POLL: NBR readers on whether NZ should become a republic

The Royal couple were hugely popular in Auckland last week

NBR ONLINE readers are overwhelmingly in favour of retaining a constitutional monarchy in New Zealand. 

Prompted by lasts week's visit by Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, readers were asked in a poll: Should New Zealand become a republic?

Sixty-six percent said no, while 34% answered yes.

When the Royal couple arrived in New Zealand last week, some took the opportunity to express disdain at this country's allegiance to the monarchy. 

However, Prince Charles and Camilla were well-received by the majority of those they encountered last week, suggesting most people still hold the Royal family in high esteem.  


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USA never gained independence from the crown. its one BIG BANK controlling many different republics over the world.


Shock horror! Right wing readership supports retaining monarchy. Who would have thought?


Proving once again how bad they are at maths. What did this little exercise cost us, again?


Why the hell we've never followed Canadas path I'll never know, the sooner we have our own flag the better, bring on the Silver Fern !!!


And why ? How is it going to improve your quality of life? Do you seriously believe for just one example that the loss of access to the Privy Council has improved the judiciary and legal system?
If it aint broke why fix it.
I feel very comforted to know in the Governor General that there is someone who has the power to dropkick a government back to the polls if we should ever get saddled with some extreme loser party controlling things. History proves it can happen.


Yes death to the House Saxe-Coburg & Gotha

then we can get rid of the company "Her majesty the queen right in New Zealand" which hold our birth certs as assets because we are all tax slaves


The son of a greek and with both parents a direct descendant of Prince Albert shows all the the advantages of in breeding


Where's the poll then?, I'd like to add my voice for getting rid of the irrelevant monarchy, I suppose it gives old woman with tea spoon and tea towel collections something to do but doesn't do anything good for us in this day and age.


You're all asking/answering the wrong question. The question should be - what form of Government should NZ have?
We have a unicameral parliament, with a mainly figurehead Head of State (a Queen, as represented by a Governor-General) with several reserve powers, including the one to dissolve parliament - last used some decades ago in Australia.
Australia and its States, and the UK, all have bi-cameral parliaments with a mainly figurehead Head of State, th Prime Minister having all the power.
The USA and all its States have bi-cameral parliaments, but with a powerful President, or Governor as their Head of State.
Fiji and other countries have a President as Head of State, but the Prime Minister has all the power. Tonga has a King
Malaysia has several hereditary rulers, who take turns being the supreme ruler, but the Prime Minister has most of the power.
First decide the shape we need, THEN decide whether the Head of State should be a Monarch or a President.
And has for the ensign - Australia copied us, so let them change


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