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RAW DATA: David Parker's letter to Police Commissioner Mike Bush asking for Crimes Act investigation into Collins, Slater, Graham

RAW DATA: Labour Party shadow Attorney General David Parker's letter to Police Commissioner Mike Bush, asking for an investigation under the Crimes Act into allegations raised againt Judith Collins, Cameron Slater, Carrick Graham and others following leaked emails:

1 September 2014


Mr Mike Bush

Commissioner of Police

New Zealand Police

180 Molesworth Street



Dear Sir


Conspiring to defeat the Course of Justice and other matters


You will be aware of allegations against the former Minister of Justice Hon Judith Collins, Cameron Slater, Carrick Graham and others concerning:

·        Undermining of the Serious Fraud Office

·        Undermining of the Financial Markets Authority

·        Undermining of the head of the SFO

·        Intimidation of witnesses, including Mr Gapes,

in relation to the SFO and FMA investigation into the affairs of the Hanover Group of companies and their directors.


You will also be aware of allegations against the former Minister of Justice, Cameron Slater, and others concerning:

·        Use of personal information regarding Simon Pleasants to incite threats

·        In respect of the Minister, the corrupt use of personal information regarding Simon Pleasants to obtain an advantage (section 105A of the Crimes Act)

·        Use of that information (section 105B of the Crimes Act)


You will also be aware of allegations against Jason Ede, Cameron Slater, Aaron Bhatnagar, and others concerning:

·        Accessing the Labour Party computer system in breach of section 249 and 252 of the Crimes Act

·        The use of dynamic (ie changing) email and computer addresses to avoid detection


These are serious matters that go to the heart of administration of justice in New Zealand and public confidence in democracy and the rule of law.


I would ask that you urgently investigate these matters. I am concerned that there is evidence, including computer records that urgently need to be secured and preserved.


In making this request, I am aware that you exercise your role independently, and that these decisions are yours to make. 


Yours faithfully


Hon David Parker

Shadow Attorney General

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Comments and questions

Not only are the emails an issue but the fact that crime is concealed deliberately by people at the very top is also of concern.

8 years ago I raised an issue that we had a law enforcement authority AWINZ which was not a statutory body and had no legal existence under any statute . I was sued. denied a hearing, no evidence was produced and the cover up has involved several government departments and persons at dizzy heights.

The evidence which I have proves that i was not wrong. the tactics which are now coming to light show that dirty politics definitely exist.

I wonder when some one will initiate an investigation into the role of ministers , ministerial staff and heads of government departments in the concealment of corruption.

Fair enough

If Collins and co are innocent they will have no issues with a Police investigation

Parker makes valid points
""These are serious matters that go to the heart of administration of justice in New Zealand and public confidence in democracy and the rule of law."""

In any other country the authorities would already be on the case
Also the legal profession which administers the rule of law would also be vocal and wanting clarity - but ofcourse in NZ our legal profession and Law Society are morally and ethically corrupt

Surely there are Solicitors or Judges out there who are principled and will stand up and insist on some action.

What a strange letter. Was it written by a school kid?

What David Parker conveniently forgets is that the first complaints are heard first, the second second etc...

There's just the matter of misappropriated funds around the $840K region that was deliberately stolen to fund pledge cards in an attempt to screw the scrum in a previous election.

Then the "cover-up" that required retrospective legislation changes to avoid prosecuting itself.

It seems the law makers at the time were also the deliberate and cynical law breakers colluding in political fraud and theft for their own pecuniary advantage - paid by the tax payer illegally for the Labour Party's benefit... and they still lost.

Get in line Parker - no political interference in police matters. Earlier, previous complaints first... and some complaints date back to 2005...


Neither situation is right - whether it's Labour or National breaking the law

So you can't justify what is currently going on by referring to what has gone on previously - time to put a stop to all of this

This isn't political - it's the fundamentals of NZ law being broken here

"Fundamentals of law eh"...

Yet you seem to think stolen emails - via electronic breaking and entering - used as a framework to write a book with many, many false, long bow conclusions drawn is "completely factual" and on that basis alone, the entire government is complicit in some giant conspiracy?

Medications should only be taken as directed good Doctor - and never self-administered.

This entire saga is nothing but a huge political "gotcha" beat-up coordinated with complicit, sympathetic media and the political Left.

Exactly. Two wrongs assuredly make a right.

Paid professional blogger for the establishment, by any chance?

Theres nothing more transparent than this letter, and we havent seen a great deal of transparency lately.

Well that is precious. The Police have failed to investigate complaints made against the Labour Party that go back as far as the 2005 election so a bit sanctimonious of Parker to now get on his high horse. The main issue is that Hagar has twice published books for pecuniary gain based on hacked and stolen emails (and of course always anti-National). Get in line Parker, there are plenty of complaints ahead of yours and rather more serious.

Yes - and to see just how out of step NZ's MSM is in relation to breaches of privacy and stolen data - just compare and contrast all the other MSM everywhere else in the world and their coverage of hacked and stolen photo's of "celebrities"

Different stolen material - same method and end result though. The contrasting angles are very, very telling.

Utu and revenge has surely tainted the MSM's perception of morals, when the NZ MSM can actively look to profit and gloat with glee over illegal actions inflicted onto superior journalists at Whaleoil. The MSM should be decrying illegal activities instead of celebrating illegal activities.

But the good news is that the MSM's actions have highlighted the workload for the BSA for the next while - unless of course the EPMU is imbedded in there also?

Harrumph, yes yes, quite right!

Our boy does no wrong!

And Judy's utu doesn't count, eh what.