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Sharp drop in National party support - poll

Support for Prime Minister John Key’s National-led government has fallen to 55.5% (down 6% and back to the level of support in August).

The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan poll shows support for Mr Key’s National Party is 51% (down 6%), ACT NZ 1.5% (unchanged), the Maori Party 2.5% (unchanged), and United Future 0.5% (unchanged).

Combined support for opposition parties is at 44.5% (up 6%) — Labour 30.5% (up 4.5%), Greens 11.5% (up 4% — the highest for the Greens since before the last election), New Zealand First 1% (down 2.5% — the lowest for more than two years since August 2009), Mana Party 0.5% (down 0.5%) and Others 1% (up 0.5%).

The general election will be held on November 26 and based on these poll results National would easily be returned to government.

In an accompanying poll, Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating has risen 5 points to 137 — the highest since November 2010 with 61.5% (up 1.5%) of New Zealanders saying New Zealand is ‘heading in the right direction’ compared to 24.5% (down 3.5%) that say New Zealand is ‘heading in the wrong direction.’

Gary Morgan says the fall in support for National could be due to the widespread belief of an easy win for National meaning some voters have begun to consider alternatives as a counter-balance.

He said the increase in the confidence poll coincides with the first two weeks of the Rugby World Cup — expected to be won by the All Blacks and clearly an event that stirs up an immense amount of national pride.

The telephone poll surveyed 788 electors from September 12-25, 2011. Of all electors surveyed 7% (up 1%) didn’t name a party.

Comments and questions

Keep a close watch, National or regret have only one and only chance this election, or wait for the next one.

So National has disappointed with its failure to spell out a coherent medium term plan to grow the economy - yeah right Liberte! The current administration is doing a sterling job in protecting the economy of the country, in an ever fast changing economic and political global environment. Look at some of the successes and the rewards that are being reaped by some of our iconic industries and the financial benefits it is bringing the population

A sterling job? What about the credit downgrade? What about highest youth unemployment since god knows?

So that's got nothing to do with the global economy, the ChCh earthquake - Duuhh! We'd be in a heck of a lot more brown stuff if Labour had been in power! They wouldn't kow an economic policy if it Good between his eyes!

explain why then the Emissions Scam? Why the persistence with UN social policy as in the anti-family bill (smacking)...why then sign up to sovereignty smashing "trade partnership" treaties?

Where has the ets money gone? Who is it benefitting?

Yeah right. Where are all the jobs.

A sterling job? I really have to question you basis for comparison. Fiddling while Rome burns more like it. What a let down this do nothing government has turned out to be.

National should call to repeal the Anti-Parenting bill. That's an 83% of the populas vote winner.

National has disappointed with its failure to spell out a coherent medium term strategy to grow the economy
And in it's mixed messages re savings and building domestic investment capital
Methinks too much emphasis on votes for the next election

Party Vote - ACT - will give National a message, but still ensure a National government t

Didn't work this term, why should it be any better next term? Act is now part of history, as are the other neanderthal minnow one man band polly parties. We need a major restructure of our electoral system, certainly need to dump or raise the bar on MMP

And they need to get out of their RwC corprate dinners earlier and handle shipwrecks when needed.

Hey guys this poll was actually in September, a slight blip on what will be a National landslide, bring it on and get rid of as many as possible of these (as labour called themselves) gaggle of gays and self serving unionists! Go National!

However disappointing National has been, just think what the other lot would have done.
Thanks be to Goff! Long may he remain Leader of the Opposition!

Voted National last time. Not this time after they gave away public ownership of the foreshore and seabed.

National should start caring about the environment, dirty dairy, dirty diesel truck lobby etc and win some of the votes back. Also don't sell the assets and you will get my vote.

The only reason I will never vote green is those idiots always promise to support the gay school teachers in red. Nice Trevor, more 'compulsory' talk from labour leaders. Don't you get it? you lost the election because you behave like a repressed school teacher on a school camp. Bring out the strap.

All that green pandering BS of ETS-Smith and the green-blues has got them nothing, zippo ...
the greens are up to 11.4%!

One sure way to destroy the economy would be put communist Norman close to the purse strings.

Drop the greenie ETS crap and get on with making easier for business and job creators, not harder.

Why do you think the $50M man John Key would waste his precious time being PM for a measly $400k p.a. and face death threats for him and his family (as per his own words in Timaru at a public meeting of 300 people this year to justify his taxpayer funded 25 fulltime 'bodyguards' for the last 3 years)???

How's the BLIND TRUST value looking now John? oh thats right you dont have a clue about what it invests in do you John...

We gave you our trust and you don't even show us what's in your BLIND trust.


Your inability to offer any type of reputable argument really sickens me .

It's people like you as to why this country is going downhill .

I agree J - comments made by non-educated,ill-informed idiots like Kieran Trass are worthless. Unless you have something worth while to contribute, don't bother saying anything.

I would ask Kieran Trass if she would be happy for all NZ to see what she has as assets or in her bank account,

Really sad, that the voting New Zealand people are so either disintrested,very unimformed,careless about future,and no basic education/knowledge of human rights,government,ecnomics and basic good housekeeping.Selling our Assets is a very very major issue,yet people are more interested in "pop tv,media", of a pm who leads a global banking system to think all is well with debt and selling our very basic assets.Cheek to say on election boards -- a britgher future, when we are going into debt and selling assets!.

Its all very well saying "we must never sell any of our assets" but when you have a colossal and growing debt, as our little old NZ has, the time comes when you have to look at what you can let go in order to reduce that debt to more manageable levels, perhaps even to avoid the prospect of bankruptcy a la Greece. Its the way any prudent individual should manage his or her affairs.

voted national and I do apologise for that. I am sorry.

Bushism -
There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee - that says, fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again.

note no real strategy for improving economic performance, and still a yawning deficit.

Our present MP is ACT. I think I will vote for Banksie again (having voted for him as mayoral candidate)

We in epsom have had enough of the A C T party goings on .NOW let national rule .FORGET BANKS.let national get on with improving newzealand .and not get side tracked .

I'm voting National. It's a surefire path to economic disaster and recession.

Greens 4 Life!

Read: Debunking Economics by 'Steve Keen' Associate Professor in economics and finance at the University of Western Sydney

I dont care. Im rich and i dont give a toss about you poor pesants. shame you geeks!