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Sex or the internet? Americans make their choice

Is it the silly season yet? A US study asked 2000 men and women if they'd rather go two weeks without sex or the internet.

The Intel-funded research, reported in no lesser organ than The New York Times, found 46% of women and 30% of men would rather swear-off sex for two weeks than give up the net.

The survey also asked how the internet ranked against discretionary items that its 2119 respondents could not live without.

The internet came out on top, ahead of cable television, dining out, shopping for clothes and gym memberships.

Overall, 65% of adults said they couldn't live without the internet.

Worse - from a TV advertiser's standpoint - 61% of women said they would rather lose TV for two weeks than the internet for one.

The Intel study was carried out over old fashioned telephones by professional polling outfit Harris Interactive.

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Comments and questions

And you think that its only representative of Americans? Maybe they are the only ones willing to give an honest answer?

Harris is a proper polling company with professional methodology. This isn't the equivalent of a self-selecting sample. So yes, I do think it's representative. Merry Xmas.

Surely most of us would expect such a result! Modern technology and contemporary culture have made sex into a discretionary activity. At the same time, Internet activity is less and less discretionary - so many of us need it for work/income!

Until our DNA gets an overhaul, we need not worry we will become sexless drones in the "Borg". We can instead choose to be conscious and thoughtful about our sexuality, hopefully in favour of making it exciting and fulfilling, rather than purely utilitarian.

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