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Pippa Middleton plans to visit New Zealand – if she finds it

Pippa Middleton wants to visit New Zealand next year, according to a post on her blog, but she needs a geography lesson first.

The younger sister of Katie, the Duchess of Cambridge, says competing in the multisport race Coast-to-Coast is on her list of things to do. 

"Next year I am hoping to do the Coast-to-Coast in New Zealand, which is a triathlon (running, cycling and kayaking) from the South Island to Sumner Beach on the Pacific."

Actually, the race starts on the West Coast of the South Island and runs across the island, finishing in Sumner Beach in Christchurch. 

"It's in February, so I'd better hold back on the food and drink, starting now," her blog says. 

The Coast-to-Coast, which involves a 140km cycle, a 36km run and a 67km kayak, can either be a one or two-day event. 



Comments and questions

Being a little unfair, aren't we? Sumner Beach IS on the Pacific coast, and the race DOES start in the South Island. And everyone who's been quoted by the media knows that they rarely report quotes verbatim.

Sumner beach is on the Pacific? Where'e the confusion.

So Pippa makes a trivial error about a place no-one in the world has ever heard of.

Lol i think most people of the world now know where NZ is. Especially with it being the small country where major achievements have been accomplished by NZers. (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Hobbit, Sir Edmund Hillary, Rugby World Cup winners etc) unless you haven't heard of any of these. But I get ur point. Pippas mistake isn't exactly newsworthy.

So pedantic. Way to portray New Zealand to the world.

Talk is cheap. I should know, I've been 'going to do a marathon' for the past 15 years.

All leave for Search and Rescue personnel is to be cancelled for the duration of the event.

An article about this? .....she was not specific enough for you?
Use your common sense and you'll realise what she meant.
I wonder how great your geography of the UK is. Just a thought.

Think I'll enter too now.

Agreed. I'm right behind .......her participation.

You criticise her for simple error in expression of geography and yet yourself get the specifics of the race wrong?

Coast to Coast is 3km run, 55km cycle, 33km run, 15km cycle, 67km kayak, 70km cycle for 243km total.

She is such a hottie!!!!

In the interests of NZ and the Commonwealth I have asked JK to fund my travel and entertainment bill to right this wrong.

Let her Royal Hotness come. I'm sure she will attract more attention than another Royal of recent !!!!

It may be better to describe her as being "geographically embarrassed", much better than bluntly admitting to being lost.

I depend on a mobility scooter. Now, where can I enter this race? She may need a lift?

If ever there was a motivation to enter this race, this is it.