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Paula Bennett makes David Hartnell's Worst Dressed List

Paula Bennett may have earned plaudits for demolishing Jacinda Ardern in the house.

But the Minister of Social Development has an under-developed fashion sense according to David Hartnell, whose annual Best Dressed & Worst Dressed list is out today.

"When it comes to her wardrobe, she suffers from a very bad case of clothestrophobia," writes Mr Hartnell. "She dresses to shock in all the wrong places."

NBR is not sure if all NZ men will share Mr Hartnell's distaste for Gin Wigmore wearing lingerie in public. 

But for the record, here is his list:

Jeanette Thomas (Supreme Award)
Charlotte Bellis
Mai Chen
Rachel Hunter
Hollie Smith
Rachel Smalley

Gin Wigmore
Kate Hawkesby
Paula Bennett
Sally Ridge
Keisha Castle Hughes

Clarke Gayford and Shavaughan Ruakere

Karl Urban (Supreme Award)
Colin Hogg
Greg Boyed
Jason Kerrison
Mark Hadlow
Ray McVinnie

See more of Mr Hartnell's comments in this week's NZ Woman's Weekly.

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Comments and questions

That's kudos. Dressing in empathy with your "customers".

David WHO? Give me a break!!

I'm sure she'll be gutted.... I expect she would be more more concerned that she's on the same list as Sally Ridge.

Special natural sizes women fashion shops are still lacking in NZ....

Bennett is still very saucy.

So what.????
Could Jeanette Thomas do Paula's job. I think not and we would not expect that she could.

Also I seriously doubt the accuracyof a "list" that puts Colin Hogg up there. I have always thought he looks as though he has just got out of bed.
Which is fine because I like his writing style.