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Settlement close in Affco/meat union dispute

Affco and the meatworkers' union are apparently close to a negotiated agreement, with a return to work expected soon.

In a joint statement, the parties say a provisional agreement was reached today and site-specific documents are being negotiated.

Both parties agreed to withdraw and suspend all legal action, including a week-long Employment Court hearing, which began May 16.

The union and Affco’s owner, family-run frozen-food producer Talley’s, acknowledged the contributions of the iwi leaders forum to what the parties described as “significant progress” in negotiations during the weekend.

Meanwhile, Ports of Auckland and the maritime union started another day of facilitated bargaining today, with a follow-up session scheduled for Friday.

The waterfront dispute is in its ninth month and is centred on PoAL wanting a more flexible workforce, while the union wants greater job security and to hang on to its membership.

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Comments and questions

Can't help but wonder if the unions are actually the cause and not the cure - as it seems wherever there are unions there is industrial strife.

No unions - no strife... and the workplaces that don't have union presences, well they still have access to them as well as all being covered under employment law - so it begs the question, are unions the cause and not the cure?

Individuals dont have the nous or resourses to take on unscrupulous corporate bullies.
Unions are the workers. Talleys have a history of not respecting our labour laws.
A little reserch will confirm this fact.