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Peters says he's seen 'personally embarrassing' emails between Peter Dunne & Andrea Vance

United Future leader Peter Dunne exchanged personally embarrassing emails with Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance, NZ First leader Winston Peters claims.

Mr Peters told TV3's The Nation he had seen the email exchange that Mr Dunne refused to hand over in the inquiry into the GCSB report leak.

He said information on national security had been leaked multiple times, not just on the Kitteridge Report,but also other material including leaks about cabinet appointments.

“The fact is, he’s demanding privacy when the very thing he was doing was putting the privacy of secure information for the nation’s interest at risk."

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Mr Dunne says the contents of the emails exonerate him, but that they are a private exchange and he won't release them as as point of principle.

Fairfax Group executive editor Paul Thompson has strongly defended Ms Vance, whom he says has done "terrific work." Mr Thompson flatly rejected insinuations that there was more to the pair's relationship, and said a claim by Michelle Boag that Ms Vance had leaked the emails to Mr Peters was "ludicrous". Fairfax will fight any attempt to force it to release private communication, Mr Thompson said.

On TVNZ's Q+A, Mr Peters chose a more ambiguous response when asked if he had seen the emails.

"Let me just tell you, because there's much more and wider than you think. The electronic records are very, very clear. Mr Dunne's denial is, frankly, futile in the extreme," he said.

"Those denials are bound to fail, and they concern far more than one leak from the GCSB on a classified document. There are other sets of information items from the GCSB which he leaked as well to the same journalist."

Call in police, expel Dunne from Parliament
Mr Peters also used his Q+A, appearance to reinterate his stance that Prime Minister John Key should have lodged a complaint with the police over Peter Dunne and the leaked GCSB report.

“He [Key] had the report and all the information a long time before me, and he still hasn’t lodged a complaint with the police,” Mr Peters said.  “It means he’s not doing his job.”

Mr Peters said Mr Dunne should quit Parliament altogether. “This is deadly serious, and I want a proper response from the Prime Minister that suggests for the first time he understands how untoward the behaviour of Mr Dunne was – sufficient that he should go from Parliament as a clear signal on what was and is capable of being construed as a criminal act.”

The NZ First leader has called for a formal inquiry, saying it would reveal “all of the electronic record, which you are entitled to, against a minister who has offended seriously the
laws of this country.”

ABOVE: Peters on The Nation. See his Q+A interview here.

Mr Peters said the electronic record was "very, very clear”, showing “that a minister is leaking like a sieve” and concerns “far more than one leak from the GCSB on a classified document.  There are other sets of information items from the GCSB which he leaked as well to the same journalist. One was to do with the very low morale of the GCSB, none of which would’ve been helped by leaking that sensitive report, again from the same minister to the same journalist.”

Asked why Mr Dunne had done what he did, Mr Peters said, “There’s no fool like an old fool.”

Door open to coalition
Asked about his relationship with John Key at the moment, Mr Peters attacked the government’s asset  sales programme, saying New Zealand First “will not tolerate the assets built up by generations of this country being treated as some temporary cashbox.”

But he left the door open if National could “rein back that sort of behaviour and make themselves acceptable”.

Comments and questions

Well this might silence a few from recent article commentators.

Let's get some of this out in the open. If you throw it, Winnie, some of it gets blown back in your face.

Knowing Winnie he will always stand up wind so none of it will blow back in his face

Dunne seems like a bit of an old duffer!

Deserves to be sacked. Might do NZ some good!

Wonder does Winston, the patron saint of rumour and spin, have a copy of the emails in his box or bags of tricks. Either way, he should release them pronto,and get back some credibility he lost when Owen Glenn called his bluff on the so-called phantom $100,000 when it was revealed that Glenn had given it to Peters, not withstanding the huge NO! Peters presented on TVNZ.

The money was not given to Peters, it was given to his lawyer. Hence the reason Peters held up the sign NO. This is a matter of public record.

Hohoho ....

And who solicited the money in the first place?

Dancing on the head of a pin!

What is that quote? People in glasshouses don't throw stones, or is it the pot calling the kettle something? Jeepers, I can't believe what I have seen the last few weeks. Does WP think we all have Alzheimer's?!
New Year honours list, Winnie, you will be rewarded with an OBE. Yep, Outstanding Beige Entertainer, to quote Howard Morrison.

