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PM punts for Cunliffe, iPredict for Parker

Of the three Davids vying for Labour leadership, David Culiffe is Prime Minister John Key's pick.

"If I had to have a punt I'd say Cunliffe," Mr Key told NewsTalkZB this morning.

"But it's very hard to tell. He's not very well liked by his caucus."

NBR Rich Lister's pick
The former associate finance minister got a more positive endorsement from Fairfax director, Trade Me founder and NBR Rich Lister Sam Morgan, who told his social media followers, "David Cunliffe is the natural leader of the Labour Party. Super smart, hard working and with work experience in the real world to boot."

The most business-friendly element of the Harvard-trained Mr Cunliffe's CV is his four years with Boston Consulting Group.

iPredict punters pick Parker
Punters on the iPredict marketplace - today crowing about the accuracy of its election predictions - at midday today were betting David Parker has 61.5% chance of replacing Phil Goff as leader, up 53% today. Mr Parker bills himself in business-friendly language, saying he is a "a seasoned lawyer, company director and CEO of many start-ups."

The prime minister also had some commentary on Mr Parker, saying it was not clear if he wanted the job.

A separate iPredict contract gives David Cunliffe a 41.7% chance of becoming the new Labour leader.

Despite - or perhaps because of - being a close friend of Phil Goff, David Shearer's iPredict contract gives him only a 5.4% probability of becoming leader. Mr Shearer was a professional do-gooder before entering Parliament, working on relief projects for Save The Children, the UN and others.

The last day of his acquaintance
Labour leader Phil Goff has said he will announce his decision about his leadership to his caucaus tomorrow.

He is widely tipped to quit.

David Cunliffe (number 3 on Labour's list), David Parker (number 4) and David Shearer (number 31) are seen as the leading contenders to replace Mr Goff, who is expected to announce his pending resignation tomorrow, but not step down until the New Year. 

Mr Goff has already said he will serve a full term as an MP.

Mr Cunliffe - associate finance minister under Helen Clark - got a more positive endorsement from Fairfax director and Trade Me founder Sam Morgan, told his social media followers, "David Cunliffe is the natural leader of the Labour Party. Super smart, hard working and with work experience in the real world to boot."

Comments and questions

Cunliffe is the only credible candidate

It will be interesting if the labour caucus sees it the same way.

Didnt vote Labour - I voted National so take this advice as you wish - Cunliffe will be worse that Goff - dont do it
Parker - whos he?
Shearer - got the presence on camera and as much as you dont like it - its a popularity contest - Goff was hopeless - no charisma, no presence and constantly bagged everyone - if we want a decent race in 3 years dont make the same mistake. And whatever you do keep Annette King away from the cameras at all times.

Parker comes across too sleezy for the rank and file Labour voter

Both disastrous. Shearer is their best hope.

Surprised they are not considering Winnie as Leader...if you want to do a "rise from the dead" trick..he is your man...

Excellent choice, I can see the poster on the Tui ad now. When Winston was asked to guide Labour in 2012 he dashed all our hopes as he raised a large NO plackard.

Whatever happened to the case of Bill Liu who was given a NZ Passport by Cunliffe despite immigration officials recommending not to. Later it was found that Liu used forged documents to make the application and was wanted by the Chinese Government for stealing $200 million. I don’t think that Cunliffe is squeaky clean


Labour needs a complete re-build. Its a very leaky building.
Would like them to go bold, but the list was hopeless. No new blood just the relics of Helen.

All muppets. I am surprised they havent tried to lure someone like Steve Maharey back to the fold. Maybe they have.

I would have thought Cunliffe has to get the job... we havent seen much from Parker and Shearer has been MIA since he got in 3 years ago.

How about Dazza - the nude ginger! At least hes got spunk! No pun intended.

Nah, Chris "Crafty Butcher" Carter (takes sausages around back) will write an anonymous letter in application of the top job. But, another strong possibility is of course Nick Smith.

