Poll shows support for dumping MMP

Nearly half of voters want to ditch MMP, according to a new poll.

The Herald-Digi Poll survey found 49 percent would vote to ditch the proportional voting system; 35.8 percent wanted to retain it and 15.2 percent were undecided.

The referendum was a government election pledge.

MMP replaced the first past the post system in 1996 and allowed smaller parties to be represented in Parliament.

Justice Minister Simon Power last month announced a referendum would be held at the next election asking whether voters wish to change the voting system from MMP and what alternative voting system they would prefer, from a list of options.

If the vote was for change a second binding referendum would be held at the same time as the 2014 general election and would run off MMP against the alternative that gained the most votes in the first referendum.

Anti MMP campaigner Peter Shirtcliffe told The New Zealand Herald he wasn't surprised by the strong support for change but said the two stage referendum process was too slow.

"It's an outrage. We should be rearing up on our hind legs about the delay in getting rid of this."

Green co-leader Metiria Turei said some negative responses might reflect concerns with aspects of MMP rather than the whole system.

There was widespread misunderstanding of MMP, she said.

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Yes Metira the public are obviously all dumb & the Greens know best! - NOT!
Fact is your dog & pony show with NIL elected MP's is one of the main reasons for getting rid of MMP


I hope the 49% of voters do not want to go back to the good ol' days of FPP. A flaud electoral system where even if a party has majority does not mean they will govern. I thinking tweaking to the current system is in order but not a dumping of it.


The Green's Rod Donald was one of the greatest promoters and beneficiaries from MMP; it allowed the Green Party to enter Parliament in coalition with the opportunistic Dictator of the Labour Party. Donald knew that this was the only way his bunch of lunatics, was ever going to be able to influence the future direction of the country.
The result was the introduction of some of the worst legislation NZ has ever endured, all lunatic ideology; and the prolonging of the reign of the most dangerous Prime Minister the country has ever had.
This coupled with the presence in Parliament, and in Cabinet of failed electoral politicians, and some who have never ever been politicians in the past; is one of the main reasons why MMP must go and be replaced by a system which guarantees thta only elected politicians will be in Parliament.


Once again politicians don't want to accept a reality check - when can we just get on with it and make it happen.


I voted for MMP, but unfortunately, the relative poor performance of the minor parties has been really disappointing from across the spectrum. The system has encouraged mediocrity, like FPP did. Tweaks, or something like STV might be better.


I never voted for MMP -FPP or a version of it is good enough for AUS/USA/UK then it should be fine for NZ.
MMP has been a diaster giving parties who have got 5% of the vote (in some cases less) too greater say in how the country is run i.e the Maori Party at the moment.
Its a joke if its going to take to 2017 for a change to be made if that is the mandate of people.


The timing of all this is great: An initial referendum as the ETS nonsense begins to bite and possibly the result of some foreshore and seabed litigation too.
Joe Public will see this as a heaven-sent opportunity to get rid of the fringe elements responsible for such idiocy, and make sure they never again enjoy such influence.
Although FPP is not perfect (democracy isn't either). But on balance, I prefer the slightly undemocratic tyranny of the majority to the completely out-of-kilter tyranny of minority and unelected representation.
I take from this poll that my views are those of the majority.
We've experimented with the nutters. Time to get back to reality.


Just imagine when an electoral MP who loses his seat on election night or putting it another way gets dumped by the voters ,he stays dumped,not like LABOURS DAVID PARKER who got that very thing ,yet on the following Monday he was a RETREAD MP,back once more to live off the Public Teat,what an abomination,JUST DUMP MMP.


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