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Radio Live’s Jackson on incitement notice

Bolshie broadcaster Willie Jackson is on notice of legal action if he continues to incite violence among strikers at Ports of Auckland (PoAL).

No legal action will be taken against him or his Radio Live employer – for now.

But that is very likely to change if Mr Jackson repeats his calls for picket-line aggression, occupation and violence.

The former trade unionist and Alliance MP apologised quickly after using his Radio Live talkback show to incite strikers militant action backfired this week.

NBR Online readers overwhelmingly condemned Mr Jackson’s call for strikers to whack the cars of people driving through pickets, “bust their placards over scabs” and get aggressive.

In a long tirade against PoAl and its chairman Richard Pearson, Mr Jackson said in his day people who crossed a picket got “a punch in the head.”

He said if the strikers wanted to win something “you’ve got to get a bit physical…”

In the face of condemnation Mr Jackson later accused PoAl and NBR of conspiring to get him off air.

NBR Online understands lawyers were consulted over Mr Jackson’s inflammatory comments and Mr Pearson says he will review what action to take if Mr Jackson repeats the incitement.

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Comments and questions

Wacko Jacko's typical of the left-wing radical no-laws-apply-to us whiny nutcases.

You wouldn't give him the steam off your urine on a cold winter's morning to put him out if he was on fire.

I wonder if all his food tastes like bull shit - or only after he's been on air?

Don't know why, Radio Live just doesn't let this guy go.

I agree, but also get rid of that racist Michael Laws as well.

I am Māori and I have listened to JT and Willie Jackson's afternoon programme as well and some of his comments just like Michael Laws are beyond disgusting and if a caller berrates him or disagrees with him, he insults them then cuts them off.

I think the problem lies with the people that employ them...RADIO LIVE They give Carte Blanche to classless and racist Motor Mouths like these 2 imbiciles all in the name of ratings.

Radio Live are hardly likely to dump Jackson for being left wing. Have any of you listened to that wet idiot Marcus Lush who opines on everything under the sun from a left wing point of view. Obviously this is a deliberate policy of the station with 2 of these plonkers employed there.

willie & jt are compulsive listening, but agree with your comments about that 'wet idiot' who they let run breakfast - the upside is he led me to discover RNZ's 6 - 9 show....

Don't see why these left wing nutters are allowed to carry on and on with their poison. Get rid of him now. Isn't it amusing that despite being a leftie, his son goes to King's College!!!

If this was the likes of Larry Willimas or Mike Hosking that made comments like this they would be out the door, but no we can't do anything to poor little willie becuase they would be racist. Pull your head in Jackson, or if you have any pulls why don't you quit and go and join your commie mates on the picket line.

Actually, the above pic encapsulates Willie, perfectly. He's had a lobotomy.

And suffering from extreme constipation by the pained look on his face. From all that bs he has had to swallow back and then, attempt to regurgitate.

Socialists are basically violent, ill read, unreasonable despots, just waiting to bash everything and everyone who does not accept their version of Utopia. A workers paradise, just like China, The former Soviet Empire and Albania.

Jackson represents the yellow underbelly of those who see their hopes of a nice comfy union run commie state being destroyed under their watch, and his reaction shows he has more chips on his shoulder than Smith&Smith could ever repair. What's his plan B?Oh, of course, they are already on trial.

NBR channels kiwiblog.

Just for a change.

What a pack of whiney crybabies you lot are. harden up and let free speech roll you pseudo right wingers.

If you don't like him simply turn your radio to another station. Thus, in a civilised way, removing your support and taking him off air.

What makes you whiners think you should only have on air people you agree with. Pathetic.

Doctor, the ones who turn the radio off are no danger to the innocent people trying to do a days work....its the other rabble who become incited by him that are the issue....what exactly are you a doctor of again?

Willie and JT rock!!!

While "The Doctor" is correct that free speech dictates that WJ can stay on the air and be a raving looney, it also means other people can get on here (or elsewhere) and expose him for the lazy, self-opinionated, hypocritical, racist crackpot he is. Works both ways.

Ironic, Ken, that all of those adjectives you used apply equally to the posters here.

Encouraging others to use violence, in a non-war situation when there is rule of law, is not acceptable in any society.

Race comes into it as Willie uses race to differentiate himself.

I see what you did there.

Kia kaha Willie and smash those scabs!

You just proved my point in the comment sad....

Barry Colman is a cock

I listen to his show when I am driving, he is a nut case and it is halarious, he's having a great time ribbing everybody and people ring up and give him stick too,
it's great entertainment, lighten up you guys. Tired of all the PC rubbish.