africa - dog eat dog, screw each other over, and then blame it on whitey.

Get your facts straight before you start casting the racist stone. Black Africa bases it's whole society around theft, discrimination, torture, & murder. Who are you lecture New Zealand on our human rights record, bigot.

Hahaha ! South africa belonged to the whiteman! Wow! Thats news! Good one mate!

Capetown belonging to white man:

Ignorant egg.

Mate, dont make a fool of yourself, the dutch explorers reached the shores in the 17th century, the indegenious khoikhoi tribe had been living there much before the dutch arrived and still do in south africa. its all in there in the wikipedia article you posted. Peace out Dude.

boo hoo hoo...somebody called me a name.....i better turn it into an international debacle and have a big cry. OMG WTF are you people on? IS IT ONLY OK TO USE RACIAL SLURS OR DEFAMATORY COMMENTS IF YOUR SKIN IS BROWN. It would seem that if your skin is brown you can say and do what you like including the worst cases of abuse against humanity to all the peoples of your country.

he was only saying what everyone was thinking. i dont get why everyone is so agast at this. i tell you not one person in this world has never said a racist comment so get over it. i hate what people call racism it is just people being too sensitive and picky. GET OVER IT!