This guy Peters is like a disease, and the taxpayer is constantly having to apply antibiotics. A formal inquiry will cost us how much, and for what gain? A cabinet position for a non- productive party swapping no mandate list leader...

Interesting how so much is being made of this matter by a politician who blatantly held up a card before the cameras that said NO when the truth of the matter was YES, and has still not refunded or accounted for the public money that his party was improperly in possession of.

I am of the opinion that regardless of your political view, we need people like Winston who are not afraid to dig deep into the history of matters of interest/concerns to voters so they can be put in the public arena.

Does the person in question pass the test "as being a person fit and proper" to represent us in government and at a cabinet level is what I want to assess.
Doesn't have to be a politician and I, for one, would prefer to see more from investigative journalists coming from a "neutral" stand.

Take the name out of the equation and the politics out of the individual digging around for answers or raising issues and let's focus on finding the truth about an MP's character, failings or strengths so we are better informed when it comes to election decisions and so on.

It never ceases to surprise me that people, and I think it is evident on this thread, are intent on focusing on the past - ie, when Winston held up the NO card, a personal attack on the person making public certain claims, rather than on the topic of concern.

I don't care about who did what weeks, months years ago. It is in the past so let it go and stop harping on about it.

I am more interested in finding the facts in this particular case that will stand up to robust examination and then determine if any wrongdoing has been committed by any involved, etc, and only then taking any appropriate action.

If Mr Dunne has acted improperly or unethically, put the country's security at risk, lied in Parliament or is proved to fall short of what we, the public, think is unacceptable behaviour for a politician in Cabinet and to boot is proven to be dishonest, then he has to accept the consequences of his actions.

I do get sick of reading comments that attack individuals rather than the issues and those who continually regurgitate the past and gain nothing by doing so other than for a point-scoring exercise.

As for Winston, love him or hate him, many an individual has regretted calling his bluff.

He appears to do his homework and research on a subject in most instances and has the evidence that in the main supports his public statements of matters in similarity to the Dunne exposure.

I guess we now have to judge the quality of that evidence and the counter-claims made in defending such evidence.

For my money, to date the evidence against Mr Dunne in suggesting he was the leaker is winning by a country mile...

At present, for me, Mr Dunne has a credibility doubt hanging over him and the answers and solutions lay with him.

It would save taxpayers a lot of money if Winston Peters was posted overseas. No where in particular; just well out to sea.

Personally, I believe anyone leaking secret material on what has gone on in GCSB should be knighted.

The courts have ruled GCSB have acted illegally. All we the public really know is that a group of political friends have set up a spy network that is used to commercial advantage by big business and the courts have ruled some of their activity illegal. Will anyone be held accountable?

Open Question to Winny Peters? Can you organise NZ citizenship for Bradley Manning?

Who would have known -- that the Government, going after Kim Dotcom, would be akin to foolin' around with the lid of Pandora's box.

The problem began before the Government stepped in with the private erosion of intellectual property rights by white and blue collar New Zealanders in their homes and businesses.
Do you think Kim came here on a whim or on a calculated wager based on hard stats from server farms which tell the story of our attitudes to other peoples intellectual property.
Kim is a delinquent thief but he is at home here at present.

Don’t we just love (NOT) the bag of duffers, oddballs, etc that MMP introduces to parliament our so called leaders of the country.

Just one question, if Dunne was leaking on the GCSB who is leaking on Dunne to Peters ???

Well using Henrys logic you can obviously rule out GCSB because well umm they have a secure database.

I should like the torch to be turned on the likes of Dr Norman and his collection of vegetables. MMP causes this sort of silliness, but Norman and his deputy Shearer support this stupid system to run a country smaller than Melbourne.

By all means turn that torch on. Be interesting to see what emerges as at present nothing has. Have a crack, Winston. Has Russel been linking emails to an attractive journo? Maybe harder for Russel to do, as he is not a Cabinet minister, of course.

Dear Friend,
I believe you miss the point. Dr Norman may not have leaked anything but he and his party are associated with Hagar, I digress. What Peters is doing is undermining Dunne to place himself and his party into a position of power that they do not deserve to be in. That is only possible because we have a stupid electoral system which enables parties that do not have anything like the popular support of the country to exert influence they have not earned, destabilising a government that the majority of New Zealanders, according to the polls, support. That is not democracy. Stable government is necessary for the country. Destabilising the government for purely selfish political purposes without a mandate is possible only through MMP.

