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Sharp trio to host new flagship TV One show

Ali Mau, Greg Boyed and Jesse Mulligan will host TV One's new 7pm show, Seven Sharp – the replacement for Close Up.

The trio have a strong journalistic pedigree and the ability to reflect the day's events with smart thinking and different viewpoints, head of news and current affairs Ross Dagan says. 

There will also be "plenty of laughs along the way" on the flagship show, which is still several weeks away from going on air.

Mau is a long-serving and respected journalist whose most recent role with TVNZ has been as the co-host of long-running consumer affairs show Fair Go. Before that she worked on Breakfast.

"I'm thrilled to be part of this, particularly as the Seven Sharp team is such a strong one both journalistically and creatively," she says.

"I'm really looking forward to working alongside Greg and Jesse in the studio, both of whom bring a wicked sense of humour and depth of knowledge to the show.

"The only difficult part of the decision was leaving Fair Go, as I've loved it so much, and I'll miss working alongside my Fair Go colleagues day to day."

Boyed has been on the TVNZ news and current affairs team for more than a decade, with recent roles on One News at 6, Tonight and Q+A.

Mulligan, who originally trained as a lawyer, is a well-known writer and comedian who has for the last three years been head writer and panellist on TV3's 7 Days.

He has also worked as a journalist, in public relations and as a food critic, and has a particular interest in social media.

While Seven Sharp is not due on air for some weeks, executive producer Raewyn Rasch says the show is already coming together well.

"We are well advanced in the production planning stages and have a great catalogue of stories already under way that we are raring to go with.

"We are really excited at the shape the show is taking," she says.

Announcements on who will replace Mau on Fair Go and Boyed on Tonight will be made in the coming weeks.

The Mark Sainsbury-fronted Close Up was axed at the end of last year.

Comments and questions

Dross at 7pm.

Given no one else has commented (which speaks volumes in itself) I think I can safely say: meh, so what?

Absolutely nothing inspiring there. Will continue to watch QI on Prime. Stephen Fry and mates are far more interesting than this "once-over-lightly" lot or the even less trustworthy lot on TV3.

Good to see Greg Boyed's name. He's a real talent with a great sense of humour. Never heard of Jesse Mulligan though.

Campbell Live will be laughing like a drain. Most of Seven Sharp lot have been blunted a long time ago and make TVNZ look desperate.

Actually, I think they will be fantastic and deserve a chance before everybody bags them. Why not watch for a while before you comment.

You comment that you "think they will be fantastic" and then ask for people to watch for a while before commenting?

People have as much right to comment as TVNZ has to pepper the media with announcements such as this while the show is still "weeks away" from being aired.

TVNZ are announcing facts and as the publicly funded broadcaster would be equally criticised if it didn't keep the tax-paying public informed. People have every right to comment but keep the negativity out until the show has actually aired and comments and opinions can be shared based on facts and not presumption.

You're very wrong. TVNZ Is NOT a publicly funded broadcaster. And hasn't been for some years. It has only commercial imperatives now .... makes its money by selling commercials. It makes a profit and gives back some to the government. NZ on Air is public money which funds shows like New Zealand's Got Talent and The GC.

You contradicted yourself.

Totally agree - and to the person who provided the comment "never heard of Jesse Mulligan" perhaps you should watch 7 days - probably one of the funniest things on TV.

Free-to-air TV serves those too young to know, or too old to care.

However, maybe Campbell can capitalise on the slot and start doing some serious news, no hype, just Te News. As it happened in NZ. Today. Not Justin Beiber's haircut.

Or too thick to understand.

Lovely. You judge intelligence on whether you subscribe to pay TV or not? Says a lot about your intelligence.

Sorry, incorrect assumptions here. I am not a pay TV subscriber, and nor will I watch FTA TV with 18 minutes of advertising shouted at me every hour. Have simply given up on broadcast television and made other choices regarding content and delivery.

Intelligence begets informed choices and the use of content delivery mechanisms that suit my lifestyle and interests, not gazing vacantly at whatever excuses for news and entertainment are abitrarily scheduled.

Still hope that Campbell can progress his show as a result of poor choices by TVNZ. I might even start watching again. Have a nice day :)

Serious news from Campbell? Like grovelling around after a convicted German fraudster?

Infotainment at its finest.

Geg Boyed is good. People with a brain will be happy. Jack Tame and the other 12 year olds who seem to dominate the news are good for a laugh but really, they dont look old enough to buy a beer.

What was TVNZ thinking? Bring back Sainsbury asap,if not sooner. Hurry before TVNZ make the biggest mistake of the century, with such a trio of ???? Perhaps the channel will feature in the show The Biggest Loser.

Have to hand it to TV One: install a wide-eyed boy to impart the news and now this ensemble is taking on the likes of Ab Circle Pro.

Yes, TVNZ seems to think the audience wants "funny" after the Paul Henry situation. However, they fail as Paul was naturally funny. Jack looks like a nerdy Justin Beiber and pulls all these strange expressions, goofs around and makes these geeky comments and then winks at the end of the broadcast. Very professional TV One! We don't want "funny" with the 6 o'clock news.

Thank god TVNZ got rid of the old walrus. This lineup has to be better. Still wouldn't watch TV3 if they weren't as Campbell Live needs a change as well.

Sharp trio??
You have got to be joking. This has to be promotional dribble.

I will judge the show once I see the content, which unfortunately will still be dictated by the same TVNZ producers who have a history of preferring fluffy stories over journalists answering tough questions on the big problems in New Zealand.

Hear, hear!

Could not have put it better - I do hope some in the TV industry are watching this thread

I absolutely agree with Bruce Russell's comments, which he was immediately made to apologise for, but they are the truth, and we don't want to accept them in this PC world, In case you have not heard them, they were to this effect, "fronted by a dyke and a clown". Well done, Bruce.

Yes, it seems that everything offends everyone. What is the correct language a talkback host may use? Homosexual could be perceived as offensive by some. Is that why we use the term "partner" now instead of boyfriend or girlfriend? What is wrong with freedom of speech and the good old days when people could take the mickey out of others and not have their jobs threatened. And self-deprecation seems to be a lost art, too. People take themselves oh so seriously.