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POLL: NBR readers on using tax breaks to lure Hollywood to NZ

Major Hollywood movie studios already get enough concessions and more tax breaks are not needed, according to NBR ONLINE readers.

Prime Minister John Key recently travelled to Los Angeles to meet Hollywood studio executives.

In a poll conducted by NBR ONLINE last week, readers were asked: Should the government raise the 15% cashback grant used to lure major film productions to New Zealand?

Thirty-three percent said yes, while 67% disagreed.

Mr Key has said bringing large Hollywood to productions here creates jobs for New Zealanders.

However, it has been revealed many of those positions are filled by overseas film workers

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Comments and questions

John Key is slip slidin away...
So many issues little by little says he is losing it.

I vote Sheppard for PM & Dotcom for Mayor

Instead of supporting USA corporations perhaps Mr Key would like to try supporting NZ-based industries with a 15% cashback grant. The NZ software development community would be a worthy recipient. With the introduction of the European Union "as such" loophole for software patents that the National lead government gifted to Microsoft and IBM the industry could go with a little bit of a moral boost.

I wonder out loud if John Key might like to make his holiday home in Hawaii his full-time domicile? With all the concessions USA companies have been receiving from his government I'm sure they would look favorably on a John Key green card application.

Hear, hear! How about local manufacturers getting 15% cash back grants - after all we are here to stay (hopefully) not some fly by night film leach.

85% of $500 Million will always over-trump 90% or 100% of nothing – and it’s not like NZ Inc “gave away” funds / money – we just didn’t get as big a tax take sa preferred – but 85% of something will always beat 100% of nothing.

Let’s not forget these incentives make it possible for the film industry to compete on the world stage where all countries are vying for productions and their multi-million dollar spends. Offering limited or no incentives will only price ourselves out of contention – no matter how beautiful Middle Earth is – because there are other beautiful locations elsewhere in the world also – and photoshop / technology can do the rest. Without the possible business risk of being held to ransom for extortionate union demands… hence why Labour’s sloppy employment laws needed clarifying in the first place by the National government.

…. And rightly so that only the democratically elected government has the say on who can and can’t live and work in NZ – it’s certainly not the domain of unions or the losing political parties on the left because their bully-boy union puppet masters want to have control.

The EPMU, MUNZ, CTU et al should just STFU and keep their attempted, legalised extortion between the unions and their political puppets. Unions and Labour are like a*seholes and bellybuttons – we all have them and have to endure them, but we don’t always want to see or hear either of them either…

JK is on the right track in enticing overseas film companies to NZ.
He just needs to watch that he doesn't become over-generous.