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The secret of Don Ha's success

We know what you're thinking: with Don Ha Real Estate sinking into receivership Friday, will the Rich Lister's "Millionaire Secret Recipe" series still go ahead?

Great news. According to an ad in the Sunday Star Times' business section today, it's all on, and tickets are just $29.95.

It's unclear if Mr Ha has a tinder dry sense of humour, or expects a totally gormless audience (possibly both) but his two-hour session is deliciously titled, "Can you survive your own financial crisis?".

Sounds tempting.

But NBR is going to save its money in case Mark Hotchin decides to run a "Family Trust Secrets" seminar.

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Comments and questions

There's been a slight change to Don's programme: it's less to do with houses and horses as has to do with gathering watercress and cream buns. Unforeseen circumstances necessitated the last-minute changes.

Don, apologises for any inconvenience, but is pleased to confirm the price of admission remains unchanged. But, please, bring a snack bar and your own water bottle. Regrettably, light refreshments won't be available.

When self made property people on the rich list get involved with race horses , a " be extremely careful flag" goes up for me.

The second sign is when self made property millionaires gloat about how much money they earn and,

the third sign is when they start to teach other people how to follow in their footsteps.

Obviously not a trusim in all cases, but if the past is anything to go on if any two of the above are in tandem be very very careful.

The true wealthy be it financially or in relationships and busines success don't usually go on about how much they are worth of flash their so called wealth out in the public arena for all to see.

They let others do that for them, usually.

If Mr Ha is the man he says he is then all his debts will be meet in full and he will have the tenancity, the wisdom and knowledge to start again.

I prefer to let time and others judge the calibre of the man and his business acumen, integrity etc.

I couldn't agree more about those red flags.

But the main problem here is Don Ha probably thought that he was inventing this stuff as he went along. It is the same old story, these guys borrow as much as they can and invest it, they have some set rules like "Property never decreases in value" but people who grew up here and come from families who have been in business here have been taught the truth that everything that goes up can and does come down.

Although I don't doubt that he is hard working, but he got lucky with all the Vietnamese immigrants back then.

Maybe Don should join in with Garry Scultze and his old Blue Chip mates and tell everyone how to loose money

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