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Rolf Harris could be out of jail within three years

Disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris was given a five year, nine month sentence overnight NZ time, but a Guardian report says he could be out within three years with good behaviour.

On Monday, a jury unanimously found Harris guilty of 12 indecent assaults against four girls — including one aged just seven or eight.

At his sentencing Friday, the judge made some jail terms concurrent and some consecutive, giving a total which was less than some observers had predicted. 

The bad news for Harris: Attorney General Dominic Grieve is set to review the sentence following immediate complaints it was too light.


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Comments and questions

He will die in there, he will not come out through the gate that he went though to get in there, some will say dammed good job, some will say he didn't deserve that in his final years, I'm one of the ones that says dammed good job sleeze ball!!!.....RIP!!!

One would hope bail is opposed

Claim action growing but I note he spent days putting his financial affairs in order - read attempting to put out of reach.

"Trust British justice? Sure can".