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Poll sees Internet Mana with two MPs

Internet Mana would have two MPs if an election were held tomorrow, according to a new Herald Digipoll.

The poll puts the new party on 1.4%, just over the threshold to get an Internet Party list MP into the House on Hone Harawira's coat-tails if the Mana leader holds his Te Tai Tokerau electorate (where one survey had him behind Labour's Kelviin Davis). Internet Party leader Laila Harre is expected to top her party's list, which will be announced this Thursday.

The telephone poll of 750 eligible voters began June 6, just after the Internet Party and Mana decided to combined forces to register as a new party, Internet Mana. Their alliance expires six weeks after the September 20 election.

Elsewhere, the poll mirrors two other recent surveys in showing a strong post-budget numbers for National. The party is steady on 50.4% (against 50.8% in March) — which would translate to 64 seats or enough to govern alone.

Labour is up one to 30.5%, the Greens down 2.5% to 11%.

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig would also bring a list MP into Parliament with him should he decide on then win an electorate seat, the poll finds. 

UnitedFuture and ACT did not register enough support to bring in another MP should they hold their single seats.

NZ First was flat on 3.6%.


Comments and questions

Coat tailing, cups of tea etc are all rigged elections. You have politicians saying an electorate cant be trusted to make the right vote.

Seems so funny watching 3rd world elections on CNN coverage commenting on rigged outcomes etc. I suppose at least they are honest about it

Can you please explain what is wrong with a party receiving the number of MPs that its share of the vote represents? That is what coat-tailing provides.

If you can't, I suggest you retract your comment.

Please read in entirety - its about cup of tea deals & the result trigger using MMP etc rules.

My point is certain electorates are being treated as too thick to vote for themselves, by people who consider themselves to know better. Stangely its the more affluent ones that would presumably be better educated?

Go figure

Quite the reverse. Strategic voting requires a degree of intellect and sophistication not obvious in many electorates.

You go from bad to worse. The electorates are not being treated as thick at all. Completely the opposite, they are being treated as sophisticated enough to realise their political objectives are best served by tweaking their votes appropriately to elect a coalition rather than a single party that cannot win a majority.

If you want to complain about something, complain about the threshold favouring the main parties or overhangs created by electorate seats. These are the real rorts along with the conversion of taxpayer funding of parliament and special interest groups into party political campaigns.

Simply I disagree with those currently in office or power controlling parts of the next election.

1 citizen 1 vote. Exercise as you wish, strategically or not - we even have a new protest vote party.

Let those that vote decide.........turning into a novel concept. Not into those who believe more clever than the rest deciding......

I don't think you even understand the system let alone are able to judge its issues accurately.

The political parties control only the candidates they place. The voters control the outcomes.

There are issues with the system but you are a long way from coming to grips with them.

With a 3.6% margin of error in the poll, it's just as likely that the hybrid Alliance Party achieved -2.2% also.

...realistically, besides those being paid to work there, who in their right mind would ever consider voting for them?

that's a maximum 3.6% margin of error...a world of difference with that word maximum..

#1 comment is right. I watched the farce many years ago in both red and blue safe seats during candidate selection. The dodgy back room deals and stacked voting offended all sensibility and all this before a candidate even got to woo the public. This country has got the political system and politicians it deserves. I'm looking forward to some new clowns at the circus.

We should all be very worried about this party gaining a toehold in parliament.

Why the "Shock, Horror" of them getting in on a quirk of the law, and then changing that law? Herr Hitler did it - he became Chancellor in accordance with the law at the time, then changed the law.

At a previous election or by-election it was pointed out that not many in the electorate own land lines so I wonder how accurate this poll might be

All of the changes are within the margin of error for the poll - so all could be wrong!

The Oz election syndrome of a collapsed Labour ( & Green ) party vote will prevail in Sept, so all this chatter about coat tailing rorts won't matter