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Police confirm Whale hunt is on

Detective Inspector Dave Lynch of Counties Manukau Police has confirmed that, following a complaint from Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, an investigation is under way that will be conducted “in accordance with standard procedure.”

Mr Lynch declined to say what the complaint is about because it’s an active investigation.

Mr Slater, however, has told NBR ONLINE that the complaint relates to the “hacking of my email and social media accounts, along with the DoS attack against my webserver.”

Information gleaned from the hacking forms the centrepiece of Nicky Hager’s recently released book Dirty Politics.

Meanwhile, Mr Slater says he’s currently “in the process of recruiting journalists, sub-editors and support staff” for the news website that will run parallel to his Whale Oil blog.

Beyond that, Mr Slater won’t discuss his plans for the site, which NBR understands is meant to launch before the election and is bankrolled by former Kim Dotcom supporter Tony Lentino

Comments and questions

Remember that great TV series 'Sea Hunt', starring Lloyd Bridges?

Maybe they could make a new series with KDC in the lead role....the program's title sort of sounds appropriate.

Actually, I'm almost starting to support japan's whale hunting efforts...

Why don't they all just learn to encrypt their emails (if the content is so sensitive), and stop crying to Mama when security is breached. It's all so tedious!

Cameron Slater is entitled to pursue whatever rights he has under the law, but there is the legal position of the general public of New Zealand to be considered as well.

We are, after all, a democracy.

Our case could perhaps be built around allegation that for some time now there has existed something in the nature of an umbilical connection between MPs in the upper echelons of our Government and a wholly unsavoury but highly influential entity that has entered into legally inappropriate extremes of denigration coupled with an apparent aim to inappropriately manipulate the democratic process as we understand it to be in this country.

Yes, we are a democracy but it remains to be seen whether or not we are truly a functioning democracy.

'Equality under the law' is the cornerstone we are looking at here.

Hasn't Hager tried to "inappropriately manipulate the democratic process at nearly every recent election? How else would he sell books?

There is a distinction to be made between surreptitious manipulation and the 'in your face' enlightenment offered by Hager and his books.

So investigative journalism that reveals potentially uncomfortable truths doesn't sell books? Dear me, there goes another principle underpinning democracy down the drain.

I'm not 100% sure that "Politician briefs sympathetic journalist" is all that shocking a headline.

More blubbering from Mr Blubber

Slater blubbering and Collins Wailing ...

John Key: Hello Greenpeace, I'd like to report a stranding..........of course I've tried pouring cold water on it!

Haha, very good. Nice to finish the day on a lighter note - chuckle chuckle

Thank you

Hacking is illegal.

Release of the emails is illegal.

Use of the emails is therefore illegal.

Looks like the legal fraternity will be very happy over the next few years.

So if you can hide it all is then OK? What sort of democracy are our kids inheriting?

Are you condoning the illegal hacking of computers? Nothing to do with democracy - it is a matter of privacy and the law.

The hypocrisy and blatant racism dripping out of the mouths of the likes of Winston Peters are the sort of democracy our kids are witnessing and inheriting - courtesy of their greedy, xenophobic, selfish and ignorant grandparents.

What utter rubbish! I don't condone illegality but how does democracy deal with coverups without some form of subterfuge to expose the truth? And democracy allows all to express their opinions, including you. It is a fundamental right. Hopefully the public expression of anything stupid helps to consolidate public opinion against.

A Police Minister releasin a Public Servants private details to a Yellow blogger is illegal and by far the worst transgression. Where is your outrage? Oh, how very selective your moral affront turns out to be. Must be a National voter.

Like all gutless wonders he crys foul when he gets a bit of his own back.

Nothing like a bit of blubber to get the cops on the job.