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Shane Jones lashes Russel Norman

The bad blood between  and the Greens continues. 3 News reports:

Labour’s attempt to muzzle its outspoken MP, Shane Jones, has lasted less than a day.

Mr Jones was told off by his leader for comparing Green MP Gareth Hughes to a screeching bird.

Today he took a shot at Green co-leader , saying he will not be lectured on the environment by an Australian.

Seemingly to prove he cannot be silenced, he let rip at Dr Norman, extending the anti-Australian attack he has used against Countdown to the Australian-born MP.

“I’m not going to have an Australian running the New Zealand Green Party, lecturing me about environment and economics in the north,” says Mr Jones.

And Norman hits back:

Dr Norman launched a counter-attack, accusing Mr Jones of copying Prime Minster John Key.

“The Prime Minister does it quite a lot; he’s also very critical of migrants,” says Dr Norman. “It turns out a part of the Labour Party doesn’t like migrants either. Every time Mr Jones opens his mouth the Green Party vote goes up, so I encourage Mr Jones to speak out.”

I’m not sure comparing Shane Jones to John Key is a great way to attack him. Incidentally never known the PM to be critical of migrants. I think Russel is projecting that the PM enjoys being told he must protect New Zealanders from Australian foreign investment, by someone with a thick Australian accent.

Mr Jones tried to be a team player, telling 3 News he had “to go and deal with the boredom of tax legislation”, but could not resist driving another wedge between Labour and the Greens.

“I like what David Cunliffe said on our behalf yesterday – Winston first.”

Long may the growing war between Labour and Green MPs continue.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

The positioning of Jones to replace cunliffe continues apace!

Its looking more likely he will be kicked out of the party ... and will replace Winston as leader of NZFirst.

His play book is sounding more and more like winstone every day.

How can you kick out the only guy who is making the running.

Can anyone remember anything David cunliffe said in the last week...which by the way was the worst national have endured in a long time.

Cunliffe is a ghost....

Wonder why no one is smart enough to fathom where Shane got his Countdown info from ...obviously an aggrieved New Zealand supplier and probably one to too favourably looked on by the Greens. I know the education system has failed most people but 1 plus 1 do make 2.

As a Green Party member I am concerned that Russel has given misinformation about the migrant thing - if indeed it is misinformation. Can never trust what comes out of the mouths or keyboards of the right wingers...

David Farrar may not be your cup of tea or left enough for you, but I do not think he is wrong when he says he does not know of Key being critical of migrants. As a Green supporter perhaps you can prove differently.

This is just ‘Josef’ Norman once again engaging his mouth without even putting his brain into first gear, a-la Colin Craig comments. .

One wonders if Shane Jones isn't setting out to single handedly sabotage Labour's chances of winning the election so that he can replace Cunliffe in 2015?

I think he is being quite clever and strategic. You hear a lot of traditional Labour supporter say they won't vote Labour because it is a vote for the Greens. So if Jones can create a perception of a rift, he will hope that some of those voters might return to Labour. Of course, these voters would be well and truly deceived as a vote for Labour will remain a vote for Greens.

As a Labour Party member I view the Greens as toxic. I pray that any coalition that would replace the current corrupt banker dominated one would need another party a little more economically rational so the Greens insane anti growth policies can be muzzled by Clark like triangulation.

Holy cow have the Green & Labour supporters really lost the plot so early, one suggests that Norman comments on Key are correct the next calls Key corrupt, well one expects that’s who he refers to with his corrupt banker comment. Be wonderful if you could explain just who how and why the “banker” is corrupt.

Question: Where is Machiavelli McCarten in all this? One sees his hand in most of this. The more Jones stirs the less people talk about Cunliffe’s gaffes and CV. The Greens will take a hit or two just to keep themselves as a partner. Oh what a tangled web we weave….

' the current corrupt banker dominated one'

Would you like to expand on that comment please?

Quite ironic that you want to replace the current government, but you also want economic rationality. You wont find that residing in any other party (except ACT, which as we know isn't really a party any more). I suspect that lurking behind your blind idealogy might be a modicum of sense - you should forget the dogmatic name-calling and let it come to the front more often.

Several points to the historically illiterate previous comments. 1 John Key was a merchant banker who made his money at Merrill Lynch and served on the Federal reserve in New York.... Remember 2007 and the GFC??
Corruption here is a recent example in the news last weeks a Chinese business man who got NZ citizenship against ministry advice gave $10000 to his benefactors National.
And since when is neo conservative liberalism rational? It has a premise of faith that an uncontrollled market is better for everyone, when in reality all the neoliberal econominc reforms has lead to the Super Rich becoming richer and everyone else poorer.

Or line himself up to join Winston First. They will very soon need a new leader or become extinct. So there's a ready made party for Shane to take over.

David B - you have hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what's going on.

Positioning Labour away from the Greens is the only way for Labour to recover; and I think that Shane Jones knows this. My wife is a natural Labour supporter but has voted Nats in the last few elections in order to keep the Greens out.

Perhaps this is why Russell Norman attracts defamation suits?

Suits? As in plural? I know of only one and that is from a prissy petulant politician with a penchant for petty posturing.

Shane Jones is wasted in the Labour Party

For a start he has far too much common sense(even if he has got a bit of a habit of doing and saying dumb things)

Team up with Damien O'Conner John Tamihere and co in a fringe party and he might go all right. Key could easily be dragged left if they offered a coalition with conditions.

So we have an Australian and a German trying to be a big influence on the NZ political scene ?
Makes the treaty of Waitangi look old.
Shane Jones and John Key are the best people to represent the average Kiwi if we still want to value our history

Jones is just a red blooded motor mouth with no brains, god forbid if he ever gets to lead this country, there will be libel suits all of the country, he really needs a referee with a whistle and 2 very strong assistants, gee the Labour party is thin in it's ranks.
Politics is quite pathetic in reality, all of them are elected to run our country?? but they all spend most of their lives at each others throats desperately try to points score and put each other down.
This Collins thing is so pathetic, it just leaves most of us shaking our heads in disbelief!!!!

I am not a Labour supporter but I do think calling Jones a “motor mouth with no brains” is unjust and inaccurate. What education do you possess? Jones has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Master Public Administration (MPA), and was awarded a Harkness Fellowship to study at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. No untruths on his CV. He maybe one of the most intelligent people in the Labour party.

You are right. It is unjust and inaccurate. Jones is a motor mouth with a very good brain; certainly one of the most intelligent in the Labour party. .

Well it's long long overdue that he puts his degrees to use, and starts to act and behave like an intelligent person that you believe he might be, but isn't hindsight a wonderful tool, his past is not overflowing with too much positive production is it!!!

Russel's correct that every time Jones attacks the Greens, it makes them look better, and Labour look worse.

Labour needs the Greens to do well. And there are numerous groups the Greens connect with which Labour doesn't. Young people. Moderate right wing people who like the environment. And - increasingly - disillusioned Labour voters.

Although that last group of course doesn't benefit a GL coalition, so Jones should probably STFU.

This Labour Greens issue is more likely engineered to not allow National the argument that the Greens and Labour are one.

Poor old Rusty Norman. He's been taking elocution lessons to make himself sound less of an Ocker, but as soon as he gets excited - like seeing someone put non-recyclables in the recyclables bin - out comes his inner (high pitched whining) Aussie.

I wish he'd take electrocution lessons.

Shane Jones is a perfect fit for the Maori Party, and he would work very well with National in coalition. Keep it up Shane, you're too smart for Labour.

I took the time to talk to Russell Norman in the CHC airport for about half an hour. I can confirm he is a toxic, cynical, bitter and unpleasant individual with a serious chip on his shoulder. The fact that our small company had put several environmental and community imitatives in place was of no interest to him. He is a water melon: green on the outside bright red in the middle. A failed Aussie who has probably never done a real days work in his life. He preys on the ignorant and weak in order to progress towards his one objective: to control people and to FORCE them to do what he thinks is right.
While I've never really like Shane Jones much I commend him. He is putting his career on the line to protect NZ from a man who has wet dreams about 1984 every night.