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Ports of Auckland privacy complaints quietly resolved

Ports of Auckland and four employees have agreed a confidential settlement over privacy complaints.

Information leaks about port workers were made during the bitter industrial dispute between the Auckland Council-controlled port company and the Maritime Union.

The dispute featured to a series of lockouts and strikes and is still unresolved.

The highest profile leak, published on Cameron Slater’s Whale Oil blog, involved striking port worker Cecil Walker and the time-off granted in 2007 and 2008 when his late wife was terminally ill.

A story on NBR ONLINE traversed the background of the Maritime Union’s bargaining team.

An agreed statement by Ports of Auckland and the Council of Trade Unions says: “Privacy complaints made by four Ports of Auckland employees last year have been resolved with the assistance of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

"All parties agree that, in the circumstances, the matter has been resolved satisfactorily and the terms of resolution should remain confidential. No further comment will be made.”

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Comments and questions

So Whale Oil gets all the publicity from the original leak, which was one of the most blatant abuses of privacy ever and specifically designed to further inflame a bitter industrial dispute. Yet the action over the release is confidential and can't be publicised!

And elsewhere NBR is debating whether Whale Oil is a blogger or a journalist!

'confidential and can't be be publicised'.
As All the best stories are these days. It's only the misinformation and trivia which gets printed in the MSM. Hence the rise of the blogosphere if you really want to know what is really going on.