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Polls spell bad news for Labour

Two political polls out over the weekend spell bad news for Labour.

The latest One News Colmar Brunton poll had National winning 56% of the party vote, while Labour would only win 30% of the vote.

That would give National 69 seats, enough to govern alone.

A 3 News poll was not quite such bad news for Labour, but it still gave National 67 seats.

Prime Minister John Key has said National will still consult with support parties (Act, Maori Party, United Future) even if the party wins enough seats to govern alone.

The general election is to take place on November 26.

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Comments and questions

more of the same,labour is nuked!!!

Once again, they publish results for decided voters only, expressed as a percentage of 100.

Can someone please ask them for the number of undecided, won't say and won't vote numbers. No-one will have more than 50% of the voter "market". That's why the main parties are desperately doing deals to have up coalition partners.

Expressing results for decided voters only tells us nothing in a MMP environment.

I couldn't understand why the electorate sample was so clear cut when there seemed to be a lot of angst about Government policy on education policy and asset sales amongst other things.

Thanks no name supplied for your comments.

It now makes more sense and why the negotiations over minor parties is so intense.

Pity the media don't provide a more balanced commentary and analysis.

Why doesn' Goof just concede now and save the country $millions, we could also send him off to the UN next year .....who's going to take his job, I say that butch Union official from Wellington

Only a fool would vote labour

No political party has won more than 50% of the vote since 1951 – and that was an unusual election about a waterfront strike.

But every election, the polls show some party having a 50%+ lead, about 3-6 months before election day.

Amazing to see so many Labour MP's doing nothing but watching careers go to the wall ... and so they should for sitting on their hands!! hope you get less than 30% of the vote nov26!! Perhaps that'll give you the clean out you need in the party

Bad news for Labour, good news for New Zealand.