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POLL: NBR readers verdict on Chow brothers' super brothel

Auckland Council should allow the Chow brothers' "super brothel" to go ahead, NBR ONLINE readers say. 

In a poll conducted last week, readers were asked: Should Auckland Council try to block construction of the Chow brothers' "super brothel"?

Fifty-six percent said no, while 44% said yes. 

The planned brothel will be built opposite Sky City and will include offices, bars, a brothel and a hotel. 

The council has been hearing public submissions on the plan and is expected to deliver its decision on whether to grant resource consent by next week.  

Comments and questions

Market forces will dictate the success (or not) of this venture. I am sure they have done their feasibility, and believe the development is viable. If nobody uses the "services", then it will fail. I, however, believe it will be extremely successful, capitalising on the visitor and professional market.

Even if council gives go ahead this will never happen.

And to think, Queen Street was once called "the Golden Mile" and had shops you wanted to visit and footpaths without beggars every 20 metres.

If the council approves this the city will look back in years to come and regret the decision in the same way we can look at and feel sad about the crime and low-lifes the casino has attracted to the city. All rather sad and sleazy. We really don't need the Chows and their likes.

Sadly, in the current economic environment... Yes, you do.

Awesome - Super Whores!


So Auckland's becoming NZ's sleaze capital. Poor abused girls. ..

What about the morality behind all this?

There's no question that if we let this go ahead we deserve everything we get.