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Samsung sold twice as many smartphones as Apple last quarter - IDC

UPDATE Oct 28: According to a report by market research IDC, Samsung shipped 56.3 million smartphones during the September quarter - twice as many as Apple, which sold 26.9 million iPhones.

The Korean company reported a $US6 billion profit for the quarter on revenue around $US47 billion as strong smartphone sales were partially offset by weakness in its chip business.

Samsung did not break out unit sales for smartphones (although it has said it expects to sell around 30 million of its premium Galaxy S III this year); IDC has estimated from market surveys (and, unlike Apple's report which is based on sales, IDC guesstimates the number of handsets moved to retailers).

The results also illustrates, in part, the growing persuasiveness of smartphones.

Last month for example, Vodafone NZ moved ot all smartphone sales. With a basic smartphone under $100 off contract, there was no point in stocking so-called "feature phones," country manager Russell Stanners told NBR.

For now, Apple is sticking with its premium pricing smartphone model - which helped it top Samsung in profit $US8.22 billion to $US6 billion in the three months to September.

Apple profit up 24% - but below expectations

Oct 26: Apple this morning reported third-quarter profit rose 24% over the year-ago period to $US8.22 billion or $8.67 a share, a little off the analyst consensus of $8.75.

Revenue increased 27% over the year-ago quarter to $US35.97 billion, slightly ahead of expectation.

iPhones sales accounted for $US17.13 billion or 48% of revenue.

Apple shares [NAS:AAPL] which have fallen of their all-time high of $US702 since the iPhone 5 was released on concerns over shortages (see chart above right), fell 1.18% to $US609.54 in after-hours trading.

The company also updated on its product sales stats for the quarter, which were:

  • 26.9 million iPhones in the quarter (a 58% increase on the year-ago quarter, but off its all-time high of 35.1 million recorded in its March quarter)
  • 14 million iPads (a 26% increase against the year-ago quarter, but 17% down on the prior quarter, and below analysts' estimates of about 15 mllion)
  •  5.3 million iPods (a 19% decline from the year-ago quarter)
  • 4.9 million Macs (a 1% increase on the year-ago quarter)

The new iPhone 5 was released on September 21, just nine days before the quarter closed.

Apple said it sold 4 million of the device during its first three days on sale, but has since been hit by shortages as it struggles to keep up with demand.

On an earnings call to discuss results, CEO Tim Cook flattered Microsoft with attention, taking time out to slag its Surface tablet released earlier today.

Comments and questions

That's a fantastic effort from Apple considering they have 3 different products and Samsung about 133!

how many smartphones do samsung make? not 133???

Apple sucks same thing over n over n over... I hope Samsung kicks there asses lol rot apple rot

Poor facr spinning Tek, you obviously lumped all the Apple variants into three groups but not doing so for Samsung.

Doesn't look like fact spinning. Still comparing phone sales to phone sales. He did not mention tablet sales for Samsung, but did for Apple.

Hi Tek, clearly having hardware choice is working for Samsung. The logistics of shipping over 30 million units with a wide choice, is what's "fantastic", right?

Apple products will make a profit because the dumb masses will always buy stuff if it's popular, even if it is inferior rubbish like Apple makes.
The smart community will go for the Galaxy S.

Samsung is on the way to do to Apple what they did to Sony.
Partner to mnufacture products, and use the technology from Apple (chips, LCD/OLED sceens, etc) to make products with similar or slightly improved features, and take market share. Plus they were helped by Google which also copied some of Apples IOS features to create Android. Google's CEO was on the Apple board when the iPhone started up. Let's hope that what happened to Sony does not happen to Apple. It will be sad for Ameracan technology and business, and boost the Korean Samsung revenues and profit.

Lies, lies & statistics!
60% of Samsung "Smart phones" are actually sold as "Feature phones" on PrePay with no Data plan (just plain Dumb phones...). These budget phones are cheap because the Android operating system is free to Samsung - these are the phones that are undercutting the traditional Nokia Feature phone leading to Nokia's 5B$ 2011/12 losses. Confirm for yourself at the Warehouse or Warehouse Stationery.

listen to the ignorant masses.

Apples key strengths are 1) Brand 2) Design 3) ecosystem. Apples weaknesses are 1) Price 2) lack of openness of their ecosystem 3) the closed & proprietary design of their hardware

No wonder Samsung/Motorola/HTC/Sony/ZTE are smoking them