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RAW DATA: Full text of UK hospital's letter to 2Day FM

RAW DATA: Full text of letter from King Edward VII Hospital chairman Lord Glenarthur to Max Moore-Wilton, chairman of 2Day FM parent company Southern Cross Austereo.

I am writing to protest in the strongest possible terms about the hoax call made from your radio station, 2Day FM, to this hospital last Tuesday.

King Edward VII's Hospital cares for sick people, and it was extremely foolish of your presenters even to consider trying to lie their way through to one of our patients, let alone actually make the call.

Then to discover that, not only had this happened, but that the call had been pre-recorded and the decision to transmit approved by your station's management, was truly appalling.

The immediate consequence of these premeditated and ill-considered actions was the humiliation of two dedicated and caring nurses who were simply doing their job tending to their patients.

The longer term consequence has been reported around the world and is, frankly, tragic beyond words.

I appreciate that you cannot undo the damage which has been done but I would urge you to take steps to ensure that such an incident could never be repeated.

PA mm

Read the reply here.

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Comments and questions

The station and the staff should be put on manslaughter charges

Oh paleeeeze ! Lets get some perspective here! It was a silly little prank turned into a tragedy by your heinous, despicable, sanctimonious British media!

heads must roll

As Australians we are ashamed by the irresponsible actions of the radio station 2Day FM that caused Jacintha to take her life..

We believe they are responsible for her death and should lose their broadcast licence immediately.

If Jacintha's husband or family reads this, on behalf of the people of this country we feel anguish for your loss. There are no adequate words that can say how sad we all feel for you.

Speak for yourself idiot! You don't speak for Australia.

Neither do you

You must be the idiot with your attitude!

I would hope that the broadcast regulatory authority ACMA for once in their life take a deep breath and suspend 2DayFM license. It is they who recorded the stunt, let their lawyers check it, and then let it go to air. There is a vile sickness in Sydney radio in general.

Its been a common practice in Australian radio to do prank calls for well over 30 years. Radio Artists/Comedians make albums that sell and a few budding comedians even try to copy this idea. In our customer service doctrine we are willing to acknowledge the tragic circumstances however we do not take responsibility for the Hospitals poor customer service and crisis management, given that in the UK hoax calls are considered a crisis. We find it unreasonable that we are expected to be responsible for the tragic outcome of a standard pulp broadcast feature however we do feel for the loss which has occurred. Mental illness is a problem here in Australia to and we feel for the family whom are the real victims and have to deal with the consequences of mental illness. Suicide is a real problem in mental health circles and we will not be supporting it as a means to solve our own problems either. We expect that the UK will now review its Quality processes for handling phone calls and monitoring suicidal staff members so that this does not occur again. Once again our sympathy is with the Hospital over this matter.

LOL Fail, published this letter yesterday morning after the press went nuts, now the media is claiming they had it first :\

Most comments, and even the letter itself, imply the call was the primary cause for the tragic suicide. The majority of mental health professionals strongly disagree. I would note also that, particularly at this time and due to very dire financial consequences of NHS shakeup policies, the positions of Health Trust chairman have become extremely partisan. The UK has, for centuries, hailed its press and broadcasting standards as being 'the best in the world. The last 16 months have seen this collective myth throughly dissembled with the ever-broadening News Corp & Savile investigations. With the News of the World being the first card to fall and Rupert Murdock as a long-despised figure for being seen to have peronally lowered the standards in the UK, this chance to grab the high moral ground for Brits seems to be too good to be true. Despite it being shouted from the bottom of the ethical abyss, it is being carried to the heavens by the digital echo of social media.

This has nothing what so ever to do with media standards. Prank calls are very much a part of Australian Radio and happen everyday. Gotcha calls for example are one of a lot of peoples favorite part of the working morning as we go about our business. So much so that after we make one we play it over and over through the day and the week. They do not usually drive people to suicide. I would say that the another real issue is the stupidity of doing a gotcha call on the Royal Family however prior to the suicide they were laughing it off right. Once again we all probably feel for the loss of the Hospital and the Family of the deceased. We probably would not even think that it was a major underlying problem with the deceased either it could be just the shock of the inability to handle such a huge bout of exposure which led to a massive panic episode that otherwise would not of happened. However none of these things are really interconnected and this is sad just like numerous other not reported suicides every other day of the week. It has absolutely nothing what so ever to do with broad casting spy saga phone hacking or the like. The lack of judgement with trying to play a prank on the royal family is not connected to the lack of judgement of the victim and the lack of support after this global media exposure she received. If anything you can blame the Royals for trying to harness rock star status to try and rekindle the horrible British empire. What where they thinking. On the other hand thank you very much, this is just more proof about why Australia has to abandon the Monarchy and the UK and sever the umbilical cord, stand on our own two feet with the support of the USA, China and India and become an Independent Republic.

Dear Darragh,

What nonsense. It has everything to do with media standards.

The radio station's purpose was to, by deception, obtain information to which they had no legitimate entitlement. That the Radio station's management thought it harmless suggests a total lack of standards and judgment.

That this sought of purile "joke" infests the Australian airwaves, does not mean that it is legitimate or that it complies with any standard. It simply demonstrates how standards have dropped.

To suggest that the Radio hosts and the station should not shoulder the blame is reprehensible.

They created the circumstances which evolved toa point where an innocent person has been publicly humiliated, and placed under significant pressure. Public humiliation, of course was the point of the call.

Kate's hospital could have easily afforded a 24/7 fully trained and experienced Receptionist. That would have stopped the prank.

It's sad to hear this. I think it was more the publicity after the prank that brought on mega impending doom. I thought she handled it quite well given the circumstances. It's very sad. The DJs are undergoing counselling. While this is not a really violent situation it does pay to have trained professionals whom are also well equipped to deal with such tragedy. Such as Angel Hands, who are there to help people and be a friend during these times. It's very important to keep in mind that at times like this you really need good friends, not people who are going to poke you and trample.