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Private Bin: MED man lends support to Diplock in Paris

Green eyes and big mouths first put out the rumour that more than a dozen Securities Commission staff junketed to Paris for an annual conference this year.

Our inquiries put the actual figure at nine: five staff plus four partners (who paid their own airfares, as reported in NBR’s print edition last month). But after further inquiries to Paris, the number has now gone up to a nice round contingent of 10.

It turns out a Ministry for Economic Development official also attended – paid for by MED. No one has been able to tell us why someone from the MED was required to attend the conference that saw SecCom chair Jane Diplock re-elected as chairwoman of the International Organisation of Securities Commission (IOSCO) but apparently someone from the ministry backs her up every year.

The whole thing cost the SecCom $87,000.

Comments and questions

Really this story is on the lighter side of the gross squandering of tax payer money that has gone on under Helen Clark's leadership. Readers will recall some of the other stories. Conferences at the Chateau, and other classy venues. Hip Hop study tours overseas and the like.
When you look back at the billions in surpluses that have been available to this current government, more than ever in NZ history, one wonders what we have really got to show for it all.
Bits of new motorway here and there. A fancy new flyover in Winston's old Electorate. 120 armoured personnel carriers, which mainly sit in the workshops. Some offshore fisheries patrol boats.
Have we seen one major new project in all those years? Like the huge factories built at Motonui in the '90's. A new steel or aluminium factory. A new oil refinery. A big new meat processing Plant? no, I dont think so.
We have seen shoals of factories closed and moved offshore.
What a legacy to look back on, Labour! Helen and Michael, hang your heads in shame!