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POLL: NBR readers on who should front Close Up replacement

Paul Henry and Pippa Wetzell are favourites to jointly front TVNZ's replacement for Close Up, but many NBR ONLINE readers don't care.

Mr Henry is the solo favourite.

TVNZ has previously announced it is considering axing the long-running 7pm show, along with presenter Mark Sainsbury.

In a poll conducted by NBR ONLINE last week, readers were asked who should present the new show?

The results:
- Petra Bagust (2%)
- Tamati Coffey (2%)
- Paul Henry & Pippa Wetzell (19%)
- Paul Henry solo (12%)
- Paul Holmes (4%)
- Mike Hosking (9%)
- Marcus Lush (4%)
- Alison Mau (2%)
- Jack Tame (5%)
- Susan Wood (5%)
- I really don't care (38%)

TVNZ is expected to announce what the new show will be in the coming weeks. 

Comments and questions

TVNZ you are a total joke. Just be honest and call yourself TV Auckland. If I were you I'd be more than a little concerned that 38% dont care (make that 39%)

The whole lot are somewhere between Fluff and Lint.

Really who gives a ...., TVNZ is dead on arrival.

Put John Campbell in the role, to stop him stuffing up a good TV channel- I'm sick of having to change channels when he comes on. Paul Henry could then take the Channel 3 slot- perfect

Paul Henry? Opinionated gnome with an overinflated sense of self worth? Ugh keep him in Aus where he belongs

ONly an Auckland based paper' s readers could believe that Henry will come back into theTVNZ "fold", though I wouldn't have thought Auckland was such a haven for rednecks. But the given that it 's the dumbdowned media city, perhaps I'm wrong.

Need new blood,all the ones suggested are light weights,you would need to have someone with interview skills,a journalist,not some talkback host.All these criteria seem to be out of the job description for TVNZ,who come out with same old tired fare of wannabe's if they could be.

Patrick Gower,none of the above,all past their use by date and frankly BORING predictable.Gower fiesty,intelligent,not been vetted by parliament(?) great interviewer,Next in line would be Sean Plunket,if he was keen?

Who needs Henry; TV been dumbed down enough already.

Most of TVNZ news is old news,they need to revamp the whole format,including Close Up or whatever,in the meantime you can make it 40% who don't care.Any of the above contenders listed are redundant in my book,need someone new,fresh,vibrant,a real investigative journalist,not some lackie who is in someone's back pocket eg"Hoskins and Sky scenario.Otherwise,just one more reason to watch Campbell Live,who have the monopoly.

Sean Plunkett gets my vote .

Agreed, but unfortunately he is smart and sensible, which would rule him out of being on TVNZ

Greg Boyed for me.

With only 12% for Henry that means 48% don't want him after allowing for the 39% who have no opinion.

TVNZ needs a real clean out of its programming and news.

The late news is a re-run of the 6pm news

Take away all the other re-run programs (over the past few weeks in prime time viewing) and there is little else worth watching.

Iain Staples
Michael Laws
Jonathon Marshall
Cameron Slater

Mr Henry did very well in this slot previously as a stand-in and the news based program kept his humour on a leash (which is very witty by the way) and the journalist in him shone. I think he will have learned his lesson not to go too far and he is head and shoulders above the other mediocre contenders.

@ #7 TVNZ (ahem TV Auckland) have plenty of new talent, its called jouranlism school grads working on next to minimum wage

Seriously, next time you watch the news ask yourself the age of the journalist doing a news item... you'll probably be shocked. There isnt a lot of grey hair at TVNZ because it costs money and might challenge those brain dead morons who are the news editors