Yet more collateral damage from a very unwise copyright action.

Having once been involved in one for about x 10 years, I have some idea of the lengths that some people (in their naivety), set themselves up to be hung out to dry.

Oh dear.

I've never been a fan of Peter's, but my goodness he isnt afraid to take on the establishment and weed out corruption.

Well done Mr Peters. Im seriously thinking of voting for you!

So you don't believe Vance and Peters set it all up?

Dear Anonymous,
I can only assume you were either too young to remember when Peters was Treasurer & DP or maybe you were in a coma.
Peters is the MMP version of the carnival clown. Rightly, his party is on the brink of oblivion. As a man of principle opposed to corruption, why does Peters not name his source and for the good of the country give the PM or the Speaker open access to his "proof"? Why not, because it is not the country that he cares about it is securing office by hook or by crook.

And what does Dunne know about Key been brought into the loop about the Dotcom raid, and Key's public denials about time frames?

That would be interesting..

Winston "NO' Peters with his usual fairytale stories, believed only by those who are senile and demented.

I think you'll find his NO was correct, in that he wasn't given money directly as a donation by big Owen, his lawyer was given money to pay for legal bills. Big difference.

I like the response from one of the posters above so will post in reply here: Winston = Liar

How thin can you split hairs?

Winnie just playing a game and enjoying being on the front page. He should disclose all instead of grandstanding. Front up or shut up. He still has his mess with Horgan where he crucified some one without real proof.

And Whinney makes a late break from the back of the pack...
Must be an election due and he needs a high $ role to maximise his pension ratio as he retires soon.

Although they all lie, it's a question of degrees. Even old Roddie finally was found with his snout deep in the trough.

Beats reality TV and cooking shows.

Winston is Winston....good "bloke" in a lot of ways but loves the media attention. Peter Dunne alias "Captain Sensible" has probably erred in his normally logical decision making, the circumstances that brought this about are open to conjecture. P. Dunne has made some headway this term towards the banning of "legal highs", a curse on our community. Worked towards establishing the NZ Game Animal Council and stopping the undesirable, unethical practice of helicopter hazing and shooting trophy animals by hunters from overseas, for these efforts, I thank him. I note, on closing that the ex "Minister for pornography" is still seated in the house.

November 2014

Labour 40
Greens 18
Mana 2
Maori 2

... NZ1st 9

Or Greens/Labour deregistered for sedition. And endeavouring to sabotage the NZ economy. Roll on snap election now. Why wait until 2014?

If that's the answer then the question must have been "how did NZ orchestrate its path to economic and social self-destruction in 2014?"

What, I'm finding most fascinating in this whole confected drama is Ms Vance.
When last did we have a story with a good-looking blonde tangled up in it ... and a week later we don't know anything more about her than she once worked for that paragon of truthful reporting - the late News of the World.
That fact alone would normally have let loose the Dogs of Tittle Tattle and Innuendo, and there would have been one hellavu lot more than a nudge-nudge-wink-wink on the morals of her former employer.
Think of the Feilding murder....we knew more about the blondes than we did about the central character. They were photographed every which way/ interviewed silly/ tracked every moment.
Yet all we have is an appointment pic of Ms Vance.
Strange that.
What's going on here?

So who leaked Dunne to Winnie? Was Winnie spying on Dunne?

Enjoy your 5 minutes of fame in the limelight, Winnie, before the pack turns on you instead. :0)

The best think about this is the wider masses have a better understanding of politicians. That is, they all lie and will do anything to maintain power.

Winston is Golden at the moment! Who can deny that velvety smooth voice of truth and triumph?

Good riddance to that Bouffant haired lap dog Dunne.

So Mr Peters, what you are saying is that there is one rule for you and a completely different rule for everybody else, going on events of the past 15 years.
I gave NZ First one of my votes last election but I certainly won't be doing that again. There is much much more to running our country than to be persistently launching character assassinations and little else. It's a pity you can't put the same energy into something, like making electricity prices more affordable for the elderly and a few other things.