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White Pages moves to opt-in delivery

“Today’s news that the White Pages telephone directory will be an opt in system for Auckland is great news for the environment and for people who don't read, need or want a phone book,” said Green Party ICT spokesperson Gareth Hughes.

Every year about 6.5 million phone books are printed and distributed around New Zealand. Research from Nielsen from 2010 found that only 41% of those aged 15 and over used the [hardcopy] White Pages.

“We congratulate Yellow for taking this step and the government for allowing it,” said Mr Hughes.

The Yellow Pages will still arrive in hard copy whether you want it or not.

Mr Hughes says  the opt-in provision should be extended to the commercial directory.

Comments and questions

What are White Pages?

You are kidding? Right?

Good to see the 'Yellow Pages' still going remains an excellent tool for business contact and promotion

FFFFFTTTT!! Spot the Yellow Pages employee! I don't know anyone who uses yellow or white pages anymore .... slow moving business if you are still advertising in this print medium - it expensive as hell too

They are cr*p...

Who uses hard copy yellow pages...there's a thing called the Internet.

And by the time you start up your computer, wait to connect to the internet, open up could have already found what you're looking for in the book. Not the entire universe is joined at the hip to their smart whatever

Amazing, talk about signing your own death warrant. How short-sighted can be management at Yellow be? I bet they think they are clever for saving all that cost printing the white pages. All they will prove is opt in works then they will be forced to extend it yellow and then game over for them (although it really is already). You would have thought they would fight tooth and nail to keep dumping that rubbish on you as long as possible.

I need a new Monitor stand so looking fwd to the yellow pages showing up but it will never be opened and as for the yellow pages and white pages websites they are utter rubbish and should be closed down as they are a waste of space on the interweb!

So sad for the elderly and those without computers ... just want ONE white pages directory. How do they order? How do they get one? So very sad for disabled ... do not want yellow pages or business pages, just want telephone number directory. is "down for maintenance" at 10.30am on a business day! That never happened with the book!

Up until a few years ago - I used both yellow and white pages constantly.
Now I just google and its all in front of me in a couple of seconds ..
Its the way of the future I reckon ..
Telecom must have laughed all the way to the bank when they sold yellow pages for zillions ..