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Russell Brown's media show finds new home on Maori TV

New Zealand on Air will fund three specialist current affairs shows in 2014: The Nation, Q&A and Media Matters (formerly known as Media 3).

Earlier, Front Page executive producer Richard Harmon told NBR ONLINE his proposed current affairs show – which was to be fronted by Sean Plunket and screen on Prime – has failed to receive funding. 

Front Page used to produce The Nation, which is owned by TV3. The Nation will now be produced inhouse by TV3's parent, MediaWorks.

NZOA says Media Matters will involve Russell Brown and focus on media commentary. It will receive $482,000 for 20 shows - close to the $491,000 funding for Mr Brown's former show, Media3 on TV3. MediaWorks declined to kick in its half of the funding when Media3 came up for renewal.

Media Matters will screen on Maori TV in prime time once week and be produced by Top Shelf Productions (also the producer of Media3).

Media3 screened late at night, with an early-morning repeat. Maori TV says Media Matters will screen in primetime.

Mr Brown says various details for the show are still being worked through but there will be a Maori co-host and attention paid to Maori in the media. He could not say yet when the show will launch. 

The  shift to Maori TV is the third change of home for Mr Brown, who last year moved to TV3, with Media3, after his Media7 went down as governement funding ran out and TVNZ7 was axed.

Funding details:

The Nation: 42 one hour episodes -$899,250
Q+A: 40, one hour episodes $835,356
Media Matters: 20 half hour episiodes:  $482,193

Comments and questions

This is great news all round.

Congratulations Russell and the team