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Rolls Royce pays Qantas $A95m after engine blast

Rolls Royce has paid Qantas $A95 million after an engine explosion on a flight to Singapore caused Qantas to ground its entire fleet of Airbus A380 jumbo jets.

The explosion, which happened last November, caused considerable disruption for Qantas and revealed safety concerns about the type of engine used.

The engine was a Rolls Royce Trent 900 and the incident prompted other airlines using the same type of engine to ground their planes.

Qantas revealed the payout from Rolls Royce in a profit guidance update issued to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) today.

But the explosion and subsequent grounding of its A380s was just one of a number of events that hurt Qantas’s bottom line recently.

Weather interruptions including the Queensland floods and the current volcanic ash clouds delays cost the airline $A206 million.

Qantas forecast a full-year profit of $A500 million to $A550 million.