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Quickflix hooks up with Panasonic TVs

UPDATE May 30: Quickflix continues to expand - if not in content, then at least in platforms.

The streaming video provider said today that Panasonic will support its service through TVs in its Viera Connect range.


Quickflix NZ releases movie streaming app for iPhone, iPad; makes Android promise

May 21: Quickflix has released an app that will let you watch its video streaming service on an iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.

The app is free from Apple's iTunes AppStore. Quickflix charges from $9.99 a month for unlimited access to modest library of movies and TV series.

Quickflix NZ managing director Paddy Buckley told NBR ONLINE that Android versions of the app comming "soon" and would appear first in a tie-up with Samsung's Galaxy series.

But while Quickflix has found many platforms willing to support its service (earlier it announced Sony's PlayStation3, Sony Bravia TV and Microsoft Xbox Live deals), getting a decent content line up for the NZ market has proved a harder slog.

Earlier today, Mr Buckley said his company welcomed a Commerce Commission draft report that found tightly-held video-on-demand rights a potential barrier to fast internet uptake.

"Given the high cost of the national rollout, it is important that any barriers to the uptake of these services are identified and addressed for the benefit of consumers," Mr Buckley said. 

Earlier, Quickflix CEO Chris Taylor noted that although HBO is one of its major investors, Quickflix is unable to carry HBO shows on its New Zealand service (it does carry HBO content in Australia).

Sky TV CEO John Fellet shot back that there are exclusive premium content arrangements in every country. Mr Fellet says such arrangements are necessary to recoup the costs of making or buying rights to cable TV series.

Comments and questions

Unfortunately it does not play videos, shows up error message.

The whole Quickflix launch seems a bit underwhelming really.

Poor pricing and lack of content, then launching for a minority mobile platform first...

Who's running the show, a graduate?

Overpriced for the content on offer.