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Rugby game highlights ‘farcical’ Easter liquor laws

This Friday’s Super 14 match in Wellington between the Hurricanes and the Crusaders shows New Zealand’s liquor laws are “out-dated and farcical” and in need of reform.

The message comes from Adam Cunningham, president of the Wellington branch of the Hospitality Association, who has highlighted some of the bizarre consequences of the rules around selling liquor at Easter.

Fans attending the Good Friday match-up at Westpac Stadium will be able to buy a beer before, during and after the game from the venue while Crusaders supporters travelling up from Canterbury will be able to have a drink on the ferry or plane on the way.

But Mr Cunningham said there is one thing none of these fans will be able to do and that is have a drink at the bar either before or after the match; those wanting to watch the game at their local bar will also be sadly disappointed.

New Zealand’s “archaic” laws say that on Good Friday and Easter Sunday you cannot have a drink at a bar unless you are there for the purpose of dining.

Mr Cunningham said if you like rugby and a beer get along to the stadium this Friday.

“If you prefer to watch the rugby at your local, then talk to your local Member of Parliament about updating New Zealand’s archaic liquor laws.”

Comments and questions

More like talk to your local Rugby Union about why they would schedule a game like that on Good Friday when they KNOW that there is an effective liquor ban that day.

Good Friday (and the liquor laws) have been around a good deal longer than the Super 14 so the powers that be ought to have known better.

And the other countries likely to be watching it are all Christian Countries and quite likely to be subject to the same or similar laws themselves (so surely they should understand the lack of a game that night(or morning as the case may be)).

Why didn't they schedule it Thursday?

What countries are Christian?
Christians seem to think that everyone else has joined their ridiculous cults.

NZ is not majority Christian, neither is Australia and South Africa may be christian but anyone that has been there can see that they, like many 'christians' act with a fair amount of un-christian morals.
These christians in NZ seem to think that they run the country but the reality is that the rational thinking people realise that freedom of choice is seemingly not a christian ethic....they waffle on about forgiveness and understanding and then get all sour and tormented if anyone wants to do anything they don't like from one of there thousands of rules....leave the rest of us alone and stay at home and pray for goodness sake.

Why the necessity to hold the game at all on Good Friday?

Why the need to drink beer

It is a good law....having to eat when having a drink. It is civilised, sensible and sociable. Get a life Adam Cunningham. Why not have something to soak up the alcohol. Whats wrong with a plate of finger food or, dare I say it....a plate of french fries?

There is nothing wrong with having snacks while drinking, however on this particular holiday, the law stats that the patrons must attend to bar for the purpose of dining, and only the may have an accompanying drink.

A plate of fries or bread is not legally enough, apparantly, A full meal per person drinking is required... A tad excessive I say.

Hasn't the time passed when it could be considered acceptable to impose quaint religious days and restrictions upon the rest of the population?

If certain Christians don't want to drink or shop on certain days - thats absolutely fine - just they should not have any right to consider they have any right to impose their minority wills on everyone else.

The same of course should apply to all other religious ceremonial days.

Why should we have to pander to any group's religious belief? Can the stupid good friday restrictions.

And when you stop pandering and can the Good Friday restrictions will you also can the holiday? Why commemorate an event you aren't willing to honour?

Goodie - what a generalising, impotent homophobe you are. I will keep praying for people like you but I will not tell you not to rant, rave and express your inconsequential attitude - that would bring me down to your level and am not sure I could come back from those depths. Look up what "Cult" means and do some homework of Christianity. Christ did live and was crucified and he believed he was doing it for the greater good, and even the lesser Goodie (like yourself) - that's good enough for me. And yes, I will have a beer watching the game on Friday night and will think of you and feel nothing but sorrow - you probably support Wellington as well, that's strike two . . . . an the clock is ticking

Pity it seems you CANT'T enjoy being at a rugby game without a beer - religion has nothing to do with it !!

Pity it seems you CANT'T enjoy being at a rugby game without a beer - religion has nothing to do with it !!

Pity it seems you CANT'T enjoy being at a rugby game without a beer - religion has nothing to do with it !!

Pity it seems you CANT'T enjoy being at a rugby game without a beer - religion has nothing to do with it !!

Pity it seems you CAN'T enjoy being at a rugby game without a beer - religion has nothing to do with it !!

Dave Hookway, please unplug your computer immediately. There is something terminally wrong with it.

PS Virgil and Goodie should also follow suit. And maybe those two should get a room together and share some Love...

God Bless!

just another excuse to make more money.
anything to make money....
what a joke.

Right, so wanting to make money is a joke but wanting to deny law-abiding citizens the opportunity to have a drink in the pub because a segment of the population holds a superstitious belief is sensible? Gimme a break!

It seems to me that we are becoming a little old fashioned. If Ireland, considering their history of Catholicism, can beat us to the punch and allow alcohol to be served on Good Friday, then surely we can follow suit.

Sure, I like having a holiday at this time of year, it's a great excuse to get away for a few days, spend time with the family, etc. And I see no reason why we can't continue on doing so, without the need to enforce the religious undertones of it. Simply, a four day holiday would work, in my opinion of course.

Come on New Zealand... move into the modern age. It'll do us all some good.

Why in a country that is meant to be modern can people who not believe in Jesus and his mythical floating deity of a father get a drink? Are christens not able to control themselves if bars are open? I should not need to be restricted because of my non belief. The bars are open on Ramadan, in which case this seems a little misdirected. Time to update I think.

I find that ordering a burger and five jugs makes for a thoroughly civilised afternoon watching the Warriors. I wrapped up the first jug at the end of my burger and spent the remaining four jugs finishing my chips and salad. God bless.