Ports shows good faith, union picket remains

The Ports of Auckland (PoAL) has stalled its contracting out process but the Maritime Union’s picket remains in place.

PoAL agreed to delay its contracting out process until after a judicial settlement conference on Monday. The decision was made last night during an Employment Court phone conference, before Judge Barry Travis, between the Maritime Union and PoAL.

Union president Garry Parsloe says he is happy with the outcome but the picket will not come down.

Mr Parsloe says the picket is "just an information centre" and no industrial action was happening.

While PoAL might want the picket removed, the company followed Judge Travis's urging and did not to comment to NBR Online.

Judge Travis' minute from the conference can be read here.

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I am an employer and owner of 2 companies with a toatl workforce of > 1300 both unionised and non. I understand the frustration of dealing with the unions - however, I am ashamed of the POAL management/Board efforts todate - you cannot find a more inept, unskilled pack of managers - yet your reproting is slanted towards anti maritime union bias. You need to examine the facts and ask the tough questions (but, no doubt Coleman is more worried about advert dollars and the company paid bar tab at the northern club.


Have you ever dealt with the maritime union or similar - or has your experience been limited to the like of clerical workers, insurance workers or the like? Your comments suggest you have not - you sound naive frankly


actually, with one of my companies, I do deal with the aforementioned union and in fact have had involvement with the current leaders (in a related industry). I suggest you remove your personal feelings (or, failings?) and act as a professional (rather than the current POAL leadership which is an example of the old boys club and lack of maturity or strategic leadership aside from easy greed).


How is a 'peaceful assembly/ protest' exercising 'freedom of expression' a 'picket'?

There is quite a difference between a 'picket' and a peaceful 'protest'?



Industrial action by unionized workers (called pickets) who either are on, or are trying to gather support for, a strike by assembling near the entrance to the employer's premises.

Pickets try to persuade

(1) coworkers to join them,

(2) workers of other firms (such as delivery men) to refuse to enter the premises, and

(3) customers to refrain from doing business with their employer. To be lawful, picketing is usually required to be approved in a union ballot.

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/picketing.html#ixzz1pFpoP4c7

I support the Ports of Auckland workers and their families continuing to exercise their lawful right to 'peaceful assembly' and 'freedom of expression'.

Along with others - I have spent some time at this 'protest' at Fergusson Wharf and encourage others who are opposed to privatisation of the Ports of Auckland by stealth (contracting out) to do the same.

Penny Bright


you are a bloody disgrace, thank god Auckland is stuck with you and not Wellington....got some new friends not your occupy bludgers have been given the boot...

stand tall the POAL, dont let the thugs and crooks take you down...check out what parsloe is also involved in and you will find he might even be leading on of the new stevedoring contractor firms...dollar each way....feel sorry for the poor lemmings who will lose their jobs, but it will not be parsloe


Penny bright - did you have to cross this "peaceful assembly" last monday ??? No ?? then don't comment on what you know nothing about !! the non-union staff arrived at work shaking and intimidated as they were sifted by the union to be allowed to pass.. It is a shambles - all we hear about is the union workers - they choose thier actions and are making more than their members jobs redundatnt !!!


Union has lost the battle now they are just sore loosers. Their leadership is just crap. Do not accept such good offers for their 300 members both Helen Kelly and Gary should resign. They are remernants of old union style no longer useful in modem negotiation tactics. Time for new blood in the CTU and MUNZ.


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