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POLL: NBR readers on who should be new Labour leader

Labour MPs should keep David Shearer as the party's leader, according to NBR ONLINE readers. 

In a poll conducted last week, readers were asked: Who should Labour vote for in the party's February leadership contest?

The results:

  • David Shearer (32%)
  • David Cunliffe (28%)
  • John Tamihere (21%)
  • Jacinda Ardern (14%)
  • David Parker (4%)
  • Grant Robertson (1%)
  • Andrew Little (1%)

Mr Shearer retained the support of the party last month when it voted to keep him on as leader, but his rival Mr Cunliffe has not ruled out a leadership challenge in February. 

Comments and questions

This would be more useful if the poll asked readers to indicate their potential to party vote Labour, and report that distinction.

I don't vote Labour (not with party vote, anyway), and therefore see Shearer as the most attractive option, precisely because I see him as weaker and less likely to lead them to the treasury benches.

But, leaving my PV preference aside, I'd far rather see Cunliffe as PM. And either of them would be better than Donkey.

You do so well with your explanation (and I agree with you) but then ruin it all by your personal comment on John Key. Like him or not, he deserves his name used correctly.

If you were to wade into Labour's leadership talent pool, you'd be hard-pressed to wet your toenails.

What does it matter? The whole country gets screwed over with a Greens dominated agenda under a consolidated MMP coalition, the final tipping point will have been breached once too often.