Member log in launches new Android app has made its property finding phone application available on the Android platform.

The application has proven popular on the iPhone with over 40,000 downloads since its release onto iPhones in December. The application records 750 hits daily and this traffic more than doubles on weekends. chief executive Alistair Helm says it is an important step because research has shown that there are more Android users in the US, UK and Australia; a trend he expects to follow in New Zealand.

Mr Helm says that the new technology is making the property market more dynamic and speeding up the process of buying and selling real estate.

A third of people using mobile devices with internet access use their phones to research property, information released in a Nielsen Real Estate survey shows.

Mr Helm says that being the first real estate company to have an application available on both platforms is a big advantage for the company. is an provider of websites for the New Zealand real estate industry. 

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