POLL: NBR readers verdict on 'Mondayising' public holidays

All public holidays should be "Mondayised" if they fall on a weekend, according to NBR ONLINE subscribers.

In a poll conducted between January 7 and 13, subscribers were asked: Should public holidays be "Mondayised?"

Seventy-one percent of respondents said yes, while 29% disagreed.

The Holidays (Full Recognition of Waitangi Day & Anzac Day) Amendment Bill is due for its second reading this year.

It proposes to "Mondayise" Waitangi and Anzac days, meaning if either falls on a Saturday or Sunday the public holiday will be treated as falling on the following Monday. 

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We need to grow the economy, which will only happen with hard work, not taking more time off. This stupid bill panders to the voting public but does nothing for the public good. Typical shallow Labour politics.


...or do you really mean you think the voting public are stupid and don't know what's good for them?

Surely, if the majority of the public want something that is, by definition, a public good. After all, we don't live in a dictatorship!

We have stuff-all public holidays here, and the ones we have really aren't that 'public' any more anyway.

It's probably more productive to have them on a Monday than midweek like a Tuesday, which means some people would end up calling in sick on Monday.


Absolutely, James. We cannot grow the economy by giving more holidays.
We need to think along the lines of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
You know " ... but rather, what can I do for my country?"

Circulating to your workmates just what this bill would do AGAINST the economy would be more patriotic than wanting more days off.

Please all think about our country first. Compared to previous generations - who built NZ - we are rather privileged (and mollycoddled)!


Actually, I think it's not a bad idea to Mondayise the days that help celebrate New Zealand's identity. However, given we have four weeks statutory holidays, we can do away with some of the others. Queen's Birthday, Labour Day, January 2 are all dated institutions, and two of the four Christian days should be cut, too. A week of public holidays should be enough, in my view.


Just do it.


National need to do something to endear themselves to the voting public. Certainly they can't rely on saying they used the mandate that was handed to them.


Personally, I'd love to have those two extra days (on those few years when we do actually miss out on them).
But, as a shareholder, I know who is paying for that time off, me. So, ultimately, it is a trade-off between time off, or profit off.


Can we vote yes for one, and no for the other. Would not "mondayise" Anzac Day as I am happy to give up a day for those who gave up the rest of theirs. But having Waitangi Day changed would be OK, especially as most people like to have their leave around this time anyway, so the economic effects of the extra day are minimised at this time.


Good call to not Mondayise Anzac Day but Waitangi. Those opposing need to take account of what happens now. From my observation, when Waitangi falls on a Thursday people take Thursday and Friday or Monday and Tuesday so the losses are greater overall now. Waitangi is a good time for a long weekend. Queen's Birthday is often bad weather, so drop it.


A bit divided on this. It's an extra two days every seven or eight years or so, which can be seen as an argument either way. On the one hand, it's not going to cause the collapse of NZ business (I don't think productivity can be assumed to be strictly correlated to work hours). On the other hand, hey, it's only two days per few years - suck it up.


We actually have more than enough statutory holidays now, particularly given the parlous state of our economy.
We need more productivity, not less and it will be an interesting test of our national character to see the support, or otherwise for this move.


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