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Sharples to expose Key on TV tonight

Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples maintains John Key told him Maori seats would not be abolished if National went into government with the Maori Party, despite Key's denials on a TVNZ leaders debate last night.

Mr Key was asked yesterday whether he had told Mr Sharples privately he would drop National's policy of abolishing the seats sometime after 2014 as the price of Maori party support, and said Mr Sharples was "wrong."

However Mr Sharples will claim tonight on an Alt TV minor parties debate: "I was not wrong."

Mr Sharples said he had explained his bottom lines to Mr Key, who had agreed with them.

The debate will screen at 8.30 pm tonight on Alt TV.

Alt TV said it was hosting the debate – featuring Mr Sharples, Greens co-leader Russel Norman, Act leader Rodney Hide and Progressives deputy Matt Robson – as a "right of reply" to yesterday's TVNZ leader's debate between Mr Key and Helen Clark.

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Comments and questions

I believe Mr Sharples. Keys is a liar. He has shown he lies when questioned about the number of shares he owned in Tranz Rail. Is there any reason to believe him about the Maori seats issue? No. You tell the nation the truth Mr Sharples. Kia kaha!

Regardless of the matter in question Kia Kaha get your spelling right!

I get most annoyed when I see an "S" added to a person's surname when there is'nt one! John Key is John Key, not JOHN KEYS!

Back to school my friend!

Kia kaha?? Sounds like a comment from someone who would believe the Maori over the European anyway no?

Sounds the same comment sharples made when the maori affairs guy was alleged to ask for MAORI support in the clark peters OWEN GLENN SCANDAL

Mr Sharples said he had explained his bottom lines to Mr Key, who had agreed with them.

Sharples says his bottom line is not to abolish Maori seats and Key agrees with his bottom line. That doesn't mean that Key said Maori seats won't be abolished. It means, Key agrees that it will be Maori party's bottom line.

What is the point of debating this issue in the media.
We know from National Party comments prior to the previous election that they want to abolish the Maori seats.
Obviously it will be better for National if this happens,as Maori voters will then have their voting power diluted.

Surely the Maori Seats do not favour the Maori. By voting in the Maori Seats the power of the vote is restricted to those seats alone. Instead of having power and influence in all of the seats in Parliament the power is restricted.
This was created orinigally as a way to disenfranchise, a cunning ploy by the European masters to give the vote to the Maori and the same time to restrict their power.

What could Pita Sharples possibly gain from saying this?

National has already alienated the electorate that supports having Maori seats by saying they will abolish them; the electorate that agrees with abolition will be pretty dubious about anything Pita Sharples says anyway, and will in no way vote for the Maori Party - so he is on a hiding to nothing for speaking out.

I would say he has no motivation beyond moral outrage at the sheer mendacity of what was said - and is a demonstration of character and backbone.

Key is lying as he has on state housing sales, iraq, nuke policy, privatisation, working for families, kiwisaver..oh..and when he constantly soundbites us with the one about 81,000 kiwis leaving in the last year...he left out that arrivals for the same period were 84,00 of which 31,000 came FROM australia!!!! Convenient lies and deception as usual.

Why would Pita Sharples lie over this? I think he is telling the truth. Some would say Maori seats arent an important issue, BUT John Key's body language is very obvious when telling lies on tv. Just recent examples:

When Fran Mold asked him exactly how many of those tranz rail shares he bought;

When he was asked by Barry Soper whether he supported the 81 tour;

Whether he told Pita Sharples Maori seats would not be abolished if National went into government with the Maori Party.

I dont want somebody who evades and tells lies for a Prime Minister; the stakes are too high in this coming era of economic uncertainty. Helen Clark is straightforward, and she is criticised for it. The right wing commentators say this makes her 'domineering' and 'bossy'. But at least she doesnt tell lies like John Key does.

Oh how we twist and weave, ourselves and others to deceive . Robert Burns.

Key does the Crosby Textor quite a lot.

Last year all NZ first MP's and 21 out of 36 National MP's voted to replace Labours selections for the Abortion Supervisory Committe with anti-abortion doctors. Here's a link to the article on
"No Right Turn". There are links in the article to the Hansard vote on the parlamentary website to prove this happened.

John Key keeps saying he wants no change to the current abortion laws but he knows that this is not necessary as abortion is actually still against the law and access is granted through the exception to the act being applied liberally i.e. most abortions are approved on the grounds of the "Mental Health of the Mother. Appointing anti-abortion doctors to the head of the committee can immediately re-interpret the Mental health of the mother and virtually shut abortion services down overnight without a single change to the actual law. John Key voted to do this and its probable they will be successfull in appointing those anti-abortion doctors if elected.

First off one thing that nobody has noted is that Scharples is out of line in making this public; how can anyone talk to him if they now know that everything is going to be on the record. And dont tell me that that shouldnt be a problem, because in business negotiations and in relationships there is always a necessity for things to remain between parties. Do you think that in talks with Labour, the Maori party would stay in favour with Labour if Scharples told everyone Helens thoughts on the foreshore? key has simply maintained that seats are not a bottom line for national. They wont be looked until 2014 for gods sake, how much more clear can policy get? I suspect Key in his jovial way was just like 'dont worry about it, were not worried about, pour another drink.' Tariana knows he never explicitly said 'we will not abolish the Maori seats'. And dont get upset over distinctions. In the public arena policy speak is like contract-speak; distinctions are necessary, and parties can have different perceptions of meaning, that's the reality. In their own minds they are both correct, and they are both correct.

The talk of intent is nothing when the political combatants mistrust! I am returning to Aotearoa after 37 years of living in the US, and after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. That's not what the point is, the point here is to delegate the Maori to a status equal and powerful regardless of what the Pakeha has/ is saying and doing to include the allowing of the mass migration of Chines into the country by whatever means possible. Right now , the Chinese are nothing more than a "Speed Bump" to deflect the prominent issues of the Maori and allow the Pakeha to their usual business at hand. NOW YOU KNOW WHY I AM COMING HOME.