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Police drop John Banks' donation complaint

Police will not be charging Epsom MP and ACT leader John Banks.

Mr Banks was under investigation after Labour allegations he had "knowingly transmitted a false electoral return".

The allegations followed complaints about returns filed relating to donations from Sky City Casino, internet mogul Kim Dotcom and a radio advertising donation to Mr Banks’ 2010 Auckland Super City mayoralty campaign.

Assistant police commissioner Malcolm Burgess says there is not enough evidence to consider a prosecution under s134 (1) of the Local Electoral Act 2001.

“The inquiry has established the return was compiled by a campaign volunteer who assured Mr Banks it was accurate before Mr Banks signed and transmitted the return."

In respect of s134 (2) relating to transmitting a false return, police have also dropped their investigation.

"There is a statutory limit of six months from the time of elections when complaints must be laid. Police first received the complaint for investigation on April 27, 2012, well after the expiry of six-month period.”

 Mr Banks says he is keen to put the matter behind him.

 "We have always maintained that our 2010 electoral affairs were conducted within the law. 

"I want to acknowledge the very professional and diligent way in which the police have approached this investigation, and the way they have interacted with me and members of my campaign team."

Meanwhile, Labour leader David Shearer is repeating his calls for Mr Banks to be stood down.

“It is no longer credible for John Key to keep John Banks on as a minister in light of confirmation from police that he personally solicited at least $80,000 in donations but can’t seem to remember it.

"John Banks has essentially escaped prosecution because he claims to have forgotten receiving any money. And John Key seems to think that’s okay. He is the only person still standing by John Banks.

“The prime minister’s so-called higher ethical standards are in tatters today. On the basis of his memory lapse alone, John Banks is not fit to serve as a minister.”

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Comments and questions

Good to hear, Now can the MP's accusing him off it should be held to question on there motivation.

there motivation is to show us the public that they nothin but scum of the lowest order along with you mr anon

Hear hear! And his supporters can spend time studying basic rules of grammar.


How do these politicans get away will this
The man in the street would get the whole act thrown against him

He knew about Dotcom and SkyCity making donations but did not check that their names were listed on the form he "declared"?

no differant from sir douge graham he was convicted and fined for signing a document that was prepared by others . how can these so called leaders in society expected to be showen respect when they show that they are nothing but mongrels off the lowest order..annet king made that comment in regards to key whom is no differant to the low life banks and all the other corrupt x police persons who now sit in our house of representives namly parlimant after perfing on tax payer hand outs .wake up kiwis

Another storm in a ? Mr Shearer will you drop this, and get on with telling us all what the Labour policy is? I like many am tired of you just saying that wont work that’s wrong investigate this and that, you are starting to sound like Russell Norman. Show some steel Mr Shearer do what your paid to do.

Now - one can only hope this helps the Penny Bright troll to STFU...

No. Penny will claim there is a CON$PIRACY in the police to cover up for their mate$ in Parliament.

I remain convinced Penny is unwell. She needs help. Her current behaviour and angry approach to politics is not likely to make her better. She needs to change her outlook on life and find new things to do.

This is a disgrace! an example of the incompetence of the NZ Police and Mr Banks himself.
If the man's memory is so bad he cannot recall asking for and accepting these checks or of the professional competence to look at what he is signing, no different to any company director he needs to clearly stand down or be removed from office - A clear act of incompetence and a man not fit for public office.
This dishonesty / corrupt nature of Mr Banks actions clearly highlights the public cannot trust or have any confidence in anything that comes from this mans mouth. I would not vote for him again!

The specter of John Key, hovers above the Police and the Attorney General.

The whole complaint was nothing but an attempted poltical "stitch up" by Labour attack dog Trevor Mallard. I am sure that if anyone had looked hard at Len Brown's returns they could have found something to complain about.

You mean like the $400k of donations routed through a trust so he had only one major donation to declare - from the aforesaid trust?

political stitch up alright poor mr and co they are the ones that got invaded by police and co knowing that they where breaking the law. just like the germ banks knowingly signing untrue documents .

can't believe the number of pinko's that vent their anger on this site.

john banks is an asset to his electorate and was one of the best police ministers this country ever had.

the streets were never safer and remuera residents could leave their doors unlocked knowing banksie was in charge.

time for the left wing losers to take a step back and accept they've been beaten by a better man......

David Shearer is such a Muppet. His sound bites on television are a waste of space and air time. National will win again, by a landslide. Sheesh.

So it's taken the police three months to determine that April 27, 2012 is more than 6 months after the local body elections????!!!!!

As #5 said, He knew about Dotcom and SkyCity making donations but did not check that their names were listed on the form he "declared"?

Instructing a campaign volunteer to complete his declaration paperwork was a failed attempt to keep his back-room kickback arrangements secret from the public.
I'm a National fan, but we deserve better people as Ministers of the Crown than John Banks with his lack of integrity and a poor memory.