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Report: first Android netbook to cost $US250

The first laptop running Google’s Android OS is just three months away.

A Computerworld US report has little-known Chinese company Skyzone Transmission Technologoes releasing an Android netbook, called the Alpha 680 around July.

Prototypes of the Apha 680, built around a low-cost ARM processor, where actually shown at a trade show in Hong Kong last week, but it has taken slow Westerners a couple of days to twig.

The Alpha 680 could prove to be Android’s trailblazer, but most eyes will still be on the world’s number one PC maker, HP, which is currently testing a netbook running on Google’s operating system, which was originally developed for smartphones.

The industry's attention is also on Microsoft and its pending OS upgrade, Windows 7 which, unlike Vista, will be able to run on a netbook.

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