However, it's certainly been a very odd few years for ole gaggle. The usual mix of sleaze n muck to support highly suspect policies (if you can call them that)...From having examples like Full Moon (ing) King n Hughes enjoying their spoils with naked boys, with the likes of "Mad as a Meat Axe"-Mallard in the mix, Labour and their next poor lamb (to slaughter) will be taking a leak in the wind for years to come. Just look at Europe.

Out of those three I would say Shearer is best.

Cunliffe is the only credible candidate

Cunliffe's rather frightening when he expesses his true thoughts.
Heaven help Labour if he's their man.

Check this out

Trevor Mallard would be my man for the job. He could probably handle an ice-pick if necessary.

Labour has wasted 3 years ever since Helen CLARK and Michael CULLEN "indirectly crowned" their buddy Phil GOFF after losing their last election in 2008....the Party really needs a young and capable leader to win the next election.

Cuniiffe yes much easier for the Nats too hold power in 2014

Grant Robertson should be considered

what's the betting comrade Helen will resurface in NZ befor 2014?

"it" has. Its called a Global Financial Transactions Tax. Check it out. Scary.

Who cares who?

NZers do, and for NZ to advance progressively, it needs strong opposition to check on any silly Government Bills....

Absolutely, and Peters as Labour leader, is the only individual in oppositon, who ticks all of the prerequiste boxes.

Cunliffe is the only credible candidate

It is a sorry state when experience and good policy aren't as important as the 'cool factor'. Despite all 3 Labour leader candidates being far cleverer than Key, their hopes on a 2014 victory rest solely on personalility.

Cuniiffe yes much easier for the Nats too hold power in 2014
- key attributes self sewrvicng and disloyal to current leader

He'll do well.

Labour’s trouble is not so much where they ended up after the election – but rather where they started from, which lead them to where they ended up.

Labour’s entire philosophies are centred around taking control of peoples lives, making them dependant on the State for yet more hand-outs and dictating to the masses but without encouraging them to take personal responsibility.

Life and times have moved on since Labour were 1st created – it’s an entirely new world and a world where individuals need to be able to take personal responsibility for their own actions and situations. You can’t encourage that if they’re fully dependant on the State. Kids need to be able to read and write before they leave school.

Labour also needs to “clean up and clear out” Stop the rot of pouring scorn and derision on the opposition – and especially so when you don’t have anything positive to contribute in it’s place or anything more credible to offer as alternatives. Labour also needs to clear out all the old school, failed academics and “activist unions” replacing them with people who can articulate a clear, concise vision for a better NZ… people who aren’t tainted with the stench of the Clark / Cullen era.

Labour also needs to fully understand the NZ public is not dumb and should not be treated like we’re at a party conference – we can do without the deliberate lies, deceit and half-truths spouted like with each TV advert. We all know better – your TV adverts never once mentioned Pike River, the GFC or Christchurch earthquakes but blamed all the fall out from this on Key / National – NZ knew better and voted for better. We expect better from a potential government. Half truths and deliberate lies will never win favour – except amongst the party faithful – about 23% of the population. Another example is the rhetoric spouted about how the “rich” receive more tax cuts than everyone else. Labour conveniently never mention anything about how the “rich” and top 5% pay something like 80% of the taxes – so of course they’re gonna get a bigger dollar value tax cut – but it’s not proportional as a percentage is it? How can it be “fair” when 1 individual pays the government $100K in taxes and another individual expects the government to pay them $50K – and they complain tax cuts for them weren’t as “generous” as the “rich pricks” get. The way Labour paint this scenario is just embarrassing for them as they must think all of NZ will not know any different – well, we did on voting day.

Also, Labour needs to be business-friendly – not anti-business. Labour’s roots are confrontational and come from being on the other side of the bargaining table around the boardroom and you lot simply use that same model for ALL NZ business owners – when in fact, most are SME’s struggling to make headway in very difficult times.

Labour should also remember these maxims going forward – as it might help them get a fighting chance next election…

1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!

5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

George of the Jungle is on the money.

Labour is old thinking cold war stuff. Andrew Little's promotion suggests that the party want to stay in that mindset. The result was entirely predictable.

Good on JK, he knows an easy beat and someone who can turn when put in a corner