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POLL: NBR readers’ verdict on listing Kim Dotcom’s Mega

Kim Dotcom has failed to impress NBR readers that his new venture, Mega, would be good investment.

At the launch of his new file storage and sharing service, he said: "We are going to be an important company, we're going to innovate and create new tools over the coming months and years. Ultimately, we hope to list our company at the New Zealand stock exchange."

In a poll conducted on the NBR ONLINE website last week (Jan 21-27), readers were asked: Would you consider investing in a company backed by Kim?

Just over two-thirds (68%) said no, while 33% disagreed (numbers add up to more than 100% due to rounding).


Comments and questions

The poll only shows how out of touch NBR readers are.

What a difference a headline can make.

'A third of NBR subscribers would invest in Dotcom'
if results of a recent poll are any indication.

New Zealand is a mere 200 million dollars away to complete Sir Robert's vision for God's own country. What are you waiting for? Think big. "Install that second cable now." Thanks.

Kim Dotcom has already been convicted of insider trading and embezzelment in Germany. With another eight convictions regarding share trading in Hong Kong, his business has nothing to do with a reluctance to invest in his company. He obviously can't be trusted.

33% of NBR subscribers disagree with you.

Probably the same 33% who put their money in Blue Chip and Hanover.

KDC is to be congratulated for not being eliminated by the combined forces of Hollywood, US govt, NZ govt & police.
He should be given a fair go with his new venture.