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RAW DATA: Wheedle promises independent review

Auction site Wheedle, which shut down indefinitely on Tuesday, has sent the following email to members.

It claims a security glitch that allowed one member to change another member's reserve and buy-now pricing was the result of a Monday night performance upgrade gone wrong.

It also promises an independent review before the site comes back online.

RAW DATA: Email from Wheedle general manager Carl Rees to members, Wed Oct 3:

Dear Wheedle Member,

I made a decision yesterday morning to take Wheedle offline.

On Monday night our tech team made some tweaks and changes to the website to improve its performance and speed. These changes were deployed to the website without first passing through our normal test protocols. We quickly discovered that the changes were causing problems with the auction listing prices. There was also some concern raised around password security and retrieval. Please rest assured that your password has been, at all times, strongly encrypted and stored in our database. We are also exploring alternative ways to further increase password security.

In light of these events, we are undertaking a complete review of the website including engaging an independent firm to carry out a full a check of the security of the website.

We experienced a very positive interest in Wheedle and we had an astounding member uptake. We will be back soon, better, stronger and safer.

I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your support.

Comments and questions

Another TradeMe wannabe fails at the first hurdle! First Wheedle and now ListSellTrade... I've been watching these new sites come to market with the hope that one can make a difference and give us a real alternative to TradeMe... I've had my eye on for a while now and I think they have a model that may give TradeMe a run for its money! Their point of difference is they give 50% of their fees back to the buyers chosen charity! They have over 200 charities backing them so if all these charities supporters get switched onto USave they'll start generating some massive donations to their favorite causes and keep the money within the New Zealand community... rather than sending profits back to Aussie like TradeMe!

with people like Mr Graham backing them you can be sure that you hav'n't seen the last of wheedle . Wheedle isn't a trade me wannabe , it's a kiwi answer to aussie corporate greed . People like mr Anonymous should be welcoming new competition in this category instead of putting them down before he's really seen the rest of the iceberg .