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Russel Norman could be finance minister

The Greens would agree to a full coalition with Labour if the party wins the next general election.

Leader Russel Norman, speaking this weekend on TV3’s “The Nation” said that in return the party would expect various Cabinet portfolios including in the finance area.

“We come as a package, so we've got co-leaders, and we've got some really talented MPs, so we'd be looking at some of those key portfolios, both economics and finance portfolios, but other social and environmental portfolios as well,” he said.

He said he wouldn’t rule in or out becoming Finance Minister himself.

“Obviously we are interested in positions like that,” he said.

“But in terms of the detail you couldn’t really sort it out until you know what the vote was.

“It’s up to the voters to decide how much influence the Green Party has.”

And Mr Norman said the party could work with New Zealand First in Government.

He said the Greens and New Zealand First Leader, Winston Peters, were already working together on the Inquiry into Manufacturing.

“Our whole approach to working with other parties is where there's common ground, so we've worked with National where we've found common ground, the home insulation scheme I think was an excellent programme.

“But in terms of working with New Zealand First again it would be based on common policy.”

And on policy, Mr Norman said the party would seek to have climate change considered across a broad range of Government policies.

“I think climate change should be an issue whatever the policy is,” he said.

”We should be considering the impacts on climate change; it is the greatest global environmental and social and economic challenge we face.”

But he also said the Greens could agree to drilling for gas.

We don’t oppose it in principle but obviously it's a case by case depending on the environmental impacts,” he said.

“So if you look at fracking there's concerns there about the environmental impacts, other kinds of gas drilling don’t necessarily have the same kind of environmental impact.

“But our main focus is on the development of renewables which is a great economic opportunity for New Zealand, and addresses climate change.”

Watch Russel Norman's full interview here.

Comments and questions

Labour and Labour-B in power really would have us moving forward to the past

Perhaps you should look at climate science rather than assuming the economy will have any chance of any form of growth if we continue dealing to emissions as we are now.

Best advert for National ever!

Why would the Greens want Labour in their coalition? Thinking about it the Greens are now the only real opposition, as Labour has totally lost the plot. Having said that, God help us if the Greens think they can manage an economy. I think National is safe for now, as the alternative is a very scary thought!!

Private debt is the real concern for nz.

yet the National Govt (like other bankrupt nations) are completely clueless about private debt. i totally support Russel . you must prove yourself though. Austrian economics like Germany would help kiwi become wealth.

As Germany has government debt of at least 80% of GDP how does Austrian economics work again?

Austrian economics arent in use anywhere, especially not germany.

God help us!

This is a joke right? (by the right)

very funny indeed

Look at this combination and what it has done in australia
Huge debit poor outcomes and rising taxes

Printing Money
Wacky Social Policies
Deluded Belief in pseudo ethics
Demonstrating Violently against Foreign Dignities
Sounds like Social Credit all over again.....

You prefer the psuedo-scientific Christian government that we have now? Key would recognize a scientific document if it slapped him in the face, English, Dunne, Power et al. are all operating under delusional religiously based perspectives.

All the Greens want is your money...God help us.

Anonymous 5 you obviously don't know anything about the Australian economy!!! Stop misleading readers. Oops forgot you are a non-thinking right winger.

The Greens aren't that wonderful. But all the other choices are so much worse. They'll have my vote next time

The Greens aren't that wonderful. But all the other choices are so much worse. They'll have my vote next time

Hi im going to vote for the green party, Because obviously doing the exact same thing that is bankrupting other nationals will keep New Zealand from going bankrupt, Surely if we do exactly what they are doing we will be fine,

Sounds a bit messed up huh.

So what portfolios will labour MPs be left with. Lol seriously it's a joke a labour green team... one of the two would have to be submissive for it too work and finance portfolio is the most powerful in any government so guess what! Green will own parliament under this model.

This announcement, [and hopefully the Greens keep it afloat], is probably the best potential outcomethat National could hope for. Can you imagine a naive, nutty Greenie really having any idea about monetary policy? Anyone with anything more than 3rd economics knows that the policies that they espouse are little more than Social Credit mixed with Peter Pan. Having Norman talk like this does damage to both Greens and Labour. Lets print money Russel! It does grow on trees!

The americans printed more money. Thought you nats wanted to be their friends. Better keep the insults down a bit aye. U might offend them.

Eric, the Americans printed money because they had no option. Interest rates super low and deflation looming. Same reason Japan did it.
In any other circumstances, printing money is loonacy. Labour and the Greens are proposing it.

Our economy is in such a slide that apparently we have to sell off our assets, and yet QA is said to be madness? Yeah great business sense!

The Americans are nuts to print money and the only reason that they get away with it is because they have the global trading currency.
Why on earth we would want to follow what others are doing in this regard is beyond me.
Wise up people! These guys will destroy NZ if they get into power.

Norman as minister of finance would be like putting Micky Mouse in charge given his idea of printing more money to solve our current situation. No doubt Labour are desperate enough to agree to this so we could end up with Goofey and 7 Dwarfs as well Get in the real world.!!

The usa printed money. Are they nutters too. Keep doin wat your doin keep getting wat you have got. Sounds like you are the nutter to me.

Printing money is a desperate act that leads to economic downfall. Doesn't work anywhere.

Norman as Finance Minister would be the biggest joke yet; for goodness sake havent we learnt from our mistakes of the past.

The past has been Labour and National taking turns at slowly taking us down the debt trail. Ignoring our national debt and wasting our hard earned tax dollars servicing it merely to keep themselves looking good and in a job. Maybe giving someone who take a more holistic approach that directs money to the middle and lower class so that they have money to spend in our economy rather than the top down madness we have had to endure decade after decade.

And anonymous, where do you think the money to give the middle and lower class to spend is going to come from? Do you propose getting it by magic? I assume you mean taxing people "their fair share" (a socialist catch cry), without telling anyone what that fair share is, because you don't know. Two years ago, just under 50% of households in NZ were net beneficiaries, therefore, just over 50% were paying for ALL those households. Where is the new tax money going to come from?
Norman is a communist. Communism has failed in every economy where it has been introduced.

Norman is a socialist get your facts straight, that's like calling National corporate facists. If we paid off our debt we would have more money to relieve taxes on the middle and lower class was all I meant, don't twist words to suit your clearly one eyed right wing slants. Unless you think servicing $60-70b is good business?

Perhaps you should look at your facts Anonymous. Norman was a card carrying member of the Australian Communist Party. And that is public knowledge.
You can't relieve taxes on those that don't actually pay taxes. Thats not slant, it's fact. The debt that NZ is incurring is mostly for various social welfare initiatives. Thats not slant, it's fact.
We have seen the outcome of Labour polices from 1999 - 2008. During the best economic conditions of a generation, we were left with $700m in the bank, a permanent structural deficit, government spending increases of over 50% (mostly unsustainable) and a hole in ACC future liabilities of over $1bn. Was that good business?

Lets hope it never comes to the Greens taking charge of money they all live in Fairyland / Disneyland. We would be just another Mickey Mouse outfit with dollar so low we would be wiped of the planet. Zimbabwe would have nothing on us we would have a thousand dollar bill for a loaf of bread,/

Norman knows a whole lot more about monetary policy than you know about green politics.

I can hardly wait - all cars would be banned and we would get more cycle lanes that no-one would use. That'll take us forward - not.

When, oh when, will the MSM stop giving the Greens such a free ride about their policies. Once they get in,and all the dairy farms are closed down, and the ETS is tripled and petrol is taxed to five dollars a litre, who is still going to actually have a job.

#4, not as much of a joke as (for instance) making Rodney Hide a Minister of Local Government.

The Green party were dangerous when they were just spouting on about the Kyoto Protocol and ETS then they became beyond a joke with Russel Norman wanting to print us into poverty.

Also the Greens think that "green energy" will save us... It is about 300% more expensive to generate Wind power than Coal power.

The only energy option I can see that should be pushed by politics for NZ is the liquid fluoride thorium reactor the rest should be left to the free market.

Where are you getting the thorium fuel and the designs for the reactors from?

But hold on. What does Winston want?

I am leaving nz for good if any of those green or labour idiots get in. What does Norman know about economics? The idiot wants to print money. New Zealand or New Zimbabwe?

What I want to know is weather Russel Norman would help out absolute beginners for self employment capital or would he only help out people that already have a valid business running in and extending and a rewarding sense?

Because if a finance minister never helps out absolute beginners from their kick start point, then no wonder there are not many people coming off the benefit, at the same time as not many new self employed or self developed jobs forming in New Zealand

This man, and his whole Movement, represent fiscal lunacy in its purest form. Greens seek to return us to the Stone Age. Why anyone bothers to listen to ANYTHING they say is beyond belief. Print money? Yeah right.

"Russel Norman could be finance minister"

Yep!! And if he tried hard enough he could fly like Babe!

"Russel Norman could be finance minister"
Best darned Nat. election one liner I've ever heard. Get the Nats back in power for sure.

You have been warned!

Yeah right!

He's a australian with a degree in politics?
If you forget the nationality, how about his qualifications for the position?

If this is nationals spin for English( home prices going up due to demand of the Asian real estate buy up) its not bad.

Of course most of you here don't even know the guy who is probably well more qualified than the 2nd year fifths here that are always ready to bag anyone who doesn't fit the straight, white alcohol swilling default of the kiwi persona.

a generalisation answered with a generalisation- sums you up really.

"we've got some really talented MPs".... where???. The Green MP's that I have heard, and observed, are anything but talented.
Any elector who votes for, or supports the Greens; is both economically ignorant and irresponsible.

Russell Norman wouild have no idea when it came to being the finance minister let alone running the country - political studies doesn't qualify him for jack. His off sided once ran for the McGillicuddy serious part- sums her up really!

Gimmie my flag back........ oh dear ... please go back to Aust Russell

This article sent shivers up and down my spine at the mere thought of it happening .... Would be New Zealand's worst Political and financial disaster ... God defend our 'precious beautiful, friendly, country' .....

The bind moggles !!
And why do posters here have to slag off other posters? Tends to show they have no real argument to fall back on.

Wow this forum isn't called the NATIONAL business review for nothing I see. Open your hearts and mind for just for a minute and you may see that your old world thinking will not carry us well into the 21st century.
The greens have moderated themselves alot in the last two terms and aren't the tofu eating radicals you are trying to paint them as. They are also not one of the two parties that got us into this mess in the first place so dismounting one's highhorse may be overdue.

Wrong. The greens were so close to Labour last time they were in government - that if Auntie came to a sudden stop - half of the Greens would then be needed to be called the "Browns"

They weren't even in coalition??? Supply agreement only

The Greens were so close to Labour, because Labour was so close to the Greens.
Pretty much all of Labour's major policies were Green Party policies.

I'd be careful about generalising the Green Party, they're changed ALOT recently.

I doubt that ideology has much to do with it anonymous. Most readers here have the intellectual capability to see Green Party policy for what it is. Socialism with save the whale game changers thrown in everywhere. Financial, economic and social madness.

There will be a boom in immigration accros the ditch and there will only be benificiaries left here in NZ, hence the need to print more money to pay their benefits, they will need divine help from somewhere and probably advice from the USA...Greece...Ireland....Italy....Spain,,,Uganda....Zimbabwe....
RIP...NZ if the Greens & Labour become the Govt.

God help us. An aussie communist becoming our finance minister.

Russel Norman, please go away.....

I checked my calendar but it wasn't April 1 ...

What makes you think he would be worst than Bill English?

Anyone can run a country borrowing $40 plus billion in a fairly short space of time.

Great! I saw the full interview and finally we have an intelligent politician leading a major party. Hopefully the Greens will gain strongly in the polls and be in the best position to form a great government at the next elections.

Im voting National, I hate Key and I hate his policys but I hate the Greens more.

This moron will ruin the economy.