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POLL: NBR readers' verdict on govt's MightyRiver bonus share plan

An overwhelming majority of NBR ONLINE subscribers believe the government is right to set aside a portion of Mighty River Power shares as a loyalty bonus for New Zealand investors.

In a poll conducted last week, readers were asked: Should the government be guaranteeing small parcels of shares for NZ investors in Mighty River Power?

Seventy-three percent voted yes, while 27% said no.

The plan was outlined at the recent National party conference, with Prime Minister John Key saying to qualify for a share bonus investors will probably have to hold their shares for three years.

Labour criticised the plan, saying if the bonus scheme was applied to all five state assets being sold it could cost up to $1 billion.

However, Mr Key said the details haven't been finalised yet, but the actual cost would likely be less than $100 million.  

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Comments and questions

Pity the Labour Party and Shearer, he doesn't like Socialisim practices when they are practised by another party. Why??... because Labour aren't now able to use this Loyalty offer as an ELECTION BRIBE in 2014

They are an ELECTION BRIBE ?

Should there be a major breakdown what is the liability of the MUMS & DADS TO PAY FOR REPAIRS?.

Would they have the money to contribute?

A useless poll. A right wing media conducting a poll of (probably) mainly right wing readers. The result was inevitable.

Right wing media? You obviously don't even understand the meaning of the phrase!
Sounds more like "sour grapes" against the Nat's continued implementation of sound economics for a better NZ!

With the way "socialist" is also glibly tossed around in these forum, I dismiss emotional raves whether expressed on "socialist" or "right wing" judgements.

Yes of course we can build a sound economy though the promotion of speculation.
That’s how Key got rich, and NZ can do it the same way.

Making it possible for small shareholders to buy is good. A loyalty bonus system is not because it distorts the market, has a cost to the current owners , i.e. all citizens and especially those who pay tax.

DONOT SELL OUR VALUABLE ASSETS.If JK and co wish to find money to spend on schoold and hospitals etc,nz should stop allnessary spending.Work done restoring pavements , new major highways etc, should all be transferred to the Christchurch working jobs. The gov must declare all other work schools/new , hospitsld etc as put on hold, until we have paid a major portion of debt.The selling of assets should be stopped/canned altogether.The world/New Zealand are all struggling to pay debts.By not spending on major new works in NZ, except in Christchurch,NZ Gov,shall show great responsability, by curbing all other spending, not selling our very valuable assets, as aone off sell and then have no more.Plainly we very real own the assets and they are an excellnet income for the longterm future, as the become more and more valuable over time as owned assets by New Zealand.

Are you willing to include interest-free studen loan borrowing on your list of unnecessary spending ?. If not then your rant is meaningless nonsence. Interest-free is about as 'unnecessary' as it gets.

I suppose you got yours for free? Intergenerational crook.

The NBR has signally failed to identify or warn its readers against any one of the busts which occurred during its existence.

Another Great Depression looms, think the unthinkable, too big to fail argument wont hold up, Key knows this.

What choice do the govt have? Sell assets to repay debt or stop spending and cut benefits, education spend, etc?

The latter will almost certainly cause a depression, as would raising taxes before those on the left argue that.

The looney left need to get real.

Why wont the economists just admit we are approaching a mathematical asymptote that is manufactured via interest or Usury. we have reached a point where we cant physically create more growth as the model requires.

Debt cant be paid back in this fractional reserve FIAT currency system it is doomed to failure

a representative sample?

So there'll be a heap of shares hitting the market three years from issue date. A short term 'loyalty' scheme will simply slow the stags down a bit.

"Loyalty Scheme"?
Loyalty Subsidy !