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Sally Ridge’s fight against bankruptcy

Sally Ridge's lawyer says he will oppose any bankruptcy push following her failed court case against former partner Adam Parore.

Ms Ridge and her daughter, Jamie, had tried to get a 50% shareholding in Mr Parore’s company, Small Business Accounting, earlier this year.

The Ridges lost and were ordered to pay Mr Parore $100,000 in legal costs.

Since then Small Business Accounting has served bankruptcy notices on Ridge for the amount.

Ms Ridge's lawyer, Daniel Grove has told the NZ Herald he will oppose any bankruptcy petition from Small Business Accounting.

He said any steps that needed to be taken, would be.

Comments and questions

"He said any steps that needed to be taken, would be. "

Like paying the court ordered costs?

Joke's over. Time for her to find something else to do. Wasting money in court is not good for her or her daughter.

Law is the law

Dont understand why his lawyer didnt ask for security of costs - usually do in frivolous cases or where serious doubts about people paying up when / if lose

10 womens weekly stories to break even?

Love me love my debts.......................line of week to latest boyfriend per womens mag?

This is not a commercial case.
She is a woman. And mother. Mother of Adams children.

It's a divorce case. There should have never have been 100k lawyer spend on such. Considering both of their positions.

You can't just have the rich one dictate such costs.

Adam asked from the start for the case to be moved to the family court not the High Court Ms Ridge and her lawyer opposed that - they got their wish. Therefore she needs to accept liability in the case

She believed her own PR, and that is sadly the cause of all this wasted money.

Will she get a job & pay off or have her wages garnisheed like others?

We truly have a woeful system where there is a mindset is allowed to exist that a litigant can elect to walk away from an appeal process that would challenge the judgement that awards costs, and still by prevarication and dicking around, frustrate the process. You've done the lay down, now pay up sally!

My business broken..................give me half yours

He had little when he left cricket. Both have made their own bed in more ways than one. They both clearly knew what they were doing....a delayed rewriting on history has gone so terribly wrong in court.

Womans mag readers apparently dont sit on the bench

A trust is just another, partnership etc. All a little different but same in principle

Did she call her undies business partners as character witnesses? What about the creditors?

Please dont blame trusts for this

Look at the facts & the parties

Read the judgement

Is she going to appeal on credit or visa?

"Sally Ridge's lawyer says he will oppose any bankruptcy.."

What kind of legal advice was Sally given, when the judge remarks that her case "fails at the first hurdle"; and adds insult to injury by describing her case as "hopeless"?

When you look at the math, it's enough to make you want to weep: Sally Ridge rebuffs an out-of-court settlement for $500K and litigates for more. End result? Well, she's lumbered with Parore's legal bill of $100K -- having lost her case -- and she's probably incurred a similar bill from her own lawyer. She lodges an appeal, but is either unable or unwilling to stump up the money to initiate the proceedings.

Honestly, I'd be asking for a 'Please explain' letter from her lawyer, because her nett loss is around $700K. The judge was adamant -- as he was unequivocal -- that Ridge's case was doomed from the onset. And her counsel couldn't foresee the outcome?

Looks like name & shame attempt to up the $500k that didnt take the first corner too well

Why is her daughter entitled to his assets?

Was this in SBW times?

My thoughts too. What is the name of her lawyer?? Remind me to avoid him/her.

Consolation prize - her lawyers unlikely to be paid as well.

Her lawyer may have been clever enough for weekly payments?

Mum & daughter thing seems a little reality TV?

No Adam changed from shares assets to a trust, where Sally became a beneficiary.

Dividends stopped in 2011. She wanted stake as she expected. But Adam got her out of that through the trust. She didn't understand this.

She has his kids. She deserved a 50stake if you ask me, matrimonial property.

Lawyers work for themselves selling time & materials - hopefully lots & lots as private kids schools & black mercs are expensive

They dont sell outcome/s....thats what builders & tradies do

Person with 2 brain cells would ask how much to each stage of legal proceedings with gut call / % of success

Years ago a QC told me that with a confession & photos its 80ish% odds as law, court, other parties & judge are all unpredictable & planets easily mis-align. This is why people with no hope try it on in court going for the 20% or hope other party collapses

Would appear $500k was offer of the year

Justice (if there is) costs $. Not perfect but OK

Went to court

Failed to put up

Time to pay up

Looks like an expensive game of legal chicken - looks to have totalled what little balance sheet she had

Given the commercial nous shown & the claimed lack of knowledge of trusts one can't see her having been on the counter at Small Business Accounting

The scorned woman has lost all common sense, can't face defeat even though it is just. Looks as if she will continue to dig the hole even though there is no ladder to climb out, one supposes at some stage we will see her seeking sympathy. Thank yourselves lucky that this type of character set is not leading most companies. Partners in love should not be partners in business, with the failure rates of companies and marriages in the range of significant why anyone would combine both risks is beyond me.

What a couple of hopeless fellow human beings. Her former husband's property businesses went into bankruptcy; nor Sally is heading down that path. Sadly they don't live in the real world while they bludge off people thinking people believe them to be some sort of superstars. Yea-right!

what the heck does her former husband have to do with this. It is only about her, and her lawyer. I presume as a qualified lawyer he advised her of the possible outcome, that is she could end up right where she is, with nothing owing lots. The old saying of looink a gifthores in the mouth springs to mid when she refused a $500K settlement

Hello........................please dont hang up about my $500,000.........................

Suspect the Womans Day exclusive under negotiation will have the fee paid into a Charitable (no tax) trust

Shame on you Adam Parore! Have you forgotten your small children? REALLY ... what does this gain!?

Nothing to do with his kids. Keep them out of it. He is happy to support them. She dug for gold and failed. Remember the pre-court offer of 500k? What does this woman want?

"Ms Ridge and her daughter, Jamie, had tried to gett a 50% shareholding in Mr Parore’s company, Small Business Accounting, earlier this year".

Does this mean Jamie is liable for half the costs? Is she named in the bankruptcy proceedings? Might be time to get a real job and start paying back $20 a week for the rest of her life. Maybe have move from Ponsonby to a flat in Papakura to cut costs. At least Jaime is young and could (presumably) get some sort of career. Assuming - of course - she actually wants to work.

From the outside, this looks like nothing more than a shameless attempt to extort money out of someone in order to prop up thier lifestyle. She should have taken the 500k and ran for the hills. Must agree with the commentor above questioning the quality of her legal advice.

NBR: "Ms Ridge's lawyer, Daniel Grove has told the NZ Herald he will oppose any bankruptcy petition from Small Business Accounting.He said any steps that needed to be taken, would be."

No doubt about that. And all the "steps" will be small and painfully incremental; protracted to the n-th degree. And all the while, Sal's legal bill grows exponentially.

NBR: "Ms Ridge's lawyer, Daniel Grove has told the NZ Herald he will oppose any bankruptcy petition from Small Business Accounting.He said any steps that needed to be taken, would be."

haha... the lawyer doesn't want her bankrupted... means he won't get paid either. I wonder if her ex is doing her favour by bankrupting her.... saves her paying all the court